TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 2b: Into the Desert

I spent the last half-hour sitting on my beach towel, drinking water and procrastinating. What do you expect? I’m lazy and that’s pretty ‘normal’. It would be weirder if I could just instantly be okay with all of this crazy nonsense… Inari is right though; I need to hunt.

This isn’t a game. If I don’t find any food, I will definitely die. Not only that, but I also need to get more Kitsune Points. I have no idea how to find water naturally in an environment like this, so I need to rely on the weird magical Shop.

My throat is still so dry though… I’m so used to drinking iced tea and fruit juice, that I forgot how much I hate plain water; especially when it’s lukewarm. Also, I’m pretty sure that I need salt and sugar too.

Should I take the tablet with me? I’m afraid that I might drop it or something and then I’ll be royally screwed. It’s too dangerous. I can’t risk anything happening to my tablet.

Wish me luck!

[Warning: Do not attempt to leave the Kitsune Drive Territory without your Kitsune Drive Interface Console!]

“Although you may be worried about losing or damaging your interface console, please don’t try to leave your territory without it on your person. Items can be repaired or replaced, but your life is far more valuable. As long as you don’t travel too far away from the Kitsune Drive, you will always be able to type ‘/Map’ and a rudimentary map will be displayed. If you discover nests, burrows, plants or landmarks, you will be able to place markers at their locations on the map. Remember to conserve your energy and remain calm. Even if you are unsuccessful on your first adventure, as long as you survive, you will have the opportunity to eventually thrive.”

[The Map function has been unlocked.]

When I tried to leave the dirt, there was a horrible high-pitched ringing in my ears and it didn’t stop until I turned around and came back to my tablet. Kinda wish Oinari-sama would give me these ‘warnings’ ahead of time… Well, I guess it’s better than if I had really been allowed to wander off into the desert without a map.


Oh yay, a brown circle surrounded by an orange square… It shows me as a green dot though, so at least it can track my movements somehow. Maybe there are satellites up there? Or it could just be regular old magic. Whatever, I don’t need to know how it works.

I just filled my stainless steel flask with water. I’m not going to go too far away from ‘home’, so I didn’t risk trying to fill those plastic bottles. Although, since there’s a very small chance of finding an oasis or something out there, I decided to bring the five empty bottles and my cooler. Obviously I’m taking Mom’s camping backpack too.

Time to go and find some tasty desert turkeys! No, actually, I’m starting to get so hungry that I would literally settle for anything… Maybe there are some cactuses? Most of them are edible and some even have delicious fruit. Okay, enough fantasizing, I’m finally going to step onto the sand!

[You have left the Kitsune Drive Territory. The Shop will no longer be accessible.]

I decided to go south, because I think I saw something moving around over there. It was really small and far away though, so I might have just been hallucinating from hunger or… Now that I really think about it, does this planet have gravity like Earth? I’m lightheaded, but my body definitely doesn’t feel any lighter or heavier. Then again, I’ve never been on a different world before, so how could I even know? More importantly, there might be more or less oxygen and the composition of the atmosphere could be harmful… Maybe I’ll get sick if I stay here for too long?

No, I need to stop thinking about this kind of stuff. It’s really stressful just worrying about food, water and shelter, so I can’t add in any other factors. If Azra was here, he would definitely be-ah! There’s something over there! I don’t really know what it is, ‘cause it’s too dark. I’m afraid it might run away if I shine my flashlight on it though… Hmmm, I’m getting closer and it isn’t moving.


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