PS V1, Chapter 22: Sleep Mode

“I feel exhausted.” Matthew sighed, leaning all the way back on his office chair and staring at the pure-white ceiling. He murmured “If feels like I haven’t slept in three days.”

[That is because you have been experiencing traumatic events quite often since you became a Player. Perhaps you should take a break for a while?]

The System’s message was projected onto the ceiling. Matthew sighed, then looked at one of the cards that was in his hand. It was also the main reason why he hadn’t opened his card packs yet.

[Spell: Alpha Healing Nanites
Type: Passive
Rarity: Uncommon
Mana Cost: 3
Mana Upkeep per Day: 12
Description: Summons a swarm of nanoscopic robots to heal the Summoner or friendly target. Different types of nanites may cause conflict or neutralize each other. If the target has an extremely powerful immune system or is practicing magical techniques, the Alpha Healing Nanites might not be able to function properly. The target must be Ranked equal or lower than the Summoner. Works well on most non-magical diseases and injuries.]

“I used the Qi Infusion on my mother the other day… Will that conflict with this?”

[It is unlikely that it will conflict… However, I suggest that you cast the Spell on your own body. It is imperative that you recover as quickly as possible.]

Matthew frowned, then opened his eyes in Old Earth Online. When he looked out the window, it was 10 AM, December 15th, 2018. The morning sun was dim, since it was fairly cloudy outside. In fact, it was so could that it could start snowing at any moment.

“I’ll take your word or it.” Although he didn’t quite understand why, Matt had an extremely ominous feeling. As if the world could end by nightfall. Of course, if the Server randomly shut down, then it wouldn’t matter what he did anyway.

Taking out the Alpha Healing Nanites card, he muttered “Target my body…” It disintegrated and transformed into a black dust cloud. When he inhaled, the smoke-like substance traveled directly into his nostrils, through his sinuses, then into his lungs and permeated throughout his circulatory system.

After coughing a few times, Matt asked “Now that this card is in play, what’ll happen if I go back to the Private Server or to Chaotica’s Coliseum?”

[You may return to the Private Server, but if you started playing another game, Alpha Healing Nanites will be Unsummoned. Also, if you open either of your card packs, it will be Unsummoned as well.]

“Figured as much. Hmmm, so when-agh~! Holy shit! Fuck…” It had been less than a minute, but he was already starting to feel the effects of the Alpha Healing Nanites. The pain started in his chest, but swiftly moved to his neck, eventually settling on his face.

[I estimate that you will recover from your facial injury within the hour. However, the nanoscopic robots will continue to ‘fix’ you until they are Unsummoned. Considering that you are a human during the archaic Millennial Age, it is obvious that there are innumerable problems with your health. Most of which, you are likely unaware of…]

“Will I be in horrible agonizing pain the whole time?” Matt was clenching his fists so hard that his knuckles were cracking, but the suffering only grew in magnitude. Eventually, he said “Nope, fuck this shit!” Then he returned to the Private Server in order to avoid going into shock or having a panic attack.

“Now what?” He stared blankly at the monitor, staring at his unconscious body.

[Would you like to enter Sleep Mode? Your consciousness will be disabled temporarily. Decide the exact amount of time you wish to be unconscious and you will feel as if you simply… Had a dreamless sleep.]

“I do feel pretty tired. Umm, three hours. Wake me up in three hours.” Matthew sighed and leaned back, closing his eyes.

[Entering Sleep Mode in 3… 2… 1… Goodnight.]



*Budududududu~! Budoo!*

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*



“No, please, da-*Bang!*”

“Oh God, oh God!”

“Wah~! Wah~!”


Gunshots, explosions, screams and shouts filled the air. When Matthew finally opened his eyes, it was already pitch-dark outside. However, after a brief moment, the parking lot outside was lit up with flames. Dozens of cars and vans had been set ablaze, while SWAT and the police were in a protracted shootout with dozens of men in black ski-masks. Since both sides had body armor and automatic weapons, it was rather chaotic.

“What the hell?” Matt groaned and then suddenly jumped up, “What the fuck is happening?! Shit! There’s a fire! Mom!”

Smoke was filling the room and he could barely breath. If it wasn’t for the fact that he still had those nanites crawling around in his body, he would have never woken up. Matt got up off the bed and started coughing loudly, then yanked the IV out of his arm. The little red mark from the needle faded rapidly.

The bandages on his head and face were itchy, so he pulled them off. After feeling his cheek, he noticed that there wasn’t any pain. It was a truly impressive healing speed, but that was mainly because of how weak his body was. In fact, after spending roughly eight hours with those nanites inside of him, his physique was actually improved slightly. At the very least, some old broken bones that didn’t heal properly before, were now totally fixed.

Matt coughed violently and almost threw up when he saw the scene outside of his room. Nearly a hundred people were dead. Some of them were decapitated. Others were shot. There was even a spot where it seemed like a grenade had exploded. Blood, bones, organs and amputated limbs were strewn about. There was even a gaping hole in the floor and ceiling.

“Shit, shit, shit!” He did notice something odd though. Most of the victims were ‘white’. Pale skinned or tanned, so long as they could be considered Caucasian, they were dead. On the other hand, there were people who were actually still alive, just passed out on the ground from smoke inhalation. Nearly all of them had dark skin. It wasn’t too difficult for Matt to guess the reason why they were spared or who those masked men were working for…

Ethereal Phallus, Water Qi Crystals, Spirit Strengthening Sutra and Minor Qi Infusion were the four cards in his hand. None of which would let him turn into a superhero and save everyone who was still alive. His goal was just to find his mother and escape before the hospital burned to the ground.

When he opened his mother’s door, he noticed that her bed was empty. The windows were busted out, so the smoke was able to escape. Thus, the air was a bit more bearable. Unfortunately, it was still not enough.

“Mom!” He rushed over to his mother, who was laying on the ground next to one of the broken windows. The stitches on her abdomen had opened up, but the blood loss wasn’t too severe.

“It’s gonna be okay Mom…” Matthew knelt down and noticed that his mother was still breathing. After grabbing both of her hands he whispered “Heal her, please.”

Minor Qi Infusion activated and flowed through Anaishe’s body. Compared to the first time, this Spell was significantly more powerful. The wounds on her abdomen sealed up, the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide were expelled from her lungs, while she was even roused from unconsciousness.

The middle-aged woman coughed a few times, but was still pretty out of it. He grabbed her by the arm and yelled “Mom, we gotta go! Get up! Come on! We gotta get outta here!”

Then a cold breeze blew in from the broken window and caused the middle-aged woman to snap out of her stupor. She jumped up and shouted “Matty! Oh God! Use a blanket to cover your mouth, quickly!”

It wasn’t her first time in a fire, so she understood some of the basics for survival. However, Matt just grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out of the room directly. There were gunshots and explosions still resounding periodically, but the hospital was huge. Thus, while the police were dealing with the terrorists on one end, the firefighters were already starting to quell the flames on the other.

“Mom, look here.” It didn’t take long before Matt found a supply closet, which had a few oxygen tanks. There were also some masks and they needed to be put together, but the process was rather simple. After he took a few breaths of fresh air, he told her “The fire’s on the first floor mostly… If we just wait here, the firefighters will eventually come to rescue us but…”

“We can’t do that!” Anaishe screamed, “I heard those bastards talking about planting bombs earlier!”


*Author’s Note*


I think Matt’s ‘MC Aura’ is getting more powerful lol.


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