SDC V1, Chapter 4: Waking Up Again

“Good fuckin morning!” I snickered, as the other ‘Me’ rolled out of bed and stretched his arms out while yawning dramatically. It was a really weird experience. Unlike before, when I just had a terrible migraine, I actually felt fine. Continue reading


SDC V1, Chapter 3: Examination

*Author’s Note*

When I started this story in early November, 2018, Misty was still alive and well. Also really annoying… But then she died around Thanksgiving, which is kinda ironic. I was originally going to write a chapter about the bird dying, but decided against it. My mother was ‘really’ upset, and since the story takes place in 2019, I figured it didn’t really matter. In this alternate reality, Misty, the most annoying parrot I’ve ever met, was still alive and well.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! For that matter, Happy Birthday if it’s also your birthday now or in the near future/past! I decided that as a Christmas Present, I’m going to edit and post as many of these chapters as I can. Literally writing chapter 35 of this story at the moment, while also working on “Volume 6, Chapter 5, Part 7” of Immortal Soul. I’m not sure how much that is in Episodes though, since I write the story as if it’s actual books.

*** Continue reading

SDC, V1, Chapter 2: Showering

Now you might be wondering, “How do you just suddenly become a woman? Were you abducted by aliens? Maybe that demon you summoned was pissed off? How do you deal with the psychological distress of finding out that you’re no longer a man?” Continue reading

SDC V1, Chapter 1: Waking Up

My name is Michael Cinagra. I know that probably doesn’t mean much to anyone anymore, but once upon a time, I was a pretty famous author. Well, in some circles at least. Anyway, this particular story takes place around the time I was in my late twenties. Twenty-Seven to be exact. Continue reading

OP-ness Returns, V1, Prologue: MC, Destroyer of Worlds

My name is Michael Cinagra, and I destroyed the world. Well, ‘a’ world… No, maybe it was more like an entire universe? Okay, technically, I wasn’t the one who ate the fucking universe like a snack, alright? That was Arcana, the Eternal Deity of ‘Magic’ I guess? Continue reading

Apocalypse Shop, V1, Prologue: Superpower Merchant

A superpower is a lot like a gun. If you cock a loaded 44. Magnum revolver and casually drop it in the lap of some kid from the Middle Ages, they’ll probably end up killing themselves or someone else within a few minutes. That’s because they wouldn’t understand how dangerous their newfound ‘Power’ was, or how to properly use it. There was no instruction manual or a teacher to show them the way. Continue reading

Chapterfest, New Stories and Some Patreon Event

As the title suggests, I’m going to be releasing a decent amount of chapters today. Patreon is doing some kind of special event today, so I figured… Why not? Except I’m not really sure what I was supposed to do because I didn’t read the whole message they sent me lol.

However, the main thing is that I want to thank everyone who donated to me over the years. Not just through Patreon, but also through Paypal and well, just reading my stories without Adblock enabled :P. Though I barely get anything from ad revenue so it doesn’t really matter that much.

I also want to thank everyone who reads my stories on Tapas, because… Obvious reasons lol.

Anyway, there are two new stories that I started working on recently. I know, I should be focusing on Immortal Soul or one of the many other stories that I haven’t worked on in a while. But inspiration strikes when you least expect it. And it’s more productive to write down the new stuff, than ignore it.

The first story is called “Apocalypse Shop” and it’s kinda something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. To be honest, the original concept of the ‘Kitsune’ was something similar to that. But they go a bit farther than just being superpower merchants. Since they actually try to save people or ‘fix’ worlds before they completely collapse.

The second story is called “Solo Dual Cultivation“… In some ways, this story is practically porn. There’s a ton of vulgarity, sexual content and lots of weirdly descriptive bodily functions. If you know what Dual Cultivation is in the context of Xianxia, then you can probably understand the title. If not, you’ll figure it out by reading the first chapter or two. As far as the actual ‘cultivation’ goes though, don’t expect to see a bunch of literal action within the early stages of the story. Sexual action though…

Although it’s practically a teaser, I will release the tiny prologue of “OP-ness Returns“. I don’t wanna pull a Blizzard and have everyone freaking out because I’m working on a Mobile Diablo game that almost no one actually wants, while not even releasing a teaser for Diablo 4 lol. Seriously though, will Diablo 4 ever come out? Hell, I’m still waiting for Warcraft 4… Warcraft 3 Reforged probably won’t be released for another 6 months or so lol.

Lately I’ve been mildly addicted to HOTS. I never really liked MOABAs before, but HOTS just feels different to me lol. Probably all the leveling up of heroes and the loot boxes, though I heard that LoL is also doing something like that? Haven’t played LoL since like… 2012? It’s been a while.

On the other hand, I also tried to play Overwatch a few times. But I’m just bad at aiming. I mean, when I play Junkrat, I can do really well. Reinhardt is also pretty simple to play, since you just use your big ass shield most of the time, while occasionally killing squishies with that ranged ability or ramming  them into walls.

I thought the problem was that I couldn’t aim down the sights as most characters, but Ashe can… And I’m still bad lol. On the other hand, in Battlefield 1, I’m pretty good at sniping people? Maybe it’s because you can actually hide in that game, instead of glowing red for the other team to easily see you?

Anyway, enough of that nonsense, I’m gonna get back to writing, editing and posting shit lol.

PS V2, Chapter 1: The Solar System, Part 1

After checking out his two new packs of Arcana’s Games cards and designing a deck, Matt was just sitting blankly at his virtual computer desk and contemplating his next step. Suddenly he asked “Providence… How the hell do games this big render? I mean, not just the Earth, but all the other planets were constantly ‘there’ too, right?” Continue reading

PS V2, Prologue 4: Choices

*Author’s Note*

Okay, I was just going to edit and post this last Prologue and Chapter 1… But then I realized that for some ridiculous reason I decided to write a 13 page long first chapter?! I was just gonna go through and edit it all, but I eventually gave up and decided to just chop it up into multiple chapter parts. Otherwise I’d probably just give up half-way through and end up not posting anything. Continue reading