TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 4a: Good Morning Geb

I wasted an entire two gallons of water taking a shower yesterday after my ‘bathroom’ catastrophe. At least a few liters was just my attempting to replace toilet-paper with a ‘bidet’ of sorts… Honestly, I really don’t want to talk about that, so I’ll skip past it.

For the shower, I washed the dirt off my body right over top the area where I had planted the four cactuses. I figured that if I needed to water them anyway, I might as well get my money’s worth. Besides, I don’t think that most people nowadays truly understand the psychological distress that being totally filthy will put you through. Then there’s the ‘heat’ problem. Even animals in the desert will need to wash themselves off every so often. Also, being ‘dirty’ can raise the risks of getting infections and I don’t really have any way to deal with that right now.

Oh hey! The suns are coming up in the south right now! I’m not sure if I’m happy or not though… Well, this tablet is my lifeline in a lot of ways, so keeping it charged and working is the same as keeping myself alive. It might be possible to use my phone as a backup, but I can’t guarantee that it’ll actually work.

“Good job young Kitsune. You have survived your first night on Geb. Depending on your luck, you may have encountered sandstorms, tornadoes, lightning strikes, even a dangerous animal or plant. In grave enough circumstances, the Kitsune Drive will engage the Mana-Barrier. However, that is usually only during cataclysmic events. Simpler natural disasters will not warrant any protection, so make sure that you’re very careful in the future. Since you’re from Earth, I shall use units of measurement based on your planet when speaking of other worlds…”

Okay then, is that it or-?

“Geb rotates approximately every two days and it orbits around both stars at the same time, so there should always be two suns in the sky. If they aren’t both rising in the south and setting in the north, then there is a rather serious problem. Fortunately, the Kitsune Drive is programmed to scan the area ahead of time and make sure that you don’t ‘land’ somewhere you can’t possibly survive.”

That’s good to know…

“Remember this well Child. Plants and any other creatures that utilize photosynthesis need sunlight to thrive, but it can be harmful as well. Too much sunlight can kill anything, even entire planets. For now though, any plants or animals you find within your current biome, should be able to survive under the intense sunlight rather easily. In fact, they would likely die or at least become weaker, if you placed them into an environment with less solar radiation exposure. You are not from this world however, so it is likely that you would not be able to live very long if you did not have a proper shelter to hide in during the daytime. Although you may be tempted to save your Kitsune Points and travel around, searching for other life forms, I ask that you quell your wanderlust and curiosity in lieu of patience. It is certainly possible to construct a larger and safer dwelling than the one you have already, but it will require you to spend an excessive amount of energy. Assuming that you had a successful hunt last night, you should have exactly enough Kitsune Points to purchase a ‘Basic Burrow Home’ once this message ends. I implore you to consider my suggestion seriously.”

[The Quest “Survive the First Night” has been successfully completed. +3 Exp. +3 KP.]

“However, I can’t possibly understand or predict your exact situation at the moment. If you find a different course of action to be more prudent or efficient, then please don’t hesitate to trust in your own judgement.”


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