Chapter 135: Another Workshop?

“Shit! Damn it! Oi, stop it! Cunty~!” Michael quickly teleported onto the back of the gigantic monster and was dismayed to discover that the massive Demonic Ultrasaurus was simply too buoyant for him to weigh down.

Those pitch-black scales were also extremely slippery and if there weren’t huge spikes sticking out of its spine, he wouldn’t have been able to hang on. In the end, he managed to ‘terrify’ the colossus again, and shoved it into his prison-slot.

Once he put it away, the Nephilim dejectedly used his wings to casually glide down towards the Forbidden Forest. By the time he landed on a rather large tree-stump, his wisp had already made it back home.

“Astral Step Level 5: During Astral Projection, the caster immediately teleports to the location of their incorporeal astral-form. Costs 60% of the caster’s maximum Mana.” Upon arrival in his room, Michael’s favorite spell had finally reached the next level.

He muttered “Hehehe~, I’m getting closer~… once it goes down to thirty-percent or lower, I should be able to use it in combat.” The Nephilim sucked those wings back inside of his body, while turning off ‘Lightening,’ so that he could enter the Necropolis without having those buffs forcibly canceled.

However, before that, he walked into the only unfurnished room upstairs and scanned through the ‘workshop’ options. Alchemy Lab was one of the first choices on the list, but within it were a variety of different types, with varying costs as well.

Michael took out one mana-core from a rank-F, Elite Fire-Mage, another from Talia, the third was a rank-E, level-eighteen Hunter, whom had Water as one of his Affinities, while the last belonged to one of the rank-F, Elite, Flamescale Warriors: He had Earth as his second Affinity.

In the end, he also had to spend twenty gold coins. It was certainly expensive, but considering how easily he obtained everything, the Nephilim didn’t quite understand the concept of moderation.

What was once a relatively large room, had suddenly become much more spacious. The ceiling vanished and was replaced by a beautiful, bright-blue sky. Of course, it was still nighttime outside, so it was obviously similar to the Necropolis. He could see a massive ball of yellow fire floating a few miles above him, and the entire area was engulfed in waves of extreme heat.

However, in every direction, for at least two kilometers, a huge lake of crystal-clear water was rapidly created. There was also pure-white sand all around it and underneath of it. In the distance, a series of constantly erupting volcanoes appeared, and filled the skies with pitch-black fumes. Strangely though, they didn’t pollute the air directly above the small island that he was standing on.

Michael muttered “Holy fucking shit-balls… If I can buy all of this with a few mana-cores and twenty-gold, in a goddamn rank-G house, then what the hell are the more expensive things like?”

He had already had his suspicions with the Arcane Prison and Necropolis of Darkness, but it seemed as if the limits to Player-Homes were practically nonexistent. In fact, he even guessed “I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole planet, solar-system, or even the entire universe might just be within Arcana’s bathroom… or kitchen, hehehe~.”

All around that island, which was larger than the original room, a wide variety of tools began forming. Metallic cauldrons, huge tables covered with plenty of glass beakers, vials, flasks, test-tubes, and even semi-magical, gas-burners. There were measuring devices, tongs, mortar and pestles of different sizes, thermometers, pipets, burets, droppers, forceps, files, wire-brushes, and the list went on for quite a while.

The Nephilim looked around and complained “Damn it, my kitchen didn’t even come with dishes or pans, but she gets all of this chemistry shit?” There were no gigantic Tyrannosaurus-Tribe sized objects laying around, but some of the equipment was big enough for an Ogre to use properly.

On one of the tables near the northern side of the island was something that dumbfounded him. He quickly walked over and began examining it, though he was already fairly certain of what it was.

Essentially, it was a fully functional, rather large, touch-screen all-in-one computer. Of course, it seemed to work on mana, instead of electricity, and likely utilized some sort of methods that he simply didn’t understand. Yet, it was certainly one of the only things that he had missed from his original world.

“This… what kinda operating system does it run on? Actually, how does something like this even work at all? No, there’s no point in thinking about such ridiculous nonsense. Hmm~, there’s a word-processor to write with, no internet, unfortunately, and great… aside from a calculator and notepad, it can’t really do anything else. Wait, no, this is definitely… yes! Hahahahaha~! I win! It can access live feeds from all over the house and even record them!” Michael had managed to uncover all of its secrets rather swiftly.

Each of those skulls in Sarah’s room could be used as ‘surveillance’ cameras, along with the giant demonic eyeballs in his bedroom. However, there was an even more efficient method; as long as his hand was in contact with the device, he was able to utilize his wisp-form’s visual and auditory perception in a similar manner.

