Chapter 52: Shadowcraft Is Pretty Dark

It only took Michael twenty minutes to jump down the waterfall, grab the key and then climb back up the cliff. When he reached the top, he saw that the naked Priestess was bathing in the shallow part of the river.

However, upon seeing the rusty piece of metal in his right hand, she quickly ran over to him and snatched it from his grasp. He grumbled “You’re fucking welcome…” as he walked past the ungrateful cat-girl and quickly started washing away all the dirt and grime in the rapidly flowing waters.

When she finally came over to thank him, he told her “Open up your bags screen; there should be a special Quest slot that you can place the key inside of.”

After listening to him, the key in her hands suddenly vanished, and she started giggling happily. Then she got into the water next to him, and spontaneously hugged him tightly, pressing her enormous breasts against his left shoulder in the process.

Michael complained “Seriously, I just masturbated like a half-hour ago; are you doing this just to piss me off? Damn it… How the hell am I ever gonna get anything accomplished with the two of you brats double-teaming me?”

Elina quickly moved back and frowned while saying “Sorry, I was just so excited that I forgot what I was doing. If I could, I would help you take care of that, but…”

He stopped her, by interjecting “It’s not a big deal, and I understand, kinda. I mean, until I came to this world, I had only ever been with a single girl before, and the two of us dated for like, three years. When we met, we were both super-virgins who had never even kissed another person before. Anyway, the point is, since that ended, it’s been years since the last time I had any kinda physical contact with another human-being. Of course, neither of you two are technically ‘Human,’ but that doesn’t really matter.”

After a few seconds of relative silence, she asked “Were the two of you in love?” Such relationships were obviously taboo in the Convent that she spent most of her adolescence and childhood in.

Michael smirked at the curious cat-girl, then nodded, answering “Yeah, we were… To be completely honest, before I had sex with her, I didn’t think that my feelings were anything more than lust. Yet, when we finally did it for the first time, I finally realized what love was.”

She blinked a few times, while imploring him to continue, but then he explained “Basically, love is when you really wanna have sex with the person, even if you know it’ll only end without you being satisfied at all. Then you put up with all kinds of bullshit or abuse, get taken advantage of, over and over again, desperately try to fix everything that’s wrong with the person, only to get thrown away in the end. Well, actually, we broke up because it was a long distance relationship to start with, our sex-drives were completely incompatible, and once I managed to raise her self-esteem to a suitable level, I wasn’t good enough for her anymore.

“Hahaha~, but ya know, things worked out in the end, right? Aside from my parents and brother, I literally have no attachments to that world anymore! Well, I will definitely miss the internet, and video-games… plus loads of other random things that I can’t even remember at the moment.”

When he turned to face Elina, he realized that she was crying again. She muttered “That story was so depressing…”

He sighed and told her “How the hell is that sad? If you want my unprofessional opinion, you’re still upset about your brother and sister dying; which is completely normal, since it’s only been like, two days for you. Anyway, it’s time to resurrect the little monster…”

With a wave of his right hand, a small worm-girl suddenly appeared on the riverbank. The moment that she materialized, Sarah released a blood-curdling scream and spasmed on the ground for a few moments.

Michael yelled “Shut the fuck up!” as he emerged from the water and knelt down next to her. She was wearing a tiger-fur skirt, boots and a belt around her chest, while clutching a pitch-black curved short-blade; he couldn’t help but admit “Soulbound gear is so convenient.”

Then Sarah came back to her senses and saw the naked man, who was casually picking her body up. He told her “Congrats on finally getting a decent title and reaching level-ten… but you failed your quest.” as he glanced at her status-screen.

[Companion Information

Name: Sarah
Titles: The Tree-Hater, Of the Eternal Darkness
Level: 10
Experience: 46/100
Age: Adult
Race: Bloodworm-Goblin
Rank: F
Class: Shadow
Specialization: Stealth, Melee Damage Dealer
Profession: Unemployed]


Health: 30/30
Mana: 20/20
Stamina: 15/15

Mana Regen per minute: 30
Health Regen per hour: 30
Strength: 4
Vitality: 3
Endurance: 3
Dexterity: 3(+1)
Agility: 7(+4)
Intelligence: 4
Wisdom: 3
Perception: 4(+2)
Charisma: 2

Willpower: 8(+1)
Luck: 6
Aura: 1.5

Attack Rating: 20(+23)
Defense Rating: 1.5(+6)]

Just like when Elina died and received a title, Sarah’s Luck and Willpower also increased by three. She frowned and asked him “Did you get the money?” but then noticed the large, two-story log-cabin that he was carrying her towards.

