TDD V1, Chapter 2: Parts 7-9

Part 7: Bathing

Although the twins just wanted to keep playing video games, DC continued nagging them until they finally decided to go take a bath. After the two of them exited the Chessboard World, they walked outside of the caldera, into a larger cavern. It wasn’t below freezing, but it was still rather chilly. Eventually, they reached the underground river where they normally washed themselves off.

As they took off their dirty sackcloth tunics, Azra’s defined abdominal and pectoral muscles could be clearly seen. While Yuri’s own lithe muscles were also visible. The two of them would usually exercise vigorously every day and even spar with each other. However, without their grandfather around to force them to exercise, it was normal for teenagers to become lazy.

Obviously neither of them had ever used a razor or scissors before though. Both of their hair was down to their waists, while their armpits and pubic regions were also similarly overgrown.

“So what the hell is a yeast infection anyway? Doesn’t yeast have something to do with bread?”

After being asked that question, Yuri casually explained “Yes, yeast is crucial to the production of many kinds of bread. However, the type of yeast which I am likely infected with, is called Candida Albicans… I have noticed a burning sensation along my vaginal walls and there has been an excessive amount of creamy discharge-”

“Okay, stop, I get the point! Ugh, so that’s what all that nasty white stuff was… I thought… No never mind. Let’s just wash ourselves off real fast and go back. It’s so damn cold out here right now…” Azra cut her off and then jumped into the shallow river. It was only about two feet deep, but the speed of the running water was extremely rapid. A hundred meters downstream, there was a deep chasm. Thus, if they weren’t careful, it could be fairly dangerous.


When they arrived back inside the Chessboard World, wearing relatively clean sackcloth tunics, a screen immediately popped up in front of their faces.

[Both Avatars are ready to be spawned. Warning: The temperature surrounding Azrael’s spawning chamber is dangerously low. Would you like the avatar to be teleported to your current location?]

“Um, yes?” As soon as Azra finished speaking, a tiny naked grey-skinned woman materialized on the floor in front of him. She plopped down onto the ground and was covered in a thick, slimy substance.

At the same moment, that green seed pod opened up and a clear liquid poured out all over the floor. That black humanoid rat was curled up in a ball and seemed to be sleeping soundly.

Part 8: Puppets

“Okay, so now what do we do? How do we control them?” Azra was sitting cross-legged on the ground, with that grey goblin-girl laying across his lap. He supported her relatively large head with his left hand and used the right to force her eyes open one at a time. Of course, they closed immediately afterwards.

Yuri picked up the giant rat and carried it over to where her brother was. Her avatar was actually heavier than her normal body, since it had much thicker muscles, but the height was about a foot shorter.

As she gently laid the rodent onto the ground, a window appeared between them, which they could read clearly.

[Both avatars have been programmed to fulfill basic needs in order to keep their bodies healthy, such as: Eating, sleeping and relieving waste. Anything beyond that, must be ordered in the form of a verbal or telepathic command. However, it is also possible to take full control over an avatar’s body. The king piece will allow you to enter a meditative state and enter inside of the avatar’s mind. This process will drastically improve your capabilities in battle. Unfortunately, there are many dangers involved. You will feel everything that your avatar experiences. It is possible that you may enter a coma or suffer brain damage if you utilize this full control ability too often.]

“So, we can do whatever we want with them, right? They’re basically just puppets…” Azra used his right hand to wipe the slimy gunk off of his avatar’s face.

[Avatars can be recreated for free, whenever they are destroyed. You can also alter various features in the event that you wish for a change. Each of you may save as many avatar designs as you desire. I would recommend that you do not destroy them without reason however.]

“My brother simply wishes to use his avatar to fulfill his sexual desires. Are there rules against such conduct? Perhaps some sort of arbitrary moral restrictions?” Yuri used her fingers to clear the slime out of her rat’s nostrils, so that he could breathe more easily.

[Interesting… There are indeed many social stigma regarding interspecies relations. Yet, aside from cases of pathogens passing between species, there are very few logical reasons for humanoids to have so much disdain towards bestiality. Different species cannot breed under ‘normal’ circumstances, but their genitalia are quite often very similar.]

