My Eyes

Okay, I am officially taking a break for a few days… My eyes are at the point where I can barely use them anymore lol.  I really shouldn’t be laughing, cause this is actually pretty serious.  I’m not sure about you guys and girls, but I really don’t wanna go blind… Like, going blind is probably one of the things that I’m most afraid of in this world.  I mean, it’d be different if I had money and could afford some kinda medical treatment in the event that I do lose my sight, but since I don’t, I really need to take better care of myself.

The headaches aren’t fun either, but at least I can take ibuprofen to deal with them.  Maybe my eyes are dry, but I have a feeling that most of my problems stems from the fact that I’m staring at a computer screen all day everyday and reading/writing/editing nonstop.

A few weeks or maybe it was a month ago, I binged Orphan Black and took a break from writing/reading/editing.  For about a week or two after that, my eyes were great.  I didn’t get headaches, they weren’t dry, I didn’t need to squint constantly and I think it relieved a lot of built-up stress.

Of course, there is another reason too.  Around Christmas, whenever I released a chapter, I would get about 1000-2000 views on that chapter within a single day.  Now, the new chapters only get about 150-300 views on the first day lol.  Not only that, but the entire site as a whole has been getting significantly less views all the time.

I’m pretty sure this is one of the reasons people go to sites like Gravity Tales or Wuxiaworld, instead of having their own blog.  It’s just really stressful to run a site, while also trying to write/edit/post stuff consistently :(.

I do like having my own site, but it’s super hard to keep old readers interested and new readers coming in.  With Gravity Tales, they have plenty of other stories, so something is always being released.

Anyway, the moral of this post was that I don’t want to go blind, so I’m taking some ‘medical leave’ to let my eyes recover back to normal lol.


18 thoughts on “My Eyes

  1. I just finished binge reading the entire HCOP from start to end in under 24 hours, and I have to say, this is one of the BEST of 2000+ stories I remember reading. I could not stop laughing for a few minutes ever few chapters. Thank you for this amazing story and get better soon soon I can read more of this addictive novel. But seriously I hope you feel better soon and don’t force yourself to write stuff.

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    • Thanks :), I’m glad you enjoyed it lol. Also, just like every other time I’ve ever ‘taken a break’… I ended up writing like 10 times more than normal roflmao.


      • i suggest getting a eink screen since what you are getting is by my guess an eye injury caused by prolonged exposure to light from a computer screen.
        i must inform you that the eink screens have a slow refresh rate but they will not ruin your eyes.
        my second suggestion is getting a screen filter to dim the light level for your current screen as the eink screen will not be good for movie watching and gaming.
        and last i suggest making the site have a ‘theme setting’ switch that changes the back ground to black and the text to grey.(like the sites navigation menu looks)
        keep your eyes safe they are not replaceable yet

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  2. Try getting more sleep to help the eye recovery(plus more of the needed ingredients for eye self-repair). Don’t need to worry about keeping me interested since you are a great author;)


    • I would have to wear glasses to drive, but to look at my rather large screen(from less than 3 feet away)… I don’t really ‘need’ glasses for that. Not to mention that I can zoom in to an absurd degree. I don’t like wearing glasses and I won’t unless it’s absolutely necessary lol.


    • lmfao, yeah, well I don’t really need to look at the keyboard to write :P. Helll, I can pretty much write without using my eyes… but editing without looking at the screen is impossible lol.

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