Chapter 136: Desires Are Like Opinions

Talia frowned, “It would be incredibly rude of me to decline a meal so carefully prepared by Ms. Jacobs! Aeris shall not punish me for indulging myself every so-often…” as she sat down at the table and accepted a steaming bowl of rabbit-stew.

Michael sat on the other end of the table, and once she handed the two of them their food and silverware, Laura sat on the southern side. It was dark out, but she still wanted to look out the window; of course, it was so bright inside the kitchen, that it was impossible to see outside.

The Nephilim noticed that the ceramic bowl he was using, was covered white, with beautiful golden inscriptions along the sides. Even the spoon was made out of mithril, and engraved with a myriad of ‘runes.’

He smirked at the overachieving Huntress, “Ya know, I don’t really ‘need’ such fancy shit. But~, thank you, ya did a good fuckin job! Anyway~, what is it exactly that you’re expecting from me? At first, I figured that you were only interested in becoming my Companion so that I could help your people… but your hometown is probably getting destroyed at the moment, and you’re more concerned with whether or not I’m satisfied with some goddamn kitchenware! Hahahaha~! No, but seriously, what’s your angle?”

Talia sighed, then gazed up at the glowing ceiling, while muttering “You don’t seem to understand… It’s not as if I’m indifferent to the suffering of my people; there is simply nothing that either of us can do right now. Who are we to meddle in the affairs of Gods and Goddesses? My father, sisters and brother, should all be in Aeris Village City right now… If the enemies are powerful enough to defeat the Goddess of Storms, then how could we possibly intervene?”

Michael asked “Wait a second, I thought that there were only nine Goddesses?” before devouring a large piece of rabbit-meat.

She slowly sipped the delicious broth, and explained “The Nine Elemental Goddesses are beings beyond this mortal realm, but there are Elves, Angels, Demons and even Humans who have earned godly titles… In fact, aren’t you a ‘Death God?’ Isn’t that what Shinigami means?”

He snickered, then complained “Yeah, I gotcha, but all I needed to do was die twenty-one times, before I got mine… Seems kinda insignificant to me.”

Laura stared at him with a shocked expression, and Talia revealed “There are many ways to achieve most titles. The conditions are sometimes more severe for certain people. Aside from ‘The Innocent,’ I’ve never earned any other titles, even after seventy-four years… While you and your other Companions seem to receive them rather easily.”

Michael smirked, “So that’s why… Well, envy is a pretty fucking strong motivator, hehe~. Hell, I ain’t gonna judge ya. If anything, I can relate with you a bit more now. Whether it’s fame, power, sex, love, money, or whatever, people always have desires. We use each-other for various reasons, and that’s completely normal.”

The Huntress glared at him, before sneering, “Indeed, no one wants to be powerless, poor, starving, hated, ignored, or forced to live a life of endless loneliness. Perhaps there was a time, long, long ago, when I experienced such things, but much can happen over the course of seventy-four years. I would rather not speak of such ‘ancient’ history though… If you truly want to know what my greatest desires are, then I shall reveal several of them now. A ‘suitable’ husband, and a child… I do not wish to adopt, but want to produce an offspring using my own body.”

“Hahahaha~! Well, it’s pretty fuckin cliche, but I do understand the instinct to reproduce and wanting to be married is ‘normal’ enough.” Michael snickered loudly, while spooning large quantities of rice, broth and rabbit-meat into his mouth.

Talia sighed, smiled at him and continued “That first desire was simply a very long-term aspiration of mine. My mother was three centuries old when she met my father, and she had never once been with a man before then. What I want from you, more than anything else, is power. Aside from the various general benefits of becoming your Companion, I wish to obtain divine equipment and eventually… surpass level-thirty.”

Hearing that, Laura choked on her soup and the Nephilim asked “Is that supposed to be difficult? Cause, I’m pretty sure that all of us are gonna make it to level one-hundred by the end of the year…”

Both of the women stared at him blankly for a few moments, before the High-Elf started laughing hysterically. Even the Priestess giggled at the absurdity of what he had just said.

Michael finished the last of his soup and sighed at the two of them, “Welp, thank you for the meal Nekomommy, and it’s been fun talking to you kids, but I gotta go deal with Cunty and the cunt. Hasta luego!”

He teleported directly into the Necropolis, near the entrance. The moment that he made the skull-faced Dark-Goblin appear, she screamed “You fucking cunt-whore-bitch! I’mma tear yer goddess-damned asshole out!” and stabbed her Legendary tanto into the Nephilim’s groin.

Considering that he wasn’t even wearing anything but his Arcane boxers and t-shirt, the damage was truly massive. However, it wasn’t the kind of attack that could kill him within the Player-House. Unless she actually managed to obliterate his entire body, it was simply impossible.

Sarah, impaled her shadowy tendrils through his chest and abdomen before attempting to tear his entire body into six pieces. Michael ‘Whispered’ “Calm the fuck down! Snap outta that shit!” and she instantly unequipped all of her gear, falling onto her hands and knees.

