PS V1, Chapter 21: Orcish Lust

“Definitely… Worth it… Ow… See you soon Kid.” Those were Michael’s last words, before his body exploded like a balloon filled with blood.

“I think I’m gonna throw up… Again.” Matthew had watched the tiny man fornicate with the giant green muscle-bound women for nearly an hour. However, one by one, they would reach orgasm and spontaneously explode into meaty chunks. At the very end, Michael managed to ejaculate briefly before Scarface. Thus, the two of them died at roughly the same time.

“Hmmm, oh, congratulations to Matthew Leblanc… Here are some extra Souls. Goodnight.”

[You have received 10 Souls as a bonus reward. You have also gained a level. Congratulations.]

After the announcement, the number on his left hand went from ‘50’ to ‘60’. Then he opened his eyes and found that he was back in the Private Server, sitting in his office chair and staring at the screen.

[Summoner: Matthew Leblanc
ID Code: Trashmob-707
Rank: Unranked
Level: 5
Experience: 1/10
Mana: 5/5
Cards: 22
Description: A scumbag who treats his Summoned Heroes as disposable pawns.]

[Achievement Earned: “Orcish Lust”. You completed a full three-round set in “Chaotica’s Coliseum 3: Lust” while a Michael Cinagra card was in play. You have earned a new card!]

[Achievement Earned: “Orcish Harem”. You completed the Bonus Stage in “Chaotica’s Coliseum 3: Lust” while a Michael Cinagra card was in play. You have earned a new card!]

“Holy shit! How come I didn’t get any achievements when I… Oh wait, that’s right. I died during the third ‘round’ when I was with Iris.” Matthew sighed as he remembered being torn to shreds by the angry grizzly bear.

[In case you did not realize this already, Chaotica’s Coliseum 3 will react to various circumstances. For example, when you utilized your Modification, the AI in charge of your particular matches obviously increased the difficulty of the battles. Due to Michael Cinagra’s connection to Iris, when you played his card and completed three rounds, you were rewarded with an achievement. Thus, you obtained one of the “Anael” cards…]

“Oh wait, so you’re saying that in Mike’s story, those three orcs were like… What, his wives or girlfriends?” As he spoke, he looked at the card he received from the Bonus Stage.

[Creature: Riverstone Tribe Warriors
ID Code: Orcheim-Riverstone3
Type: Unit
Rarity: Rare
Mana Cost: 2
Description: Summons 3 Riverstone Tribe Warriors from Orcheim. Although their original names are unknown, these three women were named Scarface, Black Hand and Skullface by Michael Cinagra. They were part of a small, green-skinned orcish ethnic group called the Riverstone Tribe. Each of these three women are ferocious fighters, though they only understand how to utilize simple melee weapons to a certain extent. Their original planet had a lower gravity than Earth, thus their bodies are not acclimated to Earth-like conditions. However, they can adapt if given enough time. They only possess some simple stone axes and fur kilts. Although they typically cannot understand English, they will be able to understand the Summoner’s thoughts to a certain extent.]

“It doesn’t really explain their relationship with Mike, but…” He took out his second card and smiled wryly. There was a young orcish girl on the cover. She was holding a large recurved wooden bow and had an arrow prepared. Her attire was just a simple tanned hide that was covering her relatively large breasts and a leather skirt that barely reached her upper thighs. Unlike the other orcs, she wasn’t quite as bulky, but she was still muscular. Her long black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. The left eye was silver, while the right was golden.

[Creature: Talia Cinagra
ID Code: Talia-Orcheim727
Type: Hero
Rarity: Rare
Mana Cost: 3
Description: Summons a half-orc infected by Rapture-727 Delta nanites. Talia is the daughter of Michael Cinagra and an orcish warrior from the Riverstone Tribe. She is an excellent archer and huntress, who is quite proficient in taming wild beasts. Although her original planet, Orcheim, had a lower gravity than Earth, her body is strong enough to function properly on Earth-like worlds. She has an adventurous spirit and loves to visit new places. The huntress also possesses a talent for Nature magic, though she lacks any training or experience thus far. She has a powerful ironwood bow, crafted by her father, along with 10 to 20 simple ironwood arrows and a leather quiver. Her clothing is made from beast hides and leather. She also possesses a leather pouch and fur boots.]

“Wow… I can’t really imagine what it’d be like growing up with a father like that guy.” Matt sighed, then asked “But doesn’t this mean that Talia and the three orcs are from the same story, but a different time? That’s gotta be weird. If I Summon Talia and Mike at the same time, will they even recognize each other?”

[It is likely that Talia would recognize Michael… However, your version of Michael has never been to Orcheim. Certain cards are synergistic with others. Michael, Talia and the Riverstone Tribe Warriors can all be kept in the same deck. Thus, they could be played at the same time and have interesting interactions or combat bonuses. Of course, Iris and Michael also have an interesting relationship… I would recommend playing them at the same time if you find the opportunity. Although the ways to unlock various achievements are hidden, I can give you some hints if you wish.]

“Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t mind even if you told me exactly what to do…” Matthew snickered, “I’m not one of those people who like to figure shit out on their own. In fact, I would always look up strategy guides and cheat codes whenever I played video games.”

[Very well. There are many achievements in Chaotica’s Coliseum 3, which require you to have Iris in play. You likely already realized that. Yet, there are also achievements for performing certain actions multiple times… Such as choosing the same card pack three times in a row.]

“So you’re telling me I should pick Azrael’s Workshop two more times in order to earn an achievement?”

[You may interpret my hint that way.]

Matt chuckled, moved the cursor over to the “Azrael’s Workshop” card pack and clicked it. Once the pack appeared in his hand, he clicked it again. Almost immediately afterwards, there was a notification.

[Achievement Earned: “Azrael’s Muse”. You chose the Azrael’s Workshop card pack three times in a row. You have earned a new card!]

“Oh wow…” The moment he saw the name of the card, Matt flinched. On the cover was a relatively beautiful young woman, who had bright-orange hair and blue eyes. Aside from that, her breasts were also fairly large and her pubic hair was also orange. Overall, she was in decent shape, but her muscles weren’t visible at all.

[Creature: Alicia Healy
ID Code: Asmodeus-TDD4
Type: Hero
Rarity: Rare
Mana Cost: 1
Description: Summon a human who died and was resurrected in Hell. Alicia was a normal teenage girl, until she was kidnapped, kept as a sex slave and was eventually murdered. However, after her death, her Soul was taken to Asura-3 and she was forced to fight as a slave in the arenas of Lust. Eventually she was saved by her father, but she didn’t return to Earth. Instead, she ended up on a world called Elysium and was captured by bandits. Before her tragic fate was repeated once again, she was rescued by Azrael and his sister. Alicia and Azrael fell in love… Although Alicia has a strong aversion to violence and combat, she was once a powerful Gladiator in the arenas of Lust. She possesses a Power which allows her to drain the vitality and life force from living creatures, through her reproductive system. Her vaginal secretions are highly acidic and her internal genitalia can also act as a digestive system. Sexual interaction with Alicia is not recommended. There is a magical element to her Power as well, so she can also drain the Mana from Spirits or Golems. She can be Summoned with Equipment Cards, but will otherwise be completely nude. Of course, she can also utilize a great variety of Old Earth tools in the field.]


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