TDD V1, Chapter 3: Parts 1-3

Author’s Note

This isn’t really a disclaimer, since there was already one of those on the Table of Contents page… However, I’ll let you know ahead of time, that there’s a decent amount of sex in this story. It isn’t very graphic though. At least not by my standards.

Anyway, I figured that since it was Valentine’s Day, it would be nice to post it roflmao.

By the way, just like last time, I’m going to be lazy… I’ll post the chapter parts in chunks of 1500-2000+. There will still be a decent amount of posts though, since I’m posting 2 giant chapters in a row.

Chapter 3: New Quest

Part 1: Biological Imperatives 

Depending on the circumstances, having an avatar could be a blessing or a curse. Ailyn and Reaper were mindless puppets for the most part. They could follow simple verbal or telepathic commands, but they wouldn’t do anything without orders.

Although they were similar to machines, they were still organic creatures. They needed to eat, sleep, urinate, defecate and exercise in order to stay healthy. If Azra and Yuri weren’t inside of the Chessboard World, they could still tell the avatars what to do… However, it was extremely tedious to look after them.

It was fortunate that they didn’t need to be taught or guided like children. They also wouldn’t argue or disagree. Yet, that also meant they would die without proper care. While inside of the Chessboard World, they were telepathically connected. Thus, the twins would be able to notice if their avatars needed something. On the outside, there would simply be a notification on the desktop.


An entire week had passed within the Chessboard World, but for the rest of Elysium, only three days had gone by.

“I underestimated how often males become aroused. It is quite irritating…” Yuri was sitting across from her brother and the two of them were casually playing a strategy game against each other. They were wearing their normal attire, but their two avatars were still naked.

The grey-skinned woman was laying on her back, with her legs wrapped behind the rat-man’s waist. Reaper was rapidly thrusting inside of her and the two made simple grunting noises, but their faces didn’t make any sort of expression. They were staring at the same screens that the twins were looking at.

Azra complained “It’s definitely not all men… Those two aren’t even humans anyway! They’re a lot different biologically than us… Aren’t you normally the one who says this kind of shit?”

Yuri nodded her head and explained “Although there are many differences based on beliefs and environment, most of the studies I’ve read dictated that human males typically masturbate several times per day. Human females generally masturbate multiple times per week. However, from my personal experience, I find that physical exercise tends to reduce how often I become aroused.”

She suddenly glanced over at the two avatars and asked “DC, are there any recorded studies on Goblin or Ratkin reproductive behavior that I can access?”

[There are many different sub-races of Goblins and Ratkins, with varied traits. Each of you have created your own, unique sub-race of Goblins and Ratkins. Unfortunately, any research on either species that exists, will not be obtained easily. You currently have no way to pay for information. However… I am allowed to reveal certain pieces of specific information. For example, the average Elysian Goblin enters sexual maturity at the age of seven. Both males and females have an extremely powerful desire to breed. If they do not satisfy their sexual impulses, it can be detrimental to their health. Elysian Ratkins suffer from the same biological imperative. It is part of the reason why they were shunned by many of the other races… They also carried innumerable communicable and sexually transmitted diseases as well. Some of which were transferrable to other races.]

“Wait, DC, you’re sure that it’s impossible for Goblins to breed with other races, right? I don’t want my avatar to get pregnant with some kind of weird mutant rat-baby…”

[It is rare for Ratkins and Mousekins to produce offspring together. Without involving mana or intentionally splicing genetic material through other means, it is typically impossible for Goblins to reproduce with other races. Hobgoblins are said to be the result of humanity interbreeding with orcs or goblins. However, that is a myth. They are simply a race of goblins that evolved to live longer, grow more slowly and have a larger body size as adults.]

Yuri was still watching the two avatars mate, as she asked her brother “Are you concerned about your avatar being impregnated with your child, or are you more worried about my avatar impregnating me?”

Azra snickered as he tapped his right index finger onto the screen a few times, then bragged “Defense really is the best… There’s just something so satisfying about having an impenetrable fortress. How many times have I won against you so far anyway? I’m starting to lose count…”

[Azrael has won 91 games of “Tower Defense Deities”, while Uriel has only won 77.]

“My brother was merely attempting to avoid my question DC. If he truly wished to know, then he would have simply checked the scoreboard.” The young woman glared into Azra’s eyes, but he couldn’t help but look away awkwardly.

He muttered “Maybe I just feel awkward talking about sex with you? It’s just kind of weird…”

“Aside from Grandpa and myself, who else could you have ever spoken to? Why are you afraid?” Yuri turned towards her avatar, who had just finished ejaculating and ordered “Reaper, go outside and urinate. Return after you have finished relieving yourself.”

“Ailyn, masturbate until you have an orgasm. Then go outside and piss off the stairs… But be careful, okay?” Azra looked over at the panting grey-skinned woman, who was using her fingers to pleasure herself and sighed.

Then he stared into his sister’s dark-brown eyes and said “Yuri, we’re siblings.. No, not just that. There’s only the two of us. I don’t want things to be weird. People fall in and out of love… But from what I’ve read about in novels, relationships usually end badly. I’ve definitely never read a story where a brother and sister get married or have kids together!”