“Ugh, it’s not like she’s some kind of animal! How would it be bestiality?!”

To her brother’s sudden outburst, Yuri casually retorted “I am fairly certain that Goblins and Ratkins are animals… Azra, humans are animals as well. This is something that I shouldn’t need to explain to you.”

[If you wish to mate with your avatars, there are no rules to prevent you from doing so. They are merely tools to be used as you see fit. Without souls or any will of their own, obviously there is nothing immoral about it. In fact, it is very similar to necrophilia.]

Part 9: Reaper and Ailyn

The two avatars suddenly opened their eyes at the same time and immediately began coughing. They sneezed in order to clear out the gunk from their sinuses and struggled to stand up on their own.

[The spawning fluid will disintegrate shortly. Both of your unit spawners are ready to be used. However, you do not possess any souls with which to purchase units.]

All of the slime that was covering the floor and the avatars, instantly vanished. It was convenient, because the twins didn’t have any way to clean it up otherwise.

Yuri asked “How many souls are required to spawn a unit?”

[That depends on various factors. One adult Ratkin or Goblin will cost only a single soul. Unfortunately, they will have to be programmed artificially. Even then, the rushed development will severely hamper their potential intelligence. You may also spawn a cluster of ten infants. They will both require one hour to gestate and one soul to purchase.]

Azra sighed, grumbling “Doesn’t that mean we’ll have to raise a bunch of babies ourselves?”

“Not necessarily. I assume that once we develop a small community of these creatures, then we can relegate all of the unpleasant work to them.”

[Indeed, that is the most logical course of action. It is also possible to hire or capture some other humanoids and force them to deal with tedious matters for you. In order to bring someone or something into the Chessboard World, you must first place them into the temporal storage space.]

Yuri wondered “What are the rules regarding the temporal storage space? What items or creatures are allowed inside?”

[As a safety precaution, it is impossible for either of you to enter the temporal storage space. As long as the other objects or organisms can be forced into the space, then you may remove them later, when you enter inside of the Chessboard World again. If you wish to purchase special features regarding the temporal storage space, please refer to the Shop menu.]

“That’s really convenient… Anyway, maybe we should give them names? Otherwise, won’t it be weird to verbally command them?” While Azra was sitting down and ‘examining’ the tiny woman in front of him, Yuri’s rat-man was already slowly walking around the room.

“Brother, I have decided to name my avatar… Reaper. I feel that this name sufficiently describes his purpose: To reap souls and lives. Perhaps you should name your avatar… Sperm Receptacle?”

Azra frowned, muttering “No Sis, I will not name my avatar Sperm Receptacle. It has to be something cute… Maybe, Ailyn? It feels kind of familiar for some reason though.”

*Author’s Note*

Okay then, now that I got that out of the way, I’ll talk about some stuff… I guess?

First of all, “Tower Defense Deities” focuses mainly on Azra and Yuri, but there are a few other characters that will appear later on. These characters are obviously from other stories I’ve written, but I won’t get into that for now, since it’d be a major spoiler.

There are a lot of parallels with other stories as well, especially “Immortal Soul”. However, it’s difficult to tell if “Immortal Soul” happens before, after or during the events of “Tower Defense Deities”.

The reason for that is because of distance. When passing through the Chaotic Void, time becomes very… unpredictable. You’re essentially traveling through a different dimension, which is separated, but connected to a multitude of different universes. If you exit the universe you’re currently in, then travel for a few moments in the Chaotic Void, you can re-enter that same universe and be in a different part of the galaxy you had been in before.

However, there are loads of different factors involved. Most of which I won’t be able to explain, because no one really gives a fuck anyway lmao. But let’s just say that you could accidentally travel back in time, or end up millions of years in your perceived future, or you could travel millions of light-years in what was essentially an instant.

Hence, all of my stories could be happening at the exact same time… Or they could be billions of years apart. Some of them take place in separate universes, while others are in the same universe.

For example, “The Vanilla God” takes place in the same universe as “The Dao of Eros”.

