TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 2c: The Hunt Continues

I actually caught something! Yay~! I’m almost a hundred-percent sure that I can’t eat it, but it’s still better than nothing, right? At first, I thought it was like a scorpion or spider, so I was afraid to get too close. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have arachnophobia. Even as a little girl I used to play with bugs and rodents. However, I’m not a daredevil either. If something has a strong chance of poisoning me to death, I try to avoid whatever that ‘thing’ might be.

Anyway, the critter I found is a cute little land crab. It’s totally brownish orange, so it blends into the sand pretty well. I took a picture of it in the palm of my hand, but I’ll explain what it looks like too. Hmmm, I know that there are loads of different kinds of crabs out there and most of them look pretty ‘unique’, to a certain extent. I’d say that it reminds me of a baby blue crab, at least in the ‘shape’ of its body and its dimensions. The surface of its shell is pretty smooth and its two claws are relatively large compared to its overall size.

Of course, since its shell is only about a centimeter from one end to the other, there’s no way that it could even pinch me properly. Although the little bugger was really fast when I was trying to catch it, he or she didn’t have much energy. Within a minute, it stopped moving long enough for me to reach down and grab it with both hands.

The question is whether it’s an adult or if it will get bigger in the future? Either way, I dropped it inside of an empty water bottle and sealed the lid. Then I placed it back into the small cooler. I’m not sure how much air it needs, but hopefully it won’t die while I’m out here looking for something edible.

Why don’t I just eat the ridiculously small crab? Umm, even if I did, I would probably get sick. Normal crustaceans need to be boiled while they’re still alive, or they’ll release a toxin that makes them poisonous. I’m not willing to take that kind of risk for something so tiny and cute… I mean, insubstantial. It would probably take dozens of them to be a snack.

Oh wow, there’s another one! Ah, no~, it scuttled away and I lost sight of it. Well, it ‘is’ night time now and I have very little light to work with. Both suns seemed to go down in the north-ish, one in the northwest and the other in the northeast. There might be moons, but they’re so small or far away, that they just look like satellites or distant planets.

So tired~, so hungry~, ugh, my legs feel like they’re on fire. I’ve been out here for over an hour now and I haven’t been able to catch a second mini-crab. They’re too small and fast. For the most part, they’ll bury themselves under the sand if they see or ‘feel’ me coming closer. I’m not quite sure why that first one was so slow… Maybe it was old or it might be sick?

Ow! Holy crap! I found a cactus! By found, I mean, kicked it and got stabbed in the toe by a bunch of super-small needle-like spines. There’s about five of them clustered together and they look like little green barrel cactuses. The only problem is how tiny they are… The biggest one is three inches in diameter, while the other four are only half that size. No clue if they’re edible or if they grow fruit but, Inari did say that I should bring whatever I find back to base, so I guess it’s time for some digging.


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