Chapter 168: ‘Fixing’ Luxiana

“Oh for fuck’s sake! Goddamn it Elina! Ugh, no, it doesn’t even matter… I wanted to buy this place anyway~. Hmmm~, it’ll be a little expensive, but yeah, I should be able to do that. Good job getting this place though, hehe~, it’s mostly farmland, but still a shit-ton of acres. The village is tiny in comparison, but there’s plenty of room for expansion.” Michael was still being rammed and stabbed at by rhinoceroses, but he didn’t even need to be in control of his body to deal with that.

His wisp quickly floated over-top of the mostly destroyed town of Luxiana, and he was able to bring up his ‘Territories’ menu. A single-story wooden hovel, like the hundreds that had just been burned down or crushed, could be bought for one silver.

There were other buildings mixed in though: the granary, docks, inns, stables, barns, a blacksmith, tailor, etcetera. Each of those had varying prices, but all were under five silver a piece.

Michael snickered, muttering “These bastards are lucky that I love city-building games… Well, I was never very good at them, but that’s beside the point. Let’s see~, umm~, yeah, recycling is super OP. I mean, seriously, I’m getting more from clearing away the wreckage, than the whole damn town is even worth.”

The two giant red-scaled lizard-people had already left and started putting out the burning fields, so the wisp was able to utilize his new-found abilities to their maximum potential. Whether it was corpses, carcasses, charcoal, or various family heirlooms, everything aside from the church had been quickly obliterated.

In a few minutes, the entire area was just flat dirt, and even the palisade was removed. The only barrier was the river, which was roughly a kilometer south and east of the chapel at the center of Luxiana.

Thus, his first course of action was obviously to set a proper boundary, but rather than a wooden fence, he wanted an actual wall. He muttered “The problem is… how big should I make it? If the enemies can fly, then it doesn’t really matter either way. Oh, holy shit, they actually have ranks and levels? Figures, since my house is only rank-G, I can only access the shittiest versions… but still, a level-ten stone wall has a Defense Rating of one-thousand. I have no idea if that’s good or bad though. I mean, I’m level-twenty and with my OP Legendary weapon, I can probably still break it, but what normal person would be that ridiculous? Well, at that point, they’d probably just be able to get around it. Hmm, the iron gates only have half as much Defense Rating, but it makes sense.”

He wasn’t able to increase the level past ten, so he quickly traced out a right angle and a ten-meter high, grey-stone wall had instantly materialized. At the corner, was a particularly tall tower, which reached fifty-meters.

At the center of the western and northern sides, there was a gatehouse, and each of the walls extended out into the river a few meters: so that people couldn’t simply walk around it. He was planning on making the waterway part of his normal territory later on, which would make it an indestructible and impassible barrier.

Michael sighed dramatically, as he noticed that the ten gold he had earned from ‘recycling’, had completely vanished. Fortunately, he didn’t even have to spend any mana-cores to purchase most of the buildings and structures within Luxiana. Of course, they also weren’t nearly as magically or technologically advanced as his Player-Home.

Next was to create a whole square kilometer of concrete pavement, then a sewer-system was constructed fairly deep underground. After that, he began ‘automatically’ placing two-story stone houses: each of which, was identical.

There was plumbing installed in every home, which included sinks, showers, bathtubs and toilets. A huge basin was created below the church; it received fresh water from a subterranean spring, collecting it all, before spreading it to each of the buildings within town.

In total, he ended up buying five-hundred houses, each of them costing twenty-five silver. Adding everything else with that, it was a total of one-hundred and fifty gold.

Then, there was a long list of other crucial buildings for any town to have, which drained fifty more gold from his currency tab. Michael complained “Ugh, even though everything is so cheap, it adds up pretty quickly… Hmm~, what else is there to buy? Oh, there was probably a bunch of farm stuff… Well, they shouldn’t be inside of a city anyway, right? Otherwise, the whole place would always smell like shit and be completely unsanitary. Now that they’re done putting out the field-fires, I’ll just place some barns and stuff outside the walls a bit. Ah, maybe I should make a big-ass palisade around the whole fucking farmland?”

Without even thinking about it too deeply, a five-meter high wall, made out of thick and durable logs, sprang up out of nowhere. It had a total length of around four miles, and there were wooden gates at the center of the two sides.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible for him to ‘buy’ and plant seeds in the fields. However, that was all up to the farmers anyway. As for livestock, horses and other animals, they needed to be acquired the ‘old fashioned’ way as well.