Anyway, my thumb hurts from typing too much and too fast, so I’m gonna stop this brain-fuckery while I still can :P.

Like always, I’m anxious about posting this story. It’s kind of ‘different’ than my other stories in a lot of ways, but very similar at the same time. I know it’s not for everyone, but I hope at least some people enjoy reading it :).

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  5. accidentally traveling back in time? you mean sometimes entire dimensions are just sent back in time? i can accept a naturally occurring difference in the speed time is perceived in different dimensions, but there are forces out there that can make time flow backwards on that scale? i guess the peeps inside the dimension wouldn’t notice if time was knocked back a few years unless they were looking outside the dimension. But if you were outside you could end up coming back before you left :d

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    • Yeah, hence why traveling through the Chaotic Void is extremely dangerous lol. Also, think of it more like… From the Chaotic Void, if you can enter a universe in various different states. For example, imagine that the universe was a movie lmao. It’s already been recorded and finished. In a sense, it’s already ended and hasn’t begun yet. You could enter in, or start the movie, at any point in the entire universe’s timeline. Not just that, but you could end up ‘anywhere’, literally anywhere in space and time… Assuming that you have no idea what you’re doing and just randomly enter a universe. Of course, that’s practically impossible, because it isn’t that easy to dick around with the Chaotic Void and there are ‘Deities’ in most universes to prevent that kinda time-travel bullshit from happening. Universes have their own laws and shit too.

      Then there’s also living and dead universes… Like I said before, it’s pretty fucking complicated. Also, our universe would be one of the biggest ones. While the smallest universes could be too tiny for a virus to fit inside lol.

      I think people underestimate how much I think about these things lmao.

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      • so you can think of an individual universe as less of a physical thing but more as a body of information that you can enter at any point in the time line if your traveling through unregulated channels instead of the links a deity could make between them?

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      • Every universe is technically a ‘Soul Realm’. No matter how big or small, it was created by someone. At least in the story lol. Essentially ‘everything’ was created by someone or something.

        Of course, it’s not really that difficult either. Within the context of the story, everything is essentially ‘Mana’ and ‘Information’. Matter and energy can be created and transformed through the use of mana, while information can be saved in all kinds of different ways lol.

        But, both mana and information are immortal in a sense. It’s kinda like how the law of conservation of mass dictates that matter and energy can’t be lost or destroyed. Time is just the movement of matter and energy in relation to each other, so looking in on it from an outside dimension, time can be easily avoided lol. If you could enter and exit the universe, you could theoretically travel great distances while bypassing the illusion of time altogether lmao.

        Anyway, Souls are immortal, but they can also go dormant or be ripped into tinier parts. The information can be stripped away, or the mana could be removed and consumed by another Soul.

        The only way to technically get rid of a Soul, is by fusing with it. But does that actually get rid of the original Soul though?

        Essentially, what a lot of the ‘Eternal Deities’ in my stories are trying to do is… To devour or consume everything else. The ultimate goal of some is to return to the beginning, or at the very least, ‘clean up’ the mess that the original 7 Souls created lmao.

        By mess, I mean the seemingly infinite amount of Souls and all the universes that those Souls created intentionally or otherwise…

        But assuming that they did manage to all become one again… A singular literal God… Wouldn’t they eventually split up again? Wouldn’t they just restart the cycle?

        Hence the term Samsara, which I use a lot in “Tower Defense Deities” lol. Hell, I might eventually call the entire super-series of interconnected stories “Samsara” something something…

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      • cool stuff, i think i’m starting to wrap my head around your stories :d i almost feel bad writing something so short after this wall of text though XD
        i think your existence can be summed up with time is an illusion energy is eternal and everything is in part the same being but individual in the information and energy it holds?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, I base all my stuff about Souls and magic on simple laws of physics and observable natural phenomena. Also, everything can be quantified and ultimately, it’s still debatable whether or not all of the stories actually take place within a virtual reality lmao. Although, our own reality is the same way… If we’re programmed to believe that everything is as it seems, then how would we know if everything isn’t as it seems?

        Anyway, I’ll stop now, because I’ve reached the end of the script lol.


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