OP-ness Returns, Chapter 3: Blessings of OP-ness

[Elina has been given a Blessing by Luxia: +1000 Aura, +3000 Health, +1000 Mana Regen, +2000 Mana, +500 Stamina, +200 Defense. Elina has learned a new Spell: Luxian Radiance!]

[Luxian Radiance Level 1: The caster releases enormous amounts of Light elemental mana in every direction from their body. Within the range of their Aura, Allies are healed, while enemies are damaged. The healing and damage is dependant on the Intelligence stat. Deals 100% increased damage against enemies of the Darkness Element, while healing allies of the Light Element for 100% more. Costs 1% of the caster’s maximum Mana per second.]

Without hesitation, Elina immediately activated her newfound power! Of course, even though it cost her 1% of her Mana per second, she could still regenerate Mana at an accelerated rate because of the buff from her Goddess. Every part of her body radiated massive amounts of pure white light, so her figure couldn’t even be seen at that point. Even the two children were enveloped in the blinding radiance, unable to even produce a shadow.

As four colossal wings erupted from the giant naked demon’s back, Michael jumped off the roof and soared over into the phoenix. He wrapped his arms around its neck and started strangling it rather easily, though he was obviously severely burned in the process. Then the little spider-girl leapt up into the air and stabbed her sharp feet into the bird’s left eye.

Meanwhile, Talia flew down next to Elina in order to complete her own transformation. She grew from 2 meters, to 3. As her skin turned into greenish-brown bark, her hair became long, leafy yellow vines.

[Talia has been given a Blessing by Naturae: +200 Attack Rating, +1000 Aura, +2000 Health, +1000 Mana Regen, +2000 Mana, +500 Stamina, +100 Defense. Dryadic Embrace has reached Level 2 and has been forcefully activated!]

[Dryadic Embrace Level 2: The caster transforms into a Dryad, based on their original appearance. Size can be increased or decreased by up to 50%. Strength, Vitality, Endurance, Intelligence, Willpower, and Charisma are increased by 20%. Agility, Perception, and Dexterity are reduced by 80%. Reduces the cost of all Nature Magic by 10%. Stamina regenerates by 20% per hour. Duration is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs 45% of the caster’s maximum Health, Mana and Stamina to cast.]

Although Talia was usually an Agility-based damage-dealer, most of her Nature Spells were for healing or supporting her allies. Thus, the most effective thing she could do was protect Elina and cast spells from the rooftop. Both the baby Lamia ‘Rachael, and the kitten Iris were technically Players. Since they were low-leveled, they didn’t have much to lose from dying, but at the same time… They were so young that dying could inflict lifelong trauma, so the two women wanted to avoid letting their kids get hurt at all costs.

Jasmine Jade was off in Nekoshire, hanging out with her cousin, while Inari was spending time with her family over at the Shrine of Huxian. Thus, aside from the missing dragoness, the available team members were all gathered together and ready for a fierce battle…


“Wow, these buffs are actually really overpowered.” Michael snickered as he casually placed the five meter long dove-like carcass into his inventory. Both of the beast’s eyes had been gouged out, its feathers had been ripped off, along with the entire left wing, while both legs were completely obliterated by Sarah and Elina.

World Bosses were powerful due to their overwhelming Health, Mana and Stamina. However, with the Blessings the three of them received, it was difficult for the phoenix to do much of anything. The creature specialized in spellcasting, so there really should have been a Tank protecting it. Regardless of its enormous health-pool, the arrogant creature was basically a ‘glass cannon’.

“This is weird though… Why didn’t we get any experience? Ah shit, is it because they’re players? How does that even work?” The naked gigantic four-winged demon was talking to himself, while an overly aroused spider-girl was humping his left leg uncontrollably.

“How can you indulge in such behavior in such a dire situation?!” Talia shouted, while very slowly walking over to the giant crater that the two of them were standing in.

Elina simply stood at the top and asked, “Umm guys, shouldn’t we be protecting the Souls or something?!”

“Calm down Elly. What do you think I’m doing?” Michael grabbed hold of the 3 meter tall Dryad, as if she was child and then jumped while flapping his enormous pitch-black wings. As he grabbed Elina’s left shoulder, all of them immediately teleported into the house. At that moment, his teleportation Spell actually leveled-up.

[Astral Leap Level 10: During Astral Projection, the caster immediately teleports to the location of their incorporeal astral-form. The caster can bring along 10 allies with them, but each of them will lose 10% of their maximum mana. Costs 1% of the caster’s maximum Mana.]

“Guhbubabu!” Michael tried to talk but the whole room was submerged in water. It was strange, since in order to teleport, he actually needed to ‘see’ what was there first, through his Wisp. The water was so pure and clear that he actually couldn’t tell the difference between air.

“Hmm~, such cute little morsels~!” A tiny shark was whispering in a soft, feminine and obviously telepathic voice while swimming around in front of the four intruders. Iris and Rachael were left outside in the backyard… Not exactly the safest place, but the two of them weren’t helpless either.

That white shark, had blue stripes along the side. It was less than a foot long and its bright blue eyes actually seemed ‘cute’. However, just like most powerful players, it could transform. Within a moment, the little baby filled up nearly the entire room. It opened its ten meter wide mouth and was about to eat everyone in a single bite, when Michael intentionally jumped inside. His wings acted like flippers and propelled him even faster through the water.

Most people would try to avoid the sharp teeth and strong jaws, only to be crushed or ripped apart in the process. However, just like with most creatures, the inside of the enormous beast’s throat was extremely sensitive and a major weak-point.

Nobody wants a giant, horny, beefy demonic angel to fly down their throat… Aside from Chaotica.

While the giant shark was spraying blood out of its gills and mouth, Talia was pounding on the creature’s body with her sharp, bark-covered fists and Elina was radiating massive amounts of light everywhere. She couldn’t heal the two companions inside of the beast, due to line of sight, but she could severely burn its flesh.

[Target Information

Name: Irene Celeria
Titles: Emissary of Aqua
Level: 47
Age: World Boss
Race: Oceanic Leviathan
Rank: B
Class: Aquatic Devourer
Specialization: Tank, Melee Damage Dealer
Profession: Aquatic Gardening]


Health: 15k/21k
Mana: 10k/10k
Stamina: 20k/20k]

After only a few seconds, the enormous shark had lost a huge chunk of its health and was being torn apart from the inside out. It was an excellent reminder to chew food thoroughly before swallowing.



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