TDD V1, Chapter 3: Parts 7-8

Part 7: Attachment

“DC, where are Ailyn and Reaper? What the hell did you do with them this time?” When the twins appeared in the middle of Yuri’s freezing cold bedroom, they noticed that their avatars were absent.

They quickly took off their winter clothing and placed it all inside of their storage space, before taking out some simple sackcloth tunics. It wasn’t that comfortable, but it was what they had worn for their entire lives so far.

[Muscle memory is important, especially in combat. Both avatars are currently training. Would you like me to continue their training or return command to you?]

Yuri suddenly ran over to the window and looked outside. Then she asked “Isn’t that incredibly dangerous?”

“Yes! Damn it DC! Are you crazy?! Ah, be careful Ailyn! Come over here! Just, just be careful okay?!” When Azra walked over and saw the two tiny naked people fighting each other while standing on a giant tree branch, he nearly had a panic attack.

[You should not place too much importance on these avatars. They are merely disposable tools, meant for warfare. If they die in training, it only requires a single day for me to create new ones for you.]

“Ignoring my brother’s sentimentality, we have spent a considerable amount of time on these two avatars. If you break them, then we will need to start from the beginning again. It would be extremely inefficient.” Yuri wasn’t very distressed as she watched the two shadowy figures sprint over and jump through the window to her right. They rolled across the floor and quickly stood upright, panting loudly.

The rat-man had small patches of his black fur ripped out, while the grey-skinned woman had several bright-blue bruises on her face, back and abdomen. Her tiny hands were covered in calluses as well.

Azra rushed over to her and picked the goblin up off of the floor, cradling her sweaty body in his giant arms. Then he muttered “It’s okay Ailyn, I’m here now… You can rest. Don’t worry, I won’t let that bitch hurt you anymore.” The little girl closed her azure eyes and immediately lost consciousness in accordance with his order.

Yuri noticed that there were quite a few cuts and scrapes on Reaper’s legs, arms, hands and feet, but he wasn’t severely injured in any way. She turned towards her brother and sighed, murmuring “Your behavior is starting to concern me Azra…”

[Avatars are saved periodically, once per day. If they are destroyed, very little physical information is lost. Muscle memory can be programmed during the spawning process. The only logical reason for concern is the twenty-four hours in which will be lost.]

“Are you kidding me?! Not everything needs to be logical! There’s nothing wrong with loving an object! Even if it can be replaced, it’s not the same! Ugh, you two probably can’t even understand what I’m talking about…”

Azra brought Ailyn over to his bed and laid her down, then gently caressed her face. When he touched her bruised cheek, he winced in pain. As his fingers ran down her neck and chest, he felt a tingling sensation, as if someone was touching his ‘real’ body.

Yuri was sitting down across from Reaper and the two of them were eating some berries that the two avatars had picked from the jungle. She noticed that his pitch-black eyes were staring at her groin, which was totally exposed by the way she was sitting. Then she wondered “Is it possible for these avatars to gain sentience?”

Part 8: Cognitive Dissonance

[Both of you have yet to totally control either of your avatars. However, your degree of telepathic compatibility has been increasing every day. You have started subconsciously influencing your avatars without needing to give them direct orders. In essence, you have begun programming them. Their behavioral patterns are thus changing in accordance with how you are training them to act.]

When Reaper finished eating, his relatively large pink penis extended out of his fur. Then he began stroking it with his right hand. Ratkin genitalia was closer to an actual rodent, than a human. Though there wasn’t too great of a difference between the two species. The main thing was the degree in which the organ could expand and contract. When Ratkins weren’t aroused, their genitalia were barely visible through their fur.

“I see… It is rather interesting. Perhaps it is similar to narcissism or obsessive compulsive disorder?” Yuri crawled over and helped her avatar quickly reach climax with her soft, smooth hands.

While she was doing that, Azra was gently massaging Ailyn’s tiny body. It was oddly satisfying, but not quite as good as when his sister did it for him. He let out a long sigh and grumbled “It’s not narcissistic to love yourself…”

[That is