Chapter 54: Legacies of the Ancient Players

After receiving the collection of corpses, Sarah left the empty house and traveled along the river for a few hundred meters. Once she found a suitable dark and empty cave, she entered inside and claimed it as her personal lair.

When Michael tried to follow after her, she yelled “Fuck off, and don’t try to spy on me with that damn ball of black shit either!” Even homicidal worm-girls need privacy occasionally.

He sighed dramatically and muttered “It’s not like you can stop me…” as he dejectedly walked back to the house. There were still plenty of things that he needed to do, but the first was obviously to find a place to empty his inventory.

After walking into the ‘Kitchen’ area, he started pulling huge fifty-pound sacks of dried rice out of his sixteenth bag-slot. Michael snickered and said “I can’t believe that they were selling these for only twenty-copper a piece.”

Once he placed down five sacks in the corner of the relatively large room, a massive burlap satchel appeared between both of his hands. He had discovered a trick or gimmick to mix different kinds of items into a single bag-slot.

Essentially, if he just gathered a bunch of dried macaroni into one of the slots, he could literally store several metric tonnes of it. However, he wouldn’t be able to have spaghetti and linguine, or other types of pastas mixed in with it.

Since he didn’t want to buy such a ridiculous amount of food in the first place, he tried placing six or seven different kinds of noodles into a sack, and then placing that container into the thirteenth bag-slot. The result was that it worked, and he could even remove the specific types of pasta he wanted.

The total amount was around fifty pounds, but there were a myriad of different types that were mixed together. Michael placed it next to the rice, and then moved onto spices.

There had actually been an entire store that only sold various types of spices, and he was amazed at the variety. Unfortunately, everything except for salt was extremely expensive.

He was able to purchase fifty pounds of pasta for one silver, but a small glass bottle containing a few ounces of Thyme was the same price. Since dried seasonings were typically used very sparingly when cooking a meal, he focused on buying as many different kinds as possible, rather than having a bulk supply.

After placing the rather large bag of assorted spices onto the pile of rice and pasta, Michael removed a huge glass container of dried, green-tea leaves, and placed it gently onto the floor. He smirked and muttered “Hehe~, all of this shit only cost a single gold coin… Actually, isn’t that really expensive? Hmm~, well whatever, food is definitely worth it.”

Then he moved onto the bathroom, and dumped a stream of fifty, small orange soap-bars onto the floor. Once that was finished, he carefully removed a dozen large glass bottles, which were each filled with a creamy white substance. The combination of body-soap and shampoo had cost him twenty-five silver.

Michael finally walked up the stairs, entered his bedroom, walked over to the balcony and sat down onto the ground: leaning his back against the railing. It was only then that he remembered to put his Equip his armor again, before taking out the item which was the most expensive.

He smiled faintly, and muttered “I wonder what seventy-five silver would be if it was converted into dollars? This thing would definitely be worth at least five-hundred… A decent amount of the original Players must have come from the same era as me, or they wouldn’t have been able to pass down so much technology. Hell, they have electric-guitars for fuck’s sake, and skulls that function as movie projectors. I wonder if they were from the same Earth as me, or if it was a parallel universe?”

The acoustic guitar in his hands wasn’t particularly special in any way. Rather than the nylon and steel that he was used to, the strings were catgut, or made from the intestines of various animals.

While he was busy tuning it, he complained “The action isn’t very good, but it’s not the worst I’ve ever had to deal with either. Sigh, they had so many instruments, I definitely need to buy as many as possible before shit hits the fan.”

When he saw a grand piano for fifty gold, he tried to shove it into his inventory, but received a message: “Cannot store items that do not belong to the Player.” Stealing with the extra-dimensional bag was apparently not possible, so unless he killed the owner and then took it, he would have to pay for it.

The magical instruments were far more expensive than the normal kind. A full-sized keyboard, with only a dozen or so sounds, would cost him nearly two-hundred gold.

Michael finally managed to tune the guitar by ear after three minutes, and began playing some simple chords. He muttered “Even though the calluses are gone, I guess the Defense Rating is affecting the skin on my fingers, huh? I just hope my ridiculous strength doesn’t accidentally break the strings…”

Even if he hadn’t played a guitar in over a year, his skills hadn’t deteriorated at all. In fact, with the additional Intelligence that he had gained, he was able to remember songs that he had almost completely forgotten.

As the sun was slowly rising at the edge of the horizon, Elina opened the sliding-glass door and startled him. She placed her hands on the railing and stared off into the distance, while asking “Why did you stop?”

He glanced up at the beautiful cat-girl, and answered “It’s been so long since I last played, I’m a little nervous…”

The Priestess frowned and glared at him while complaining “You’re embarrassed about your amazing musical talents, but you have no shame when it comes to pleasuring yourself or exposing yourself to an innocent maiden?”

Michael snickered and said “I was just playing a few random chords; if that’s enough to impress you, then I’m guessing that you haven’t practiced any instruments, right?”

She sighed and admitted “Back in the Convent, we would learn hymns and sing songs devoted to our Goddess. I was part of a chorus, but I was never very good. The more talented singers would usually be able to gain an Aura-point each year… I still haven’t managed to gain my Goddess’ favor in that regard.”

While smirking, he asked “Why don’t you sing for me? I’ll let you know if you’re doing something wrong.” With her dramatically increased Charisma, he felt that her voice would probably sound amazing, and it did… in a way.

Elina smiled and gazed out at the rising sun, while beginning her song: “Meow~ meow-meow, oh-oh-ah, nya~”

However, before she could even start, Michael began laughing hysterically and yelled “Wait, wait, stop! You’ve gotta be fucking with me right now…”

The Priestess glared at him and shouted “What’s so funny?! This is the Hymn of Lux that my ancient ancestors passed down!”

After hearing that, he cackled uncontrollably for at least two whole minutes, before Elina started crying and was about to leave. Then he finally calmed down and told her “No, that’s the theme song to an anime from my world; it was about cat-girls who pilot giant robots and fight aliens. Your ancient ancestors definitely stole it from there… Basically, you’ve never actually gone to a Human church or temple for the Goddess of Light.”

She bit her lip and yelled “Blasphemy! You-you’re lying! The Hymn of Lux was written in an ancient language that-”

He interjected “Nope, it was written by a Japanese guy who recorded a bunch of actual cats meowing, then turned it into a song. Your Goddess probably thought it was cute at first, like thousands of years ago… but now it probably just pisses her off. Hmmm, I only watched the first seven seasons, so I don’t know all the songs, but I did learn how to play most them for whatever reason.”

As he played the medley on the guitar and even sang the ‘meows’ and ‘nyas,’ Elina calmed down and started singing along. Her pure-white aura, mixed with his colorless Arcane mana and then spread out into the sky, creating a blinding pillar of magical-radiance.

When they were finally finished, the Priestess beamed a cheerful grin at the snickering man. Then a message popped up in front of the two of them: “Aura stat has increased by one point.”


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