OtE V1, Chapter 8: Gaining Power

Observation Log: 153382

Observer 131, reporting on Michael Cinagra’s situation.

Michael Cinagra is the type of person who complains almost constantly, even when no one is there to listen. Yet he is still able to accomplish difficult tasks, which push his body to the limits nearly every day.

I estimate that there were approximately 100,000 humans in Baltimore one month ago, including both the ‘living’ and ‘undead’ as Michael refers to them. Since he began culling them, I have personally witnessed him eliminating 7,327 zombies and 33 hostile humans. In less than a year, he would be able to totally annihilate them all… Assuming that nothing changes.

Yesterday, he decided to go to the library nearby. Within the building there were 293 zombies. To him, he only considered it as swinging or thrusting his glaive a few hundred times. He did not even hesitate to begin hunting them, rather than attempting to flee or setting an elaborate trap.

When a third were already dead, their corpses blocked the entrance. He was irritated by how slowly they were crawling out of the building, thus he broke open the window to the left of the double-doors and gave them another exit point.

Eventually, that too was clogged with bodies. Although he was cursing in frustration, he might have perished if that wasn’t the case, because a horde of 419 zombies was approaching from the east. Although he began picking them off from a distance with his assault rifle, he eventually walked over to the back of the library and went inside.

Once he found a decent position on the second floor, he forced the undead to trample over each other in order to reach him. Many died without him ever actually having to attack them. He also used buckshot to eliminate large swaths of zombies at a time. The slugs were also able to pass through multiple bodies and deal massive amounts of damage. As for his glaive and other melee weapons, he didn’t use them too often. Only once he completely ran out of ammunition for all of his firearms, did he finish off the ones who were still mobile.

In a single day, he exterminated nearly a thousand undead. Obviously this was a special situation. He is not invincible and his stamina is not unending. However, this does prove that his physical attributes are approaching the limits of what his human body should be able to endure. Whether he survives or thrives, will all depend on how quickly he can learn how to sail and escape from this city.

I am detecting a massive amount of EM signatures approaching from the southwest. The Observer Central Command Satellite is currently inactive. Aside from supplying me with power, it is unable to give me topographical data or combat support. I do however have access to the databanks from before Atlantis and Luna Base were annihilated. For example, I know that on July 1st, 2019… There were 57 sailing vessels moored to the Fells Point and Canton piers.

Unfortunately, Michael did not approach the docks the last time he traveled southward to those two locations. There were far too many undead clustered around, so he simply returned home after collecting some supplies.


Observation Log: 153383

Observer 131, reporting on Michael Cinagra’s situation.

After reviewing the data from the library incident, I have noticed a phenomena occurring… One which I had not considered before now. The electromagnetic energy that is released upon the death of a zombie, typically radiates in all directions. Most of it is sent upwards, but a decent amount is actually absorbed by the other undead in the area.

A small quantity is consumed by the nanites in Michael’s body. This would explain why, during extended battles, he seems to be reinvigorated periodically. Although his muscles, bones and ligaments should have suffered serious damage from the fight, after he slept for approximately ten hours, the injuries were almost completely recovered.

Thus, I have concluded that he is in fact gaining power. Without the strenuous activity, he wouldn’t be able to see such an effect however. There is another aspect as well. Rather than simply improving randomly, it almost appears as if…

“Why does it feel like I’m gaining experience and about to level-up?”

Michael is currently traveling southward, through some small alleyways. There are very few zombies in front of him, but several dozen are trailing behind, attempting to catch up to his brisk pace. He brought a backpack and filled it with some of the sailing books, along with small firearms and knives.

Like always, he’s talking to himself outloud.

“Maybe I’m just going crazy. Phew~!”

He used a sledge hammer, with a rubber handle and steel head, to crush the skull of a small woman. Then breathed out a long sigh. Although he could not see it, the electromagnetic energy radiating from his body right now is like a beacon, summoning zombies from blocks away. Some of which actually broke down the doors of nearby houses and passed through, in order to reach him more quickly.

“This is pretty fucking weird…” A few huge and muscular ones, at least 190 cm each, actually started sprinting through the yards and crashed through the chainlink fences. Rather than fighting with them, he dropped the sledge hammer and grabbed the shotgun from behind his back.

“Goddamn crackhead zombies!”

Without hesitation, he fired slugs through their heads and chests. Then he swung the shield on his left arm and knocked back a frail elderly man. However, dozens of other men, women and children were pouring from both directions of the alley. He picked up the sledge hammer in his right hand and slung the shotgun back behind him, before choosing to enter the easternmost yard.

Michael casually swung the hammer, killing off a few of the large zombies that were blocking the door. Then he used his shield to plow through the crowd that were packed inside. Huge blackened claws reached out and tore through the wall to his left, but he ignored it and continued up the staircase on the right side of the living room.

“Do doo do do do~! Dada doo da do~! Dee da dee doo~!” He started humming the melody to a song that he liked, but it was drowned out by the sound of moans and groans. A flood of undead humans poured through both the front and back doors, but also from the wall that had just been broken through by a particularly massive zombie.

“Holy mother of cuntmuffins!” When he saw that beast rushing over and crushing all the lesser undead, Michael finally started to act seriously. He increased his speed as much as he could and was almost running up the old wooden stairs. They creaked and groaned under his weight, but that was actually what he wanted.

Once he made it to the top, he pulled out the shotgun and fired a few slugs through the line of zombies. The ones behind were forced to crawl over the corpses, but it was not enough to impede that bestial zombie. It was 250 centimeters tall and incredibly wide, likely a ‘bodybuilder’ before he was infected. The man’s skin was brown and covered with pitch-black veins, which bulged on top of the muscles. He was wearing ragged jeans, dyed with blackened blood and nothing else.

“Well that ain’t good…” Michael muttered to himself, as he fired a slug through the giant’s face. However, even with a hole through his head, he was only dazed for a moment. Faced with this new development, Michael turned around and kicked down a locked door.

“Nope, nope, nope~!”

He jumped up onto the king-sized bed and almost fell downwards, but managed to regain his balance. The beast that was chasing behind him was not nearly as careful and tripped, falling onto the bed.

Instead of attacking the creature, Michael continued moving forward. He swung the shield and smashed open the glass sliding door, making it out onto a wooden balcony. After that, he turned to the left and started walking up a creaking wooden staircase, which did not even have a railing for safety.

Soon enough, he was on the roof. The reason why he chose this particular house in the first place, is likely because of this newly-built rooftop balcony. Then he put away the shotgun and pulled out the sledge hammer.

“This is going to take a while…” He muttered to himself, as he kicked the lumbering giant in the head. The beast flipped over the railing of the lower balcony and fell down into the tide of lesser undead.


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