Chapter 53: A Hardcore Documentary

After that, the few children who survived their death-matches, were each taught the various methods for cultivating Aura and training their physical bodies, while enriching their minds. Aside from basic Meditation to raise the Aura stat, they would spend each night, sleeping in a large coffin: filled with the relatively small skeletons of their former enemies.

The bleached white bones would continually absorb the Darkness mana and actually grow in size, along with the kids. For the next few years, they learned how to use a handful of simple spells, gained a few passives regarding weapon masteries, and were given tainted food and water every day.

Once ‘Immune System Boost’ and ‘Poison Resistance’ reached level-three, the children would begin using poisoned weapons in training, and eating raw meat, while drinking nothing but animal blood. By the time they became adolescents, their Darkness Affinity would reach level-five and their Aura stat would be at least two-points.

That’s when they would begin their ‘Willpower’ training. Each student would be paired up with an instructor and every day, they would be whipped, beaten, flogged, and tortured in a myriad of simple but horribly painful ways.

However, the strangest thing was that the teenagers seemed to actually enjoy it. They would also make a sacrifice to the Goddess of Darkness; boys would castrate themselves, and girls would cut open their own abdomen and remove their ovaries.

There would be a ritual, where they could meet an avatar of Umbra and she would heal their injuries, while infusing their bodies with her deathly aura. After a year, they were allowed to make the sacrifice again and gain even more power.

It was possible for them to perform the ritual seven times, but after that, they would no longer be graced by the Goddess. At that point, they would be permanently sterilized and could never reproduce. Since it was a curse, regardless of whether or not their injuries recovered, they simply wouldn’t be able to have children after that.

Once they finally reached adulthood, that was when those old bones that they had been feeding mana into for most of their lives, would finally be able to form mana-cores. As soon as the twenty rank-G skeletons were created, they would gain their Profession: Necromancer.

When he saw that part, Michael muttered “That’s weird, isn’t Necromancer usually a class?” However, it was almost immediately explained to the two of them.

Essentially, there were two different methods to reanimate a corpse using the Darkness Element. The first was similar to Enchanting; by collecting the remains of an unranked person or beast, a ridiculous amount of mana needed to be channeled into the carcass, before it would finally be able to form a mana-core.

Rather than becoming a Companion, the undead creature would simply be a puppet or Darkness Golem. Without a will of its own, it could still follow simple commands, and be extremely useful eventually.

By feeding it higher ranked mana-cores, it was possible for it to evolve into a more effective and powerful tool. The undead weren’t Soulbound to the Necromancer, so they could actually be sold as either a source of labor, expendable soldiers, or pseudo-Companions for adventurers.

Obviously, the various factions of the Goddess of Light would typically persecute and vilify anyone who would be willing to use such abominable creatures. Thus, it was rather uncommon for undead to appear under the control of anyone who wasn’t a Necromancer.

The second method was a bit different, and involved ‘corrupting’ the mana-core and corpse of ranked humanoid or magical-beast. It was possible to create much more powerful allies that way, but they wouldn’t be puppets.

After hearing that, Michael muttered “Wait a fucking second… Doesn’t that mean your father and those two nekomimi are still alive-ish?”

Sarah shrugged and told him “Do you honestly think that I care?”

However, then he snickered and asked “Oh, really? I remember eavesdropping on the two of you talking to each-other before you evolved… Something about wanting to get revenge on a bunch of assholes in Carrabelle City, right? Well, if those douche-bags were rank ‘G’ or higher, then doesn’t that mean they’re actually still alive? You aren’t even slightly interested in killing them, permanently?”

Hearing that, the worm-girl suddenly trembled and glared at him, before saying “Thanks for reminding me.”

He snickered and then told her “Pause the video for me, I need to piss.” She stopped channeling mana into the skull, and waited for him to return from outside.

It had been three hours since the beginning of the movie, and there was still quite a bit left. Even the worm-girl had to put the projector down and go outside to relieve herself. Apparently, if she prevented her tail from urinating and defecating, her normal bladder and bowels would eventually fill with excrement, and she had to deal with that the old fashioned way.

When they continued watching, Michael smirked and asked “Holy shit, is this supposed to be porn?” Those children had all grown into adults, and it was finally time for them to begin releasing their desires.