That enormous palisade and the various other buildings outside the stone walls had only cost him a total of fifteen gold. For the finishing touch, he had to use the Angelic Boa of Efflorescence’s last mana-core, along with an absurd, fifty gold coins.
Inside of the church, only ten minutes had passed since the start of Michael’s ‘shopping-spree’, and there were actually a decent amount of people who fainted from shock. Arnold asked the amazed angelic cat-girl “Ms. Jacobs… Your Holiness, this Companion of yours… Is he some sort of deity?”

Elina giggled, vaguely answering “I sometimes wonder about that myself…” Then she received a telepathic message that made her scream “What do you mean you spent over two-hundred gold!? How is any of that even slightly necessary!? Fine, fine~, I’ll tell them, now stop talking!”

Hearing that outburst, many of the people had suddenly become terrified; the Village Chieftain asked “You… are you expecting us to pay that much? That, we would never be able to make such a fortune, even if we had everyone working for their entire lives!”

The angelic woman had a serious expression, as she explained “Ah, don’t worry about that, my boyfriend is just an idiot. Anyway, everyone needs to leave the church, immediately. Michael is about to, ummm, ‘renovate’ it? I have no idea what might happen if anyone is inside the building when that happens. Maybe they would just disintegrate, or even worse… It’s best if we don’t find out, right? So everyone needs to start moving, now!”

Roughly six-hundred people began hastily evacuating, and everyone who was unconscious were carried out as well. Even though they could see everything from inside, when the villagers and pilgrims saw how their town had completely changed from up close, they couldn’t help but be startled. Especially that gigantic wall that surrounded them on two sides.

Yet, what happened next had made even Elina amazed. That tiny church was instantly replaced by a colossal cathedral; it had two eighty-meter tall steeples on the front and towards the back of the gigantic, Gothic building.

Those gargantuan doors were at least ten meters tall, and wide enough that both Kyle and Julia would be able to walk inside at the same time. Not only that, but on each side of the gates was a massive, seven-meter tall, marble statue of a six-winged, fully armored, angel of indeterminate race or gender.

They weren’t merely decorations; when the cat-girl ‘Scanned’ them, she saw: “Marble Golem Paladin, Level-10, Rank-G, Elite.” Just based on that alone, they didn’t seem particularly impressive, but their stats were much more extreme.

[Target Stats

Health: 1000/1000
Mana: 50/50
Stamina: 500/500
Mana Regen per minute: 100
Health Regen per hour: 1000

Strength: 50
Vitality: 50
Endurance: 50
Dexterity: 10
Agility: 10
Intelligence: 5
Wisdom: 5
Perception: 50
Charisma: 5

Willpower: 50
Luck: 5
Aura: 100

Attack Rating: 500
Defense Rating: 50]

They had shields and swords, but they were considered as part of their own bodies. Basically, those two golems were sentinels, which would ruthlessly slaughter any enemies that managed to make it to the cathedral.

There were two even more important features to that ridiculously large building though. The first, was that it projected a magical barrier, that could prevent enemies from teleporting inside of the stone walls; it also reduced magical damage done to Citizens by ten-percent.

However, when everyone had entered inside of that grand cathedral, they were all astonished to find a ten-meter tall statue. It was identical to the one that had been there previously, but it was a bit different. There were golden eyes, silver hair, and her robe seemed to be made out of cloth, rather than being part of her body: That battlestaff was also missing.

[Target Information

Name: Luxiana Jacobs
Titles: Of the Undying Light
Level: 10
Experience: 0/500
Age: Boss
Race: Marble Golem of Light
Rank: E
Class: Priestess of Light
Specialization: Healer, Support
Profession: Faith Healer]


Health: 1250/1250
Mana: 2500/2500
Stamina: 625/625
Mana Regen per minute: 5000
Health Regen per hour: 1250

Strength: 15
Vitality: 25
Endurance: 25
Dexterity: 50
Agility: 50
Intelligence: 100
Wisdom: 100
Perception: 50
Charisma: 50

Willpower: 50
Luck: 5
Aura: 250

Attack Rating: 375
Defense Rating: 62.5]


Holy Radiance Level 1: All allies within the the range of your aura, are healed for one health per second. All enemies are burned for 1 damage per second.

Aura of Faith Level 1: Those who pray to the Goddess of Light within the range of your aura, will be able to sacrifice their mana, so that you can gain experience. Every 10,000 points of mana are equal to one point of experience.

