OP-ness Returns, Chapter 2: Invasion

[Your Companion ‘Alice Flameborn’ has been disconnected from the Server.]

“Wait a second, what the actual fuck?” Michael was the first one to react.

Elina asked, “What’s a server? What does this mean?”

Sarah teleported from the basement to the table, completely naked and covered in fluorescent blue goo. She growled, “Which motherfucker took our gear away?!”

At that moment, everyone saw a notification: [Apologies for the inconvenience to all current Players. However, due to the current System Update and changes to equipment, for the next 24 hours, all Soulbound items will be temporarily unavailable.]

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!” The Nephilim grumbled, but still continued eating his meal… Until he saw the next message.

[Warning! Hostile Players have invaded your home!]

“Shit! Of course something like this would happen!” Michael grumbled and stood up, attempting to summon his gear but remembering that it was unavailable. Then he tried to contact Talia, Jasmine and Inari.

“How the hell could they block our communication?! We’re connected through our souls for fuck’s sake! Even that cunt Arcana wouldn’t be able to do that, right?” Sarah screamed, releasing a dark mist from her pores, which devoured and removed all that slime from her body in an instant.

“Die, foul beast!” Talia’s shout could be heard even from inside the magical kitchen. Michael immediately grabbed hold of Elina, who was carrying the two babies, and teleported onto the roof of the house.

The High Elven Huntress was fighting for her life, totally naked and unarmed, against a massive fiery bird. However, all she could do was use her Vacuum Barrier to protect her from the flames, while flying around the enemy and simply launching Arrows of Wind with her Guided Missile spell, both of which did little to no damage against the overpowered enemy.

[Vacuum Barrier Level 7: The caster utilizes their aura to prevent one Fire spell from reaching the target. Able to nullify up to 700 Fire damage. Range is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs 7 mana per second to channel.]

[Intermediate Guided Missile Level 7: The caster channels their Wind aura into a projectile, which is then manipulated from a distance. Maximum range is 1400 meters. Costs 16 mana to cast.]

[Intermediate Arrow of Wind Level 5: Creates an ephemeral arrow or bolt of condensed Wind element, which deals 140% of the caster’s weapon’s Attack Rating as magic-damage. Lasts for 50 seconds. Costs 5 mana to create one arrow, but a maximum of 5 can be materialized at the same time.]

Most of her combat related spells had leveled up due to her constant training, but it still wasn’t enough to compete with a Magical Beast. A creature that actually didn’t need any equipment to be as effective as a well-geared humanoid.

Michael used his Max Level Identification spell on the bird and grumbled, “Goddamnit…”

[Target Information

Name: Razjan Hellfeather
Titles: Emissary of Ignis
Level: 43
Age: World Boss
Race: Fire Phoenix
Rank: B
Class: Fire Mage
Specialization: Ranged DPS, Healing, Support
Profession: None]


Health: 13k/13k
Mana: 20k/20k
Stamina: 10k/10k]

[Unable to obtain any more information on the target. This creature is heavily protected by the God of Fire, Ignis. It should be assumed that the Deity is targeting you for some reason.]

“Of course…” Michael murmured, “There’s no way we can win. And these fuckers just happened to choose ‘now’ to attack us. This was definitely planned for a long time. There might be some rule against sending enemies that are more than ten levels higher than us? Either way, we’re completely fucked. And not in a good way.”

“Don’t sell yourselves short, man~…” The avatar of a short dryadic woman suddenly appeared on the roof. It had green skin, pink flowers blooming in its hair and glowing blue crystalline eyes. It wasn’t the same version of Naturae that they saw before, but it wasn’t hard for them to guess who she was.

She continued, “Those brats underestimated you kids. Show ‘em that yer bite is worse than yer bark. And yer bark is pretty damn bad, hahah~!” Before Michael, Sarah and Elina could say anything, a message popped up before them.

[New Quest: Scheming Elemental Deities! Naturae wants you to punish the Emissaries of Ignis, Terra and Aqua. Their goal is to raid your cache of Souls, but they also have the ability to temporarily banish your companions. Thus, it is recommended that you be careful not to let them die. Normally, the three World Bosses would not be enough to stifle your team. However, due to the ongoing updates, certain features are unavailable… Fortunately, you and your Companions will be given a Buff from the Goddesses who favor you the most. Good luck.]

[Sarah has been given a Blessing by Umbra: +300 Attack Rating, +500 Aura, +30 Strength, +1000 Health, +500 Stamina, +100 Defense. Umbra’s Curse of Love has been raised to Level 2 and forcefully triggered!]

[Umbra’s Curse of Love Level 2: The caster is violently transformed into a female Spider-Tribe of the Death-Clan. Their legs and tail will be altered into an arachnid-like shape and they will gain access to a variety of racial abilities. Deadly venom will be produced in their fangs and a terrible aphrodisiac will be mixed into their vaginal secretions. Once the caster enters that form, they will be slowly driven mad by bloodlust, unless they are able to ‘mate’ with someone who deeply cares for them. The threads that they fabricate require mana to generate and their durability is dependent on the caster’s Aura stat. Willpower and Charisma are reduced by 50%. Strength, Vitality, Endurance, Agility, Dexterity and Perception are each increased by 20%. Costs 50% of the caster’s maximum Health and Mana to cast.]

The obsidian skinned woman screamed in agony, as her body abruptly began contorting and transforming against her will. Of course, her body was still relatively tiny, but that only made her even more deadly. On the other hand, Michael experienced the opposite.

[You have been given a Blessing by Chaotica: +500 Attack Rating, +500 Aura, +100 Strength, +5000 Health, +5000 Stamina, +250 Defense, -20 Willpower. You are currently enraged! Darkening is at the Maximum Level. You have unlocked Extreme Darkening!]

[Extreme Darkening Level 1: The caster reveals their demonic nature. Pupils become serpentine, horns grow from the sides of their head, claws and talons erupt from from their fingers and toes, while their veins and arteries turn pitch-black. Canine teeth enlarge and a large snake-like tail emerges from the tip of their spine. Purple scales cover the caster’s flesh, doubling base Defense. Increases the caster’s size, Strength, Health and Stamina by 150%. Duration is dependent on the Endurance stat. Costs 15% of the caster’s maximum health. Once the spell ends, 20% of maximum health will be restored.]

Unlike Sarah, Michael wasn’t forced into his newly acquired form, but he entered it immediately anyway.

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  2. I’m actually too lazy to edit the chapter, so if you find problems, that’s probably why lol. I figured that instead of just putting off posting stuff for ages because I don’t have time or patience to edit, then I might as well just post the shit anyway. Why? Because I’m not that bad at writing anymore, so there usually aren’t that many errors…


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