Michael snickered and said “Of course I did… Anyway, I’m kinda excited to find out about what’s inside that skull of yours. Oi, Meow-Meow, you coming or what?!” The cat-girl quickly got out of the water and followed after him.

Sarah squirmed out of his arms and started walking on her own, opening the door and enjoying the almost complete darkness that was inside. Her typically completely obsidian eyes, suddenly developed deep-purple irises, which glowed faintly.

A pure-white robe materialized over Elina’s naked body, and Michael made his own tiger-fur armor appear as well. However, when the Priestess was about to use her ‘Illumination’ spell, he told her “Don’t… If it’s bright, we won’t be able to read it.”

She closed the door behind her and asked “I’m confused, what are we supposed to be reading?” After they all entered the wide living-room, Sarah pulled the skull out of her first bag-slot and laid down on the middle of the floor.

The Michael laid down to her left, and Elina just sat down next to him, while using her glowing golden-eyes to see through the darkness. As the worm-girl channeled her aura into the ‘skill-book,’ its eye-sockets began emitting a bright-red light.

Then the words “Shadowcraft and Necromancy” appeared; the Priestess however, saw something completely different: “Followers of Lux cannot access this information.”

After reading that, Elina frowned and then told the other two “I’m going to go bask in the Moon’s radiance and Meditate.” She didn’t want to have anything to do with such dark-magic, so she promptly excused herself from whatever they were planning to do.

Michael snickered and asked “What are you waiting for? Keep going…” The little girl was intently staring at the three words and biting her lower-lip so hard that it was bleeding.

After a few seconds, she turned her head to face him and muttered “I can’t read it, what does it say?” The literacy rate was extremely high in cities and large towns, but small Goblin villages weren’t so lucky.

He smirked and then patted her slimy, worm-like hair, before telling her “Fine, it says ‘Shadowcraft and Necromancy.’ It’s basically just the title; now turn the damn page, or however the hell that thing works.”

Fortunately, rather than a book, it was more like a movie and there was even a deep, ominous voice that narrated the ‘documentary.’ When it first started, Sarah yelled “Holy shit! This is amazing!”

On the other hand, Michael just snickered and complained “Everything is tinted red, and the camerawork is terribad, but at least it’s in color and has sound.”

The first thing that happened was an explanation of the Assassin Class and the various methods for a person to create their first mana-core. It was a video that showed Human children who weren’t even five years old, using their bare hands to viciously claw, bite and beat each-other to death.

They were essentially running a series of orphanages, where abandoned infants and toddlers of the Darkness Element would be gathered in large numbers. When they reached a certain age, the black-masked men and women would place twenty-one of them at a time, into a small fighting pit.

Their Affinity made them naturally predisposed to violence and killing, so they were simply allowed to follow their most basic instincts. Only one child would be left alive at the end, and by being the only survivor, they gained enough experience to reach level-one and also evolved to rank-G.

There weren’t any visible physical changes, but a black aura started to emanate from the child’s body. Michael asked the little worm-girl “Is that how you gained your first mana-core?”

She shook her head and complained “I wish… No I actually had to Meditate every night, for three fucking years. If I knew there was such an easy and quick way, I would have just slaughtered all the other brats who were training with me. Since I was always stealing from the assholes in Jacobstown, I received the Thief Class when I evolved.”


9 thoughts on “Chapter 52: Shadowcraft Is Pretty Dark

  1. All your main characters are really freakin weird. The worm girl annoys me to no end and our Immortal friends actions make me frustrated and creeped out at the same time. Buuut I was warned and the world is really interesting….. So onward into the breach I shall continue

    Liked by 2 people

    • I actually like them for their behaviors, and since the MC’s group’s philosophy is to only entertain themselves, rather than try to make anyone’s life a living hell — I don’t see much of a problem with it, personally.

      Yes most of them are assholes, and weird people. But they don’t take it out on other people.
      Even if Serah and Micheal are both oddballs whom pick on each other with the most anti-social, strange, cruel ways — I still see it as a form of interaction. We can see something like that, just less in intensity, among a group of cynical guys, whom bicker at each other and curse one and another.
      I would totally agree that they are being annoying if that behavior would PREVENT them from interacting with each other as they wish….But, this is how they want to communicate. The story is pretty clear about the fact that they’re both assholes, and that’s how they interact, that’s how they *enable* each other.

      I personally see it more interesting than annoying, that people can interact with each other on such a violent level, yet still see such “negative” interaction, as a positive enabler.

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