“Propaganda.” Yuri squinted her eyes a bit and clenched her right fist. It was the first time that Azra had ever seen her so angry before. After she breathed out a long sigh, she regained her composure and explained “Our love isn’t so easily twisted and broken. If you aren’t sexually attracted to me, then I can understand. I have many unpleasant physical qualities. In fact, since I began using my avatar to satisfy my desires… I no longer feel the urge to have sex with you when I become aroused.”

Azra frowned, but before he was able to say anything else, DC cut him off with an urgent message.

[New Quest: Rescue Salmon Creek Village from the Rusty Saber Bandits.]

Part 2: New Quest

“It appears that we have finally been given a task to complete.” Yuri immediately expanded the message and a large map of the region was displayed before them. It was a bird’s eye view of the forest above their caverns. There was a blizzard raging, so it was difficult to see anything even when she zoomed in closer. Fortunately, she was able to access a normal 2D map of the area, which showed various landmarks.

[Quest Details: Sixteen years ago, the Rusty Saber Bandits massacred the small village where you were born. However, not everyone was killed. A dozen people managed to escape during the slaughter, most of them were women and children. They settled down in a neighboring village named Salmon Creek and are still living there today. The Rusty Saber Bandits are still operating in the region and their current target is Salmon Creek Village. They will likely attack within two weeks.]

Azra grumbled “Why should we care what happens to these people exactly? Whether they live or die really has nothing to do with us…”

[Quest Objectives and Rewards.]

[Defend the Salmon Creek Village in a Battle and defeat the Rusty Saber Bandits: +100 Karma and a Soul for every villager who survives.]

[Kill all of the Rusty Saber Bandits and annihilate the Salmon Creek Village: 0 Karma, a bonus Soul for every person who dies.]

“What the hell? Why is massacring the village even an option?!”

In response to her brother’s outburst, Yuri shrugged and answered “Perhaps this village isn’t worth saving? They might not be much better than the bandits. In fact, they could potentially be responsible for the destruction of our parents’ village. There are many possibilities.”

[Convince the people of Salmon Creek Village to escape their impending doom: +1 Karma for every villager who leaves.]

[Capture the people of Salmon Creek Village and place them into the Chessboard World: 0 Karma.]

“Okay, so basically… We can do whatever we want?” Azra noticed that there were no negative consequences for any of their actions. Whether they killed, captured or saved everyone, they would still receive a reward for completing a related objective.

Yuri was still scanning through the map when a green line suddenly appeared. It started at their current location and led through several tunnels, before arriving at the tiny village. She murmured “We need to walk twenty miles underground and then another ten miles through the forest.”

“Like I said before, why do we give a damn about these people again?” A hundred Karma was only enough to unlock the first level of Technology, Usefulness or Threat. It would be nice, but it wasn’t worth the trouble for them to risk their lives trying to simply make it there on time.

[If you do decide to accept the Quest, then I am authorized to fabricate the equipment necessary to reach the village. This will include fur boots, pants, coats, gloves and facemasks for both of you.]

“Fine, but we want clothing for our avatars too! If we need to use them in combat, then I don’t want them to freeze to death before they can even fight!” Even though Azra added on such a demand, Chess still agreed.

[Very well. I have placed all of the items within the temporal storage space. You may retrieve them whenever you wish to begin your journey.]

Part 3: Salmon Creek Village

There was a tiny village in the middle of a snowy evergreen forest. The small creek that ran from the northern mountains, to the southern bay, was totally frozen over.

Salmon Creek Village only consisted of a hunting lodge, an inn, a handful of stores and twenty houses. Each building was made out of logs from the surrounding forest. There were a couple barns for cows, pigs, sheep and other livestock, plus a chicken coop. However, they didn’t have access to farmland. Practically all of their fruits, vegetables and grains were imported from far away.

Within one of those single-room log cabins, a middle-aged Asian woman was packing clothing and other essential items into a huge leather backpack at the foot of a twin-size bed. Her long brown hair and hazel irises were illuminated by the flickering fireplace to her right. She wore a thick grey wool dress and black hooded cloak, as if she was going to run out of the door at any moment.

Then the woman suddenly turned around and screamed “Henry, we need to leave! If we stay here, we’ll die!”

A young man in his late teens was standing in the middle of the room, with his huge and extremely muscular back facing that woman. His black hair was so short that it stood straight up and he had a full, fluffy beard covering almost everything except for his eyes and nose. He was wearing thick brown trousers, but his upper body was totally bare.

“Mom, we’ve known this day would come for sixteen years… I was only a toddler back then, but I still remember watching Dad die… I also saw what happened to Aunt Kara and you afterwards”

There were tears in her eyes as she scolded “Good! Then you know why we have to run away, while we still have the chance!”

Henry held a simple steel greatsword with both hands, slowly swinging it around in carefully practiced movements. The entire weapon was over five feet long, including the hilt.

He turned towards his mother and gave her a warm smile, though it was mostly hidden by his beard. Then he calmly spoke, in a fairly deep voice.

“I’ve been preparing for this since I became old enough to truly understand what happened back then… Mom, I love you and normally, you’re the smartest person I know. But when it comes to those monsters, you can’t think rationally. You know that running away isn’t an option now. Even if we wanted to leave, where would we go? Those ancient tunnels? A different village? Those tunnels are a maze… And what villages are left? Those bastards have been running so rampant lately that there aren’t any villages left within a hundred mile radius anymore. There’s nowhere for us to flee… All we can do is fight.”

Chapter 2: The Divine Chessboard World 

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Chapter 3: New Quest

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