IS, V6, Chapter 3: The First Spiritual Summit Part 10

*Third Person Perspective*

In the days and weeks following the Summit of Spirits, Alfirin had undergone drastic socio-political and even techno-religious changes. Although the government had somehow function before that point, it was never so clearly defined. A Constitutional Republic was formed, which had an extensive list of rights and regulations. A structure was put in place, which would allow the country to grow in the future, without collapsing in on itself or constant infighting between the various states.

The United States of Alfirin, only included Lorthon, but the land that it encompassed was immense. Of course, it wasn’t only the surface that was counted. There were countless underground tunnels on various layers of the Earth’s crust. An unknown number of already built cities, which formed a titanic magical formation in three dimensions. Though it essentially just looked like a very flat and wide drill bit.

In order to fill all of that space with civilization, it would have required billions of humans. However, there were a multitude of races. The sizes of them varied from three inches in height, the Progenitor Mouse Tribe also known as “Yuri Mice”, to the Treants, which had no set limitation to how large they could become. For example, the three World Trees were actually the ‘feet’ of an absurdly massive Treant, who was severed from the planet at some point in the past. It had grown so enormous that it was disrupting the gravity and rotation of the Earth, so it was removed.

True equality was impossible to enforce through any type of government, even if only a single ‘Race’ was involved. Thus, Michael and the other Spirits had never set out to achieve such a meaningless goal. 

If a Progenitor Mouse Tribe man or woman, could never become a macro-lumberjack through physical strength. However, a Bear Tribe person could cut down huge trees with an ax through sheer physical strength. That single tree could make hundreds of thousands of homes for Progenitor Mice. Yet, that same tree might only be able to create half a house for the Bear Tribe. 

Obviously the common currency had to translate such a disparity in needs between the various Races. Micro and Macro Money were created. The original three currencies, Gold, Silver and Copper, were expanded in both directions. Platinum and Mithril dollars were pieces of paper, but extremely durable and at least a meter long. Only very large people would need to use such currencies, since anything smaller would have been difficult to even handle for beings like Morneth. At only a single millimeter in length, Micro Copper, Silver and Gold paper dollars were only suitable for extremely tiny beings to utilize. The difference in value was the same as from Copper, to Silver and then to Gold: Increments of one hundred. A single Mithril dollar was worth ten thousand Gold, while a Copper was worth a million Micro Copper. There were also metal coins made from various materials, which were valued at increments similar to the smaller currencies, but were made to fit the hands of the ones using them.

Ailyn Ironheart was disassembling and studying the robotic lifeform known as ‘Mike’, while Silvia was observing the world and recording important data. Uriel and her many apprentices managed to treat all the refugees from the desert, without anyone dying permanently. Corpses needed to decompose to a significant extent for Uriel to not be able to ‘fix’ them. Whether their revitalized brains actually connected to the same Soul or not, that was irrelevant to the eccentric Dryad

Although Michael and Amber continued raising their children in the developing overcity of Angren, Iris and Ethir stayed true to their words. The two of them started creating a schooling system, which wasn’t mandatory, but simply recommended. Although they also taught magical knowledge, the main purpose of the schools were to indoctrinate children and adults. 

Essentially teaching them various ‘rules’ and preventing the many cultures from becoming dangerous. For example, in the Orcish culture, cannibalism was considered dishonorable and barbaric. However, for the Rabbit Tribe, they were known to eat their own offspring given the ‘right’ circumstances. 

Incest was common throughout the Third Ring of Lorthon, many of the Races there had traditions that included mothers or fathers raping their children, when they were barely adolescents. Overall, there were many issues that needed to be weeded out… Before more lives were lost due to unintentional crimes.

Learning to read and write was also a very important aspect of the new ‘Introductory Schools’. People tend to react differently depending on whether they’re allowed to do something, or forced into it. If children are enslaved against their will, under threat of criminal punishment for their parents or themselves, then they tend to view that ‘thing’ negatively. On the other hand, when people have the option of learning some new skills for a relatively cheap price, they usually jump at the chance that’s presented to them. Of course, the difficulty and content of the training also plays a major role. Not everyone is interested in everything.

Many Tiger Tribe men were totally disinterested in learning mathematics, while even reading and writing seemed pointless from their perspective. How to use a spear or shotgun more effectively however, was very important and interesting to them. Many of the Tiger Tribe women felt the same way, but there were always ‘more’ of them, due to nature of Prides. Thus, there was a higher chance of the women being attracted to other things aside from ‘hunting and gathering’, which had been the role that was forced onto them from a very young age.

Overall, the transition was very peaceful. A few resistance movements cropped up, but most were instigated by spies from Heaven or Hell. Espionage and treason were pretty big crimes in practically every nation ever created, yet they weren’t punished too harshly in Alfirin. It was rather ironic, since people were often executed for things that would be considered ‘insignificant’ in many countries, such as rape. 

There were no prisons in Alfirin. For a multitude of reasons, but mostly because there was no escape from Lorthon. People didn’t have much privacy, even if they were relatively powerful or lived far away from the cities. Eyes and ears were everywhere. It was impossible to get away with Murder or Rape, and there was no need to imprison a corpse. While various minor crimes would have to be compensated through other means, via legal disputes and eventually, some sort of repayment. 

The entire country was on lockdown, but the general populace didn’t feel like they were in a cage. Instead, they were inside their own home. The country they helped build. The nation that was only in its infancy, yet with more potential than anywhere else on the whole planet. 

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