After being tortured for seven years by their instructors, they had developed strange and complicated relationships. It was typically a sexual relationship based around hate and pain; consensual, yet extremely violent and sometimes lethal.

The video was practically voyeurism, since it was obvious that the people being recorded didn’t know that there was a pseudo-camera in the room. Since the instructors were typically the less talented of the previous generation, in many cases, they would literally be killed by their furious students.

Michael was actually masturbating at that point, as he snickered and complimented “This is pretty awesome… Cannibalism, necrophilia, there’s the whole teacher-student taboo going on, plus the hardcore bondage scenes. It’s kinda lame that they’re all Humans, but whatever, it’s still pretty kinky.”

The worm-girl to his left also felt a strange sense of arousal from watching the gory and cruel sex-scenes. Then the narrator explained “For those who give-in to their desires and fornicate, while immersed in the carnage and violence, the Goddess shall give her Blessing of Lust. While those who abstain, are rewarded with the Blessing of Purity. Both paths are extraordinarily beneficial to the Assassin, and shall greatly influence their future cultivation and potential growth.”

She turned towards the naked man to her left and asked “Which do you think I should try to get?”

Without even considering the second choice, Michael immediately told her “Obviously Lust… I mean, you already gave away your worm-virginity like it was nothing, so I kinda doubt you’re the Purity type. Maybe if there was a Blessing of Bitchy Cuntitude, but there probably isn’t. Besides, you have a horny immortal bastard like myself to use and abuse, hehe~.”

Sarah scowled and continued to watching the video. Once the students had received their blessings, it was time for them to finally begin working as Assassins.

One of the fastest ways to improve the Aura stat and Darkness Affinity, was to kill enemies who had the Light Affinity. However, she already knew that much, so it wasn’t particularly helpful.

Reanimating corpses was another way, and that was essentially the most important aspect of the whole documentary. It did cover a decent amount of spells and skills that she didn’t have, but the moment that it finally ended, she told him “I want to try out Necromancy.”

Michael snickered and said “Yeah, it does seem like fun. Unfortunately, I can’t actually learn it myself. Hehehe~, I’m pretty sure you’ve never tried this before, but you can actually remove only specific parts of things out of your inventory. For example…” The two of them sat up and Sarah sent the obsidian skull into her first bag-slot.

Suddenly the skull of a tiger appeared in the man’s hands, and he explained “Basically, all you have to do, is go out and kill some animal and then you can directly pull out the the skeleton without having to deal with all the other nonsense.”

After he made the pure-white skull disappear, the worm-girl asked “Can I have one of your corpses? It’s not like you’re using them for anything, right?”

Michael smirked and said “Yeah, sure, but don’t play with it in the house. Here, I’ll send it directly into your inventory…” as he placed his right hand on her shoulder. A screen popped up, which showed her three bag-slots; the first had the Obsidian Skull, the second was a black-leather backpack, and the third was empty.

Without hesitation, he sent all eleven of the corpses that he had collected, directly into her storage. When she saw how many there were, Sarah snickered and asked “What the fuck were you planning on doing with these things anyway?”

He smirked, answering “I figured they’d be worth something eventually. Maybe I’d become a Necromancer, or I don’t know… I probably just have hoarding issues.”


32 thoughts on “Chapter 53: A Hardcore Documentary

  1. Castrated men (eunuchs) can not have an erection and can not feel lust, so that part in this chapter bothered me a lot. So I re-wrote it in my mind and had the men crush their balls and then get healed. I felt it was more painful and easier to regenerate without godess’s help.

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    • Eunuchs aren’t just castrated, they had their dicks removed as well. You don’t need testicles to be horny, in fact, you don’t even need reproductive organs to feel horny. Even if you didn’t have an asshole, you could still become mentally horny, you’d just have no way to satisfy your desires. I’ve gotten mentally aroused many times before, without actually becoming physically aroused and vice-versa.


  2. I think mikes gonna skip light dark elements, and maybe just stay arcane the whole time, he’s really too neutral of a character. He doesn’t care about good and evil that much, at least not what light vs dark consider good and evil, and most importantly he already has a teammate with light and dark affinity. Gotta think about party balance after all. He’s either going to be only arcane (which I think would be awesome) or take the last element that his parties missing. Unless all of his party gets multiple elements, then my guess is trashed.

