PS V1, Chapter 20: Bonus Round

“Oh please~! Those bitches were total noobs!” Michael snickered, bragging “As long as you give me a decent suit of armor, I could even kill a whole army of losers like-Holy fuck!”

“Wait, what?” Matthew turned around and gasped, complaining “What the hell is this bullshit?! How is that thing even human, or a woman?!”

“Okay, I’m sorry Kid, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.” Michael had a solemn expression on his face, as he walked over to the glass and glared at his opponent. She was unarmed, but over two-meters tall and extremely muscular. Also, she happened to have dark-green skin and long, pointed ears. There were two large tusks sticking out from her lower-jaw, but they had been broken and damaged to the point where they were useless. There were horrible scars all over her face and the rest of her body. While her eyes were bright-blue and her head was completely bald.

“Wait, no way,” Matt stared at him for a few seconds, then asked “Are you serious right now? You’re actually gonna go have sex with that thing? She could literally break you in half. Will your tiny dick even be able to do anything to her anyway?!”

“Fuck you! My dick is slightly above average. But yeah, it might be a little difficult. Still, there are times when you gotta put your life on the line, in order to do what you love.” He dropped the two bloody katars onto the ground and then grinned, whispering “I just hope she can last long enough for me to finish…”

“Mike, if you cum, you’ll literally die.” Matthew nervously reminded, while moving towards the back of the shot-glass. Even though he was over six feet tall, that giantess was almost a foot taller and a few hundred pounds heavier.

“If I die, then at least I’ll die satisfied! No matter what, I’m gonna impregnate this sexy orcish girl! Well, actually, even if I came inside of her, it’s unlikely that she’d even be able to get pregnant. I mean, we ain’t even the same species so…” The glasses disappeared and the huge green woman began charging towards the naked man. It was over a hundred meters, but she reached him in twelve seconds.

Matthew saw that and started screaming “Okay good luck with that! I’m gonna go run for my life now!” He sprinted away without even looking back.

Meanwhile, Michael roared “Hell yeah~!” as the orc tackled him to the ground. The two of them rolled around on the carpet for a few meters, before he got on top of her and started punching her in the face repeatedly. Each blow landed on her eyes, temples or cheeks, causing the scar tissue to rip open and bleed. She growled and snarled in pain, trying to punch or grab him, but he immediately rolled off of her body.

After having her face bashed up and her brain rattled around, the giantess struggled to try and get up off the ground. However, Michael didn’t give her the chance to recover her bearings. He ran over and kneed her directly in the face. Then grabbed her massive right hand, using all of his strength to break her wrist. When she was crying out in pain, laying helpless on her back, he got down on top of her and asked “Can you understand me?”

She grunted, then nodded her head, glaring at him with her swollen and bloodied blue eyes. Michael smirked, “The rules are simple. We can keep beating each other until one of us dies, or we can have a bit more fun. You’re cute, so why don’t we fuck instead of fight? The first one to cum will die, while the other one wins.”

The injured orc whimpered, but eventually nodded and then turned over. She laid face-down in submission, while using her uninjured left hand to grab Michael’s genitals. The hand was so large that she was able to totally grasp everything at once, but then she started squeezing as tightly as she could.

“Ow~,” Michael winced for a moment, but then the girl stopped when he began massaging her back. He whispered “The difference between Heaven and Hell is only your state of mind.”


After giving the giant green woman a massage, Michael started performing oral sex… But only a few minutes later, she had an orgasm and disappeared. Matthew was too far away to see it clearly, but after the ‘battle’ was over, the number on his left hand changed to ‘41’.

“That was pretty anticlimactic…” Matthew muttered, which caused Michael to start laughing hysterically.

The horny nudist walked over and asked “So uh, what happens now? I died the last time we beat the boss.”

“Huh?” A deep and lethargic voice murmured “Oh… Was sleeping uh… Hmm, what happened?”

“Wow, holy shit!” Michael started cackling again, “Was wondering why there weren’t any announcements!”

The announcer whispered “I guess… Hmmm… I’ll just start the bonus round now? Winner gets some bonus points, loser dies. Wake me up when it’s over…”

There was a loud and deep yawn, then three tall and beefy dark-green orcs appeared in the arena. Each of them was at least seven feet tall, while the biggest one was almost three meters. One of them was actually the horribly scarred woman who Michael had just ‘defeated’.

“You do realize that you jinxed us, right?” The naked man casually walked over, towards the growling and snarling orcish women.

Matthew was already close to the farthest edge of the arena, so he didn’t have anywhere left to run. He could only stand back and hope for the best. Of course, he also kept the ‘Ethereal Phallus’ card in his left hand, preparing for the worst-case scenario to occur.

Aside from the horribly scarred orc, there was one with a black handprint on her face and another who had a white skull tattoo covering her face. The two of them had intricate tattoos covering their whole bodies and they were significantly healthier than the one that Michael had already beaten.

The naked man smirked, then stretched his arms and yawned. He was still covered in the blood of those two human women and the vaginal fluids of Scarface. When he reached the center of the arena, the three orcs slowly and cautiously approached. Within a few seconds, they had already surrounded him.

“So ya wanna do this the hard way, or the ‘hard’ way?” He snickered, cracking his neck, before taking up a fighting pose. His fists clenched and then the three women charged forwards. Even though they were nearly twice his size, their bodies were surprisingly sluggish and weak. Not only that, but their bones were relatively fragile. Essentially, he would be considered at the very pinnacle of the Unranked Stage, while they were all supposed to be Level-3. Even considering that, they were still much stronger than Matthew or those middle-aged human women from before… But they were unarmed and much less cunning.

The first to strike was Black Hand, who punched Michael in the back of his head… And broke her right hand. He grunted a bit, but was able to block the attack of the woman to his right, Skullface. She had tried to punch him in the mouth, but he elbowed her fist and broke her middle-knuckles. Then he lunged towards Scarface, who immediately growled, then backed away. Holding her hands up in surrender.

“Good choice, hehehe~!” Michael snickered and then pounced onto the orc who had attacked him from behind. She screamed in pain, as he used his teeth and bit down onto her throat. Fortunately for her, she was so much bigger than him that he couldn’t actually reach her jugular through that thick skin. Of course, it was still incredibly painful.

When she pushed him off of her body, he ran over to Skullface and tackled her onto the ground. She still had long and thick tusks, but a few of her upper teeth had been knocked out or removed. He grabbed both of those tusks and threatened “If you attack me again, I’ll rip these cute little tusks outta your pretty gigantic mouth. Okay?”

She nodded her head and there were actually tears in her bright-blue eyes. After seeing how pathetic the three orcish women were, he sighed told them “Alright, stop crying. The three of us are gonna have sex now. Whoever cums first, loses. So I suggest that you give it your best shot. Good fuckin luck… You’re gonna need it.”

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