Observing the End: Chapters 11-13

I haven’t posted anything lately because I’ve been doing things for other sites, like Tapas and Ficfun lol. Yep, I’ve been writing “Immortal Soul” lately, which is on Tapas. While I recently made a deal with Ficfun to post “Observing the End” over there…

Unlike Tapas, Ficfun is completely free, as far as I know. So basically, it doesn’t make much of a difference to ‘you’, whether you read a story here or there… Probably?

Anyway, I’ll still give updates whenever I post a new chapter to Ficfun and give a link here.

Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13



5 thoughts on “Observing the End: Chapters 11-13

  1. This novel is looking great mike, hope you continue to deliver such sweet crazy stuff for us, also, are you still writing imortal soul?? I think last i read it was at the end of one arc, where the riger girl and the mc killed a bitch on a floating island after coming down from the moon on a drop pod … Loved it

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      • How much do you get if i buy the whole book (or the chapters you have there)?? I mean, i love your way of writing man, hcop and IS are the books i like the most, so to me, its totaly worth buying it, but i will get really sad if the only thing that end up in your pocket is some loose change …

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      • I mean, I’m pretty sure you don’t need to buy the whole thing if you just want to read from where you left off. But if you want access to ‘everything’, not just Immortal Soul but basically everything that I’ve written, Donors who donate 10 or more, get that… Which I guess I should probably change at some point lmao. I mean, there are like 30 books in there but well… People don’t donate much anymore. There are a few Patrons left though.



    • Took me forever to get back into it, but now I’m on… Well, Chapter 2 of Volume 5, but at the length of these chapters, there might only be 3-4 chapters in the whole 5th volume rofl. I break them up into parts though, and Tapas makes them into even smaller episodes.


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