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    • That moment when you really want to give spoilers, but you can’t, because it’s your own story and that would be like, being a complete asshole to yourself? lol I will say this though, I agonized over the choice for a long fucking time rofl…


    • Imo I feel like he would lean more towards chaos as he literally doesn’t seem to care what happens. I feel like darkness would give you a predisposition to want to hurt / corrupt but he just kinda does his own thing and hasn’t gone out of his way to harm/torture anyone especially considering his main weapon inflicts no pain.

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      • Well, Chaos and Darkness are very similar in a lot of ways. Well, Chaos is fucking insane, while Umbra is… oh, I almost gave spoilers lol.

        Hmmm, it gets kinda confusing sometimes when I’m writing like 30+ chapters ahead of the released ones :P. Speaking of which, I almost finished chapter 85 lol. However, I can’t write anymore tonight, cause I’m too damn tired :*(


  3. im currently thinking, which one of his companions will be the first, that takes the offer of mutual mating with him… ;p
    mike, got a hint when something happens? ^^ technikally his companions are something like married to him… (basically what i understood from saras behaviour some chapters ago)

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    • Not exactly married, but definitely ‘connected’ in many ways. It’s not like Companions are always sexually or romantically involved, but like Joseph(Sarah’s Father) said a long time ago… It’s fairly common for Companions to end up in very close relationships with each-other. It’s just the nature of constantly interacting with another person who you’re attracted to, and is also openly attracted to you… If Elina wasn’t a Priestess, and if she hadn’t just lost her brother and sister, she would have probably had sex with the MC already lol. Also, Charisma helps a lot lol…

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    • If I was a betting man, I’d say Sarah, even though Elina seems to be slowly getting corrupted by Michael the whole ‘drown yourself in lust and death’ seems like a little bit of foreshadowing.

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      • I’ll also say this… Aside from pure sexual attraction, people tend to be influenced greatly by the quality and quantity of favors and gifts presented to them by the other person. Of course, all healthy relationships need to have an equal give and take situation, where no one is being ‘bought’ by the other person. However, common interests are important, as well as complementary personalities. Also, emotional attachments can be created much more quickly than how most stories try to convince us lol. At least, I can say from personal experience, that in our world, it is fairly common for people to know upon the first five minutes of meeting another person, whether or not they’re willing to or want to have sex with them. Love at first sight seems sketchy, but it’s surprisingly common lol. Generally, people release certain pheromones, and rather than physical appearance, we typically decide whether or not we’re physically compatible by simply being in the presence of the other person. Faced with an absolutely beautiful or handsome person by visual standards, a human might not even be aroused in their presence because the pheromones could be wrong. Then, a person who wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, might have amazing pheromones, that could make them appear much more physically attractive in their presence, than when looking from a distance lol. Also, ‘love’ makes a man or woman stop caring so much about physical appearances and even allows someone to completely ignore their horrible personality.

        Okay, that ended up being a lot more that I was intending rofl. My point was, people who say things like “This is so unrealistic. People don’t just meet for the first time and then have sex, only to immediately fall in love afterwards.” obviously don’t know much about ‘human’ relationships lol.

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    • Rofl that rant was a bit more than needed, but yea there are more psychological things involved as well, such as Misattribution of arousal (which i feel like Elina would fall heavily under, as she hasn’t properly mourned and has now died all within a two day period.) but yea, I agree with you.

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      • Yeah, and all that shit is just under normal human standards in our world. In that one, there are attractions based on Affinity, Charisma, spells and all kinds of other weird shit lol. Charisma stops affecting physical appearance pretty quickly, and then moves onto other things, but even if a person with 3 charisma and 1000 charisma look, sound, feel, smell and taste the same, you would ‘think’ that the 1000 charisma person is more attractive rofl.


      • I kinda figured that after Michael’s reaction to her smell after her evolution. I’m curious about spells though, depending on how mind altering it would skate fairly close to rape/enslavement which are disallowed.

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      • Yeah, you can’t really rape or enslave anyone… if you tried, the System would know, and probably ‘Ban’ you lol. By Ban, I mean kill and not allow you to revive lol.


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