Halo of Justice Level 1: Able to sense when Citizens within 1 kilometer are in danger or committing a crime.]


Scan Level 10(Max): Identifies the object and gives extraordinarily detailed information, including the entire history since the item’s creation. Only effective on items below the Legendary Quality and within one-hundred levels of the caster.

Identification Level 10(Max): Shows the target’s current Health, Mana, Stamina, Name, Title, Age, Profession, Class, Level, Rank, Race and Specialization. It is also possible to examine all of the target’s activities since they were created. Only effective on targets that are within one-hundred levels of the caster.

Healing Faith Level 1: Anyone who prays to the Goddess of Light, within 100 meters, can be instantly cured of all diseases, curses, chronic illnesses, and poisons by the caster. The target cannot be above the caster’s level. Costs 100 mana to cast.

Holy Resurrection Level 1: As long as the body, soul and mana-core are together, the caster can bring an organic lifeform back to life. Costs 1 mana per second. Heals 1 mana per second. Can be cast once per day.

Holy Judgement Level 1: The caster may completely restrain 1 ‘criminal’, who is below their current level, within 1 kilometer. Costs 1 mana per second to channel.]

“Oh my~, Little Lina, is that really you? It’s been so long since you last came to visit, and now you’re all grown up! At least, that’s what I wanted to say… but why is everyone so tiny? Oh dear… what happened to my body?! Ah, wait, not just me, but even Little Lina is different… Arnold? What happened to you? I’m so confused…” The statue was smiling happily at first, but eventually started frowning and sitting down onto a huge marble bench that was behind her.

Once Elina ‘Scanned’ the golem, she immediately understood whose soul had been sealed within that colossus. She shouted “Mom-Mom! You’re alive!” as she started flapping her wings wildly, and flew across the huge cathedral, finally reaching that gigantic face and hugging it.

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  1. Since I am like 5 years late from reading this amazing novel.. Do you still write novels? Can you tell me which novel your currently writing? Since I don’t think I could follow or find those..?

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    • I still write lol. And I’ve written a lot since HCOP. For example, the direct sequel Hardcore Legacies. Other than that, Observing the End is my only ‘completed’ series. Only has 3 volumes, but it also kinda-sorta leads into Immortal Soul. And the characters from Observing the End appear in Private Server, along with characters from HCOP ect.

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      • I’m currently writing Immortal Soul. Took a few month break because I got super sick back in January and am still recovering. But the Tapas people who edit/post Immortal Soul for me have been out of contact since February? Idk, could be because of the virus. Maybe my contact got sick or quit and they just haven’t been able to find a new person to work on my story since well, quarantine stuff. Who knows?

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      • Well.. This kind of novel.. I love it. Not like those novels that I have seen. I mean, yet? Maybe I haven’t gone through all the novels but it’s the best novel I have seen so far because I like how it is..? I’m just saying if this quarantine wasn’t here and I’m rich.. I would’ve gone there, pay you a ton, and just say, “Entertain me.” xDD

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  2. Why would you use Mom-Mom? .-. Too confusing lol. When I first saw it, I thought ‘M-mom..’ Or something. Can’t you change it into Grandma instead XD?


  3. I’ve never heard the term “mom-mom” before but after reading the comments, looks like I wasn’t the only one, phew. Michael displaying his OP player powers once again! Dismantling an entire town and then rebuilding it within minutes, that’s just plain OP, and awesome. Would love to play a VRMMORPG with city building like this. I think the only other series I’ve read with something similar is Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. I wonder if the civilians that want to be soldiers will be provided with a mana core to evolve once?

    If Michael decides to “move house” again, will the entire village disappear along with the house?

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    • Well, it’s possible to move only the house, or only the territory, but I think the house needs to be physically connected to the ‘Residential’ territory, cause when they die, the Residents are resurrected inside of the house…


  4. Everyone was too quick to jump the gun. The golem is obviously her grandmother, she even used the standard grandmother dialogue: “It’s been so long since you last came to visit.”
    People should visit their grandmothers more often.

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      • Yeah, it’s pretty obscure lol. I used to call my grandmother on my mothers side ‘Mom-Mom’ but I wasn’t the one who came up with that name… I assume that it was probably taken from my grandmothers grandparents or even farther back than that lol. Everyone in my generation on that side of the family called her that. On the other hand, I called my other grandmother Granmom.


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