The little girl’s aura was normally pitch-black, yet it seemed to radiate around her like a bright-blue inferno of frigid air. She screamed “Ragh~! Why am I still so weak?! Damn it!” before violet tears actually started falling from her eyes, onto the frozen soil: which began bursting into flames upon contact.

Once his injuries healed, Michael coughed a few times, before he began snickering loudly. Hearing him mocking her, Sarah glared up at the Nephilim and asked “How can you keep laughing like a fucking asshole all the time?! What’s so goddess-damned funny!?”

He smirked, “Nah~, ya just act so ‘mature’ that I forget how young you are sometimes. Even if you’re emotionally and physically an adult, you’re still pretty inexperienced… Did ya think that just because you had all that gear, you’d be invincible now? Hehehe~, anyway~… stop crying like a little bitch and help me with something.”

She growled “What the hell is it this time?! I ain’t suckin your dick!” but he just walked near the wall and reached his left hand out. Suddenly, there was a deafening roar, and a colossal monstrosity appeared.

It had pitch-black scales, the head of a raptor, four gigantic arms, two reptilian legs, a generally humanoid frame and a huge spiked lizard-like tail. Michael shouted “Oi, Cunty! Grab the fucking wall! Shit, just latch on like a goddamn cockroach! There’s plenty of… oh wait, it can’t see anything! Sarah, follow me!”

The Nephilim teleported onto the raging beast’s back, and equipped all of his ‘gear.’ With a massive sword in both hands, he stabbed downwards, easily tearing through the thin black scales, fragile bones and puncturing a hole into the creature’s left lung. A pillar of crimson flames erupted from the wound, and the monster began violently spinning because of the propulsion.

Sarah was almost instantly wearing her armor, including her skull-mask, and wielding her Legendary weapon as a wakizashi. Shadow-Stepping onto the right side of the gigantic demon’s chest, her boots easily clung to it: even under such an extreme situation.

She copied Michael and began slicing open the monstrous chest, allowing the superheated gasses to escape. With the two sides opposing each-other, it stopped spinning randomly, and seemed to settle down a bit. Also, as the air drained from its body, the creature’s buoyancy fell dramatically. Eventually, it landed on the ground and after they allowed it to heal, breathing in the thick, frigid, aura of pure Darkness, it didn’t start floating again.

The little girl stood in front of the terrified monster’s face, along with the Nephilim. She asked “What the fuck is this thing anyway? It’s so big, but still so pathetically weak?”

Michael snickered, walking forward and gently caressing the slimy scales on its left cheek. One-hundred meters was absurdly large, and the size difference between the two, was similar to that of a Human and mouse.

He muttered “Hmmm~, I knew it had ta do with that damn Arcane Prison… so evolution actually is influenced by the environment? Makes sense I suppose, though that might be closer to adaptation, but whatever, doesn’t really matter. All I know is, from now on, never evolve inside of that place, hehe~. Well, this probably has something to do with Chaos Affinity, and it seems like the ‘air’ within that space was weird too. Or, it could just be that this environment is suppressing its ‘Fire’ properties, while enhancing the Darkness nonsense.”

82 thoughts on “Chapter 136: Desires Are Like Opinions

  1. second question of the day outta three is each of the goddess other then arcane have a group of races that suit them such as angels for lux, undead for umbra, plant people for naturea, demons for chaos, and elementals for the elemental quartet but what does arcana have for instance if a wanted to evolve on a pure arcane affinity path with a race that get progressively stronger such as with both angels and demons what would it be

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    • Sidhe or Fairies, probably, but it’s hard to say that any general race like Angels are specific to a certain Element. Most people, including angels, start without an affinity. Undead are different, because something has to be alive, first, before it can become undead roflmao. Hmmm, as for Chaos, Demons aren’t really a specific race. For example, Human Demons are usually just called Demons. However, a Demonic Orc, is sometimes called a High-Orc lol.


      • Hmmm, at the same time, fairies are probably mostly of the four elements, Fire,Water, Wind and Earth. It’s hard to say any race is particularly ‘iconic’ to a certain Element. As I’ve said many times, you’re stereo-typing lol :P. This is an entire universe we’re talking about, and even though it’s like a video-game in many ways, it doesn’t have the same limitations. Hell, you could say that the ‘Astral Dragons’ or ‘Celestial Bodies’ are Arcana’s signature ‘race’ roflmao. Planets, stars, and beings that wouldn’t even fit within the solar system where the story has been taking place so far… Entire galaxies and star-systems can be created with nothing but a thought from her. Not that she would keep doing that all the time, but you get the point, right? What are angels, demons, humans or whatever, in the grand scheme of things? 😛


      • i never said that every freaking member of a race had be be of that affinity it just that im referring to the racial group that first comes to mind when one pictures a goddess such as how demons as large grouping while not all having the same affinitys are all associated with the goddess chaos our how all undead are associated with umbra while not having the same affinitys

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      • Undead can only be of the Darkness Affinity, Demonic creatures can only be of the Chaos Affinity… but that’s about it. Angels can be of Darkness or Light, but they can also have extra Elements mixed in. There are also various types of ‘Bird-Tribe’ who are more like harpies.