Unfortunately, there was a serious flaw in his plan: He had no idea where the exit physically was. Unlike his Arcane Prison, he couldn’t just go through the floor. The most important feature of the touch-screen, was that it could teleport him to the living-room, but he couldn’t just send his astral-body into it. He sighed dejectedly, as he pressed the ‘exit’ button and vanished from that extra-dimensional space.

With his sudden appearance, Talia yelped, while jumping backwards, but immediately informed him “Michael, I would like to formally apologize for my behavior earlier… Also, I have indeed succeeded in completing my mission!” She was wearing a dark-green blouse and a relatively long, straight-skirt. There were even bright-green slippers on her feet, and her long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

Aside from packing plenty of clothing for herself, she also managed to bring several hundred gold for her own personal use: which she didn’t tell him about. The Huntress quickly led him to the kitchen, where Laura was cooking a large pot of soup on the stove.

Noticing the two of them enter the room, she turned around and smiled brightly, “I’m sorry that I didn’t ask for permission, but Lina said that you wouldn’t mind if I used some of the ingredients in your freezer…”

Michael smirked, “Obviously I don’t mind… though, there were only three things in the freezer the last time I checked. Are you cooking snake, worm or giant Demonic Raptor of Darkness?”

She tilted her head to the side, then informed him “Well, earlier in the day, I saw an adorable green fox-kit going inside. It didn’t seem like she was carrying anything with her…”

The Nephilim snickered, before explaining “Yeah, she’s a smart kid; already figured out how to use her inventory… Well, it’s stranger that she understood how the freezer worked, heh~.” When he glanced inside, there was a small mountain of mutated deer and rabbits.

Of course, their levels were relatively low and their mana-cores had already been eaten. In fact, Inari’s experience bar had barely even moved, since she was hunting in a large pack.

Laura said “It’s just some rabbit-stew, lightly seasoned, and with some of that rice. Oh my, I nearly pulled my back out trying to lift that strange jar, but with a bit of aura, it becomes so light… Hmm, I haven’t really explored the world like my daughter, so I found most of these things quite surprising at first, but after a whole day, I believe I’ve acclimated fairly well.”

Michael smirked at her, “I did kidnap you kinda abruptly… If you wanna go home, I can take ya back. It only costs like four gold to get there, though I can’t ferry you back and forth too often, or I’ll go broke.”

She gasped, and was considerably upset that she ‘owed’ him such a ‘huge’ sum of money. Once her shock had settled down, the Priestess told him “No, it’s fine… I would like to return one day, but my ties to that village aren’t very deep anymore. My parents died a few years ago, I remarried, but my second husband was killed in a bandit raid, along with our son… Ahem, my memories of that place are filled with nothing but sorrow. Thus, the moment I saw Lina again, I was more than happy enough to live here with her… I have some apprentices who should have taken over the church after my disappearance, so Luxiana should be able to survive without me.

“After the way you scared off those evil Humans, the Cat-Tribe refugees from other towns nearby began moving to Luxiana. There were even many powerful devout Luxians who came to protect the place where the Goddess of Light sent down her righteous angels.”

Once she finished speaking, Talia pointed towards the glass cabinets and proudly said “As you can see, I have managed to obtain pots, pans, dishes, glasses and other kitchenware… All of these items are of at least Rare Quality, crafted by my grandfather in his youth. I didn’t even have to spend any of your gold to buy them! Here, I return these twenty coins to you!”

Michael casually accepted the money, before turning towards the Priestess and asking “Do you mind taking the northern guest-room? I mean, Jasmine will probably be sleeping in either Elina’s or my bedroom, so there really isn’t a reason for her to have her own room.”

She blushed slightly, while nodding her head, “I wasn’t planning on sleeping in my daughter’s bed, regardless of how amazing it is…” After that, he quickly spent that twenty-gold, along with four Silverback Gorilla mana-cores, to completely furnish her room ‘normally.’

Since there were no Elements involved, the walls didn’t change, and all he really added was a chandelier, a large closet, a writing desk and a chair to go with it. He wasn’t sure if she would actually need either of those last two things, but he bought them anyway.

The Nephilim said “Just take your stuff out of Elina’s room later and you can basically shove all of Jasmine’s stuff into her backpack and… I don’t know, put it somewhere? Hahah~, anyway, it seems like the stew is done~, so we should eat now. Oh wait, I forgot that Talia’s a pussy and can’t eat demon meat, so she can just have an apple or something.”

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