Chapter 51: Breaking In a New Home

On the first floor, there was a large living-room with a fireplace, a small bathroom, a decent-sized kitchen and dining-room, plus a staircase. Then on the second floor, there were two large bedrooms and two medium-sized unspecified-rooms.

Michael could tell what every room was supposed to be, because they were actually labeled on his mini-map. When he thought about how empty everything was, a message appeared: “Please select the room that you wish to furnish.”

He immediately said “The bathroom” and was teleported to the small space on the first floor. An illusory shower, toilet, sink, along with a mirror and shelf had suddenly appeared; there was also a flat and round crystalline object on the ceiling, which was emitting white-light.

Over each object was a price-tag and description. Everything cost a combination of mana-cores and normal currency.

Fortunately, since it was technically a rank-G Player-Home, things were relatively cheap. On the other hand, he only had two gold and barely any mana-cores left.

After sighing dramatically, Michael muttered “Well, I guess it’s time to let the Companions out…” as he entered his body and started walking upstairs. Even though it was nighttime, the brightly-glowing jungle-lights were still shining through the large bedroom windows, and he went out onto the western balcony to drop off the dog-sized Quad-Tailed Nature-Fox.

Regardless of her status as one of his Companions, she was still an ‘outside’ magical-beast. Inari was sleeping, so he quietly closed the sliding-glass door behind him, and then made a certain unconscious Priestess appear on the wooden floor.

If she was standing, the cat-girl would have been six-feet tall and was definitely a lot skinnier than before. All of the freckles on her face and body had disappeared, and her smooth, pure-white skin was actually radiating a decent amount of light.

She had already been unconscious for at least eight hours, so Michael wanted to wake her up before she became incontinent. If it was outside, then he wouldn’t mind, but being in a house was much different: especially when he was the owner.

Kneeling down next to the girl’s face, he yelled “Oi, wake up!” while lightly slapping both of her cheeks at the same time. There was no reaction, so he grabbed her furry black and white cat-ears, fondling them roughly.

Elina giggled while murmuring “Mmm~, be gentler…” as she placed her left hand on her chest and the right swiftly glided below her naval. She moaned quietly, and her robe suddenly vanished into a glowing tattoo between her disproportionately large breasts.

Michael stopped rubbing her ears and said “Are you awake? I don’t wanna get in trouble for ‘nonconsensually’ massaging your furry parts…”

She lazily opened her brightly-shining golden cat-like eyes, and glanced at him for a moment, before swiftly stopping what she was doing. After looking around the room a few times, she asked “What happened? Where are we?”

He snickered as she yawned and stretched her entire body out, then explained “It’s been a whole day since you evolved… but you’ve only been asleep for less than half that time. Long-story short, me and the little brat found this house, but then I needed money to buy it, and so we went to a town; she died in a death-match arena, and I won a ton of gold gambling. Anyway, you were definitely just masturbating, are you gonna pretend like that never happened?”

Elina blushed slightly and smirked, while peeking up his kilt for a few seconds. Then she turned over onto her stomach and laid her face on her forearms, while complaining “Let me sleep for a few more hours… I’m sure there’s plenty of things you could be doing instead of staring at my naked body.”

Her striped tail was slowly moving in various directions as she anxiously waited for him to leave. Michael snickered and said “If you want… never-mind. Heh~, as a Priestess of Light, you’re probably not allowed to experience things like massages, right? Hmm~, it’s weird, maybe this is caused by your increased Charisma… Normally, I would just complain about how sweaty you are, but, your scent is really fucking amazing right now.”

She giggled and muttered “As long as it’s just your hands…” before closing her eyes and nuzzling her face into her forearms. Starting at the shoulders, he began gently kneading her skin and muscles with his palms and thumbs, and even unconsciously channeling mana through his hands in small quantities.

The Priestess moaned quietly, as he very slowly moved down her back, along her spine and ribs. Between the tactile sensation of running his fingers across her flesh, the pheromones, the sounds she was making, and the fact that he could clearly see her uncovered body, Michael was obviously extremely aroused.

However, when he finally reached her lower-back, he suddenly stopped and told her “Okay, that’s enough… I need to go masturbate. From now on, this is your bedroom by the way. I’ll be staying in the other one, as for Sarah… I think she might have to sleep on my balcony; at least until she learns to control her worm-parts properly.”

After that, Michael went into the room across the hall, Unequipped his clothing, and used his used his wisp-form to spy on the cat-girl, as she played with herself quietly. In less than two-minutes, she had finished her arduous task and was able to think clearly.

For a few more minutes she just laid on her back and stared out the window, into the stary night sky. Then she suddenly noticed something incredibly important was missing.

Elina quickly stood-up, ran to her door, opened it, then sprinted across the hall and charged into Michael’s room, while screaming “Where’s my key?!”

He yelled “Ah! Goddamn it! Ya couldn’t wait like five fucking seconds?!” as he quickly sat up but didn’t stop ‘massaging’ himself.

The furious Priestess completely ignored what he was saying and doing, as she ran over to him and shouted “Tell me what you did with my key!” as she started slapping his face, neck and shoulders with all of her minuscule Strength.

Michael didn’t even feel any pain from the ‘vicious’ attacks from the naked cat-girl, who was covered in her own juices, but he was still perturbed by her actions. Her hands were especially moist, and he complained “Oi, stop, cut it out! Damn it, stop rubbing your cum all over me! I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about! Just let me finish and I’ll help you look for it, okay?!”

Hearing that, she yelled “Ah!” while jumping backwards, and slipping because of her sweaty feet. After falling on her tail, she screamed in pain and then started sobbing, while curling up in a ball.

Seeing that nonsense, he grumbled “Shit, I need to hurry up before she starts freaking out again…” as he laid back down and continued where he left off. Ten minutes later, the cat-girl was still crying and he had finally ‘finished’ what he was doing.

Michael sighed, then muttered “Fuck my life; I’m in a world without tissues…” The various sticky fluids were covering his body, as he stood up and walked over to the weeping Priestess.

Then he told her “You have a Quest, right? Then just look at the damn map; it should be marked pretty clearly.”

Elina suddenly perked up and exclaimed “Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that!” She immediately ran over and opened the sliding-glass door, walked onto the balcony and gazed out at the seemingly endless expanse of multi-colored, bio-luminescent jungle.

After seeing the waterfall, she turned around and started sprinting through the empty bedroom, smacking into the naked man who had been walking towards her. Michael latched onto her shoulders and said “Wait, stop for a second. Even if you go down there, how the fuck are you gonna get back up? Honestly, regardless of how incredibly light you are now, I still think it’s a bad idea for you to go rock-climbing right now. Just calm down… I’ll go and get it for you. It’s marked on my map too, so it shouldn’t be hard to find. Plus, I kinda remember seeing a little rusty key laying next to you, but I didn’t really think it was important at the time.”

When she finally settled her emotions, the flustered Priestess looked down at him and nodded her head. Then she asked “Did you get shorter?” while tilting her head to the left, noticing the fairly large difference in their relative heights.

He sighed dramatically and muttered “When I reach level ten, I’m definitely gonna be taller than you…”


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  1. well he got blowjob from wormgirl…or actually what it should be? she’s tail had mouth so it suppose be blowjob? Michael did u even hear about “sumata”?:D u should hear about it im sure! So if they didn’t fuck, even so they can help each other LOL

    BTW feels like Elina should have same exhibicionist title as well:DD

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