  2. Loving it as usual!
    Enjoy the break, make it a loong one and I’ll just say PATREON FTW!!
    btw one thing I was wondering about, aren’t Michaels Arcane damage spells pretty sucky when it comes to efficiency?? I mean most of his damage spells of the arcane sort have the “Damage and mana-cost are equivalent to the Aura stat”, while many of the others have a “Damage is dependent on the Aura stat” with a fixed (often low) mana cost based on the skill level.

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    • Yeah, it’s because Arcane Mages need a lot of mana lol. Of course, he’s only using the very lowest forms of the spells atm though? Like, obviously, once they reach a certain point, their efficiency will get better.


    • second question is somewhat of a theoretical question which is if someone miraculously achieved both light and darkness affinity do you think twilight would be a good description of there specialization like twilight mage or twilight knight

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      • Lmao, well, I would say that Twilight would definitely be related to ‘Light’ rather than Darkness. Also, the golem thing… Silver/Gold golems are the theme, or simply a pure-white golem. Darkness has the undead, Chaos has demonic beasts and monsters, Nature has treants, and there’s a bunch of other shit as well. I mean, Angels might be golems in a sense lol. Most of the liquids in their bodies are metallic and they usually appear ‘too’ perfect, kinda like they’re androids rofl.


      • Arcane 😛 Arcane is the source of everything and obviously contains both Light and Darkness. Just like Light and Darkness contain Nature and Chaos. Nature and Chaos contain Fire, Wind, Earth and Water.


      • since you being like that with answer that not quite the question i asked il ask one bonus question are there any professions that require access to darkness affinity other then necromancy that you’ve come up with yet

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      • Probably some kind of Curse-Crafting or Plague-Farming lol I make them up as I go along, since I don’t have time to come up with thousands of crafting professions that I’m never actually gonna talk about lol


      • good to know in my personal opinion with the kind of profession features that you series has i would try to have around 7 professions that i would switch between on a frequent basis because for a player to focus solely on one profession while it would rise quickly its would kinda be like a one trick pony

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      • The idea is to have 6 Companions who are also focusing on training in a certain profession. Plus, you can have hundreds or thousands of residents, some of them could have useful professions as well? Although, the main benefit from Professions is their ability to give you Passives or skills. For example, Talia is a ‘Musician’ but her skills and spells from being a musician are pretty OP lol.

        Michael can literally steal people’s souls, which basically means that under normal circumstances… NPC death is permanent. Even if their allies take away the corpse, it’s too late to resurrect them lol. Not only that, he can also bring people back to life if he wants to rofl.

        Enchanting(Assuming that you don’t suck at it) allows you to enchant all your gear, but probably also has some passives(Like, increasing the effects of enchantments or something like that?)


  3. Damn it, in only a few days I have read all the chapters released for free. What should I do now? Anyway, yet another great chapter however I’m curious what soul did he place inside the 100m monstrosity that is known as Cunty? Was that mentioned or will we find out eventually?

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  4. Thanks for the chapter~~ 😉 Finally caught up to the current chapter after a couple days…. Enjoyed the ride so far. It’s a little fucked up, but who gives a shit? The uncensored-ness and all the other bullshit just enhances the experience and adds greatly to the story, it just wouldn’t be the same, and probably as good without it. Well now that that’s done, I look forward to the future chapters, and the adventures of the OP sexually-insane deviant! 😉 😉

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  5. Thanks for the chapters and enjoy your break!

    Cunty the floating dinosaur has been grounded. I wonder what the chaos core will evolve Michael into. I bet his next form will be even more reviled than his Nephilim form.

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  6. I am a bit sad to see that Michael’s lines have basically become filler. They generally follow this formula: “Another goddamn fuckin line!”

    Maybe he should become the silent type? Where words are seldom used, they are greater valued? Being fast to talk, with nothing to say, does that make him intellectually impotent?


    • He’s been like that from the very beginning lol. Silent types piss me off :P. I don’t think I’ve every known anyone who doesn’t talk a lot… and even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to get along with someone who didn’t talk a lot lol. Besides, you’re basically calling me an idiot, right?


    • This is the start of my break 🙂 yay~, lol. Also, I think I wrote like 3+ chapters today rofl. I’m writing 166 atm, but I need to go to sleep now. Not sure why I’m saying this… I feel like this has nothing to do with your comment, but oh well, I already wrote it, so it’d be irritating if I didn’t hit send rofl.


      • Thanks for informing us anyway ! 😁 I don’t know you seem pretty determined to write this story till the end lol, sleep is good… but too much pf it muddle the mind I find that jogging help when you write stories. But careful.. cars are dangerous.

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      • Lmfao, yeah, I don’t jog… I also don’t go outside. It’s not like I can’t, it’s just that I don’t have a reason to? The only time I leave the house is for food, but I haven’t had enough money to eat out anywhere in the past… 5-6 months? lol


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