The Rules of Arcana

Some things are updated, but for the most part, I already have this as a page. However, since I’m working on OP-ness Returns, I figured I should leave this out there for reference. For the first chapter I literally needed to consult this constantly. But it’s not necessary for the majority of you to read this. If you’re interested in the rules though, here it is…

Stat-Points per Level

Unranked: .5
G: 1
F: 2
E: 3
D: 4
C: 5
B: 6
A: 7
S: 8
SS: 9
SSS: 10
X: 50
Y: 100
Z: 1000

Level Requirement Per Rank

Unranked: N/A
G: N/A
F: 5
E: 10
D: 20
C: 40
B: 60
A: 80
S: 100
SS: 200
SSS: 500
X: 1000
Y: 5000
Z: 10000

Experience needed per Level

Enemies that are more than five levels lower, won’t give any experience.

0: 1
1-10: lvl x 10
11-20: lvl x 20
21-30: lvl x 30
31-40: lvl x 40
41-50: lvl x 50
51-60: lvl x 60
61-70: lvl x 70
71-80: lvl x 80
81-90: lvl x 90
91-100: lvl x 100

(Item Quality)


(Mana-Core Quantity)

Multiplies Health, Mana, Stamina, Attack Rating and Defense Rating, but doesn’t influence stats. Multiplier is only effective on base-stat values and cannot be influenced by equipment. Also multiplies the experience given upon death and the experience required to level-up.

A person can transfer their Mana-Core to a loved one to make them an Elite, Super-Elite, etc. Another way is for it to randomly generate. Or, you could absorb Mana-Cores for their stats, and eventually generate another Mana-Core. Elite-Blocker: Generating another Mana-Core can be disabled by players for both themselves and their companions. Likewise, this also disables gaining stats from absorbing Mana-Cores.

1: Normal
2: Elite
3: Super-Elite
4: Ultra-Elite
5: Boss
6: Raid Boss
7: World Boss
8: Celestial Boss
9: End Boss
10: Demigod
11: Young Deity
12: Mature Deity
13: Elder Deity
14: Ancient Deity
15: Elemental Deity
16: Primal Deity
17: Ethereal Deity
18: Eternal Deity

(Magical Attributes)


Light = Darkness

Nature = Chaos


Lux and Umbra
Naturae and Chaotica
Ignis, Aqua, Aeris, and Terra


Strength: Determines overall muscular strength. Each point adds 5 points to Attack Rating. Increases weight.

Vitality: Each point increases health by 5 and regeneration by 10. Increases weight.

Endurance: Each point increases health and stamina by 5. Each point adds .5 Defense Rating. Increases weight.

Dexterity: Determines the ability to manipulate weapons skillfully. Influences fine motor skills and cognitive functions related to aura control.

Agility: Determines movement, reaction, and attack speed. Decreases weight.

Intelligence: Each point increases mana by 5; influences the ability to learn, memorize, and comprehend.

Wisdom: Increases mana regen by 10; affects decision-making.

Perception: Determines the efficacy of senses and sensations.

Charisma: Influences the growth speed of Companions and Residents. Improves physical appearance, vocal tone, and aura. Alters the perception of others. Boosts morale of allies during and reduces the moral of enemies during combat.

Willpower: Determines the resistance against all types of magic and mental disorders.

Luck: Influences the damage of critical and deadly strikes; affects RNG.

Aura: Affects the range, damage, mana cost, and duration of spells.


[Ages: (not numerical, more like growth stages)
Child: Pedo-Barrier (prevents all sex)
Adolescence: Jailbait Protection (Only allowed Sexual relations with another Adolescent)
Adult: Only allowed sexual relations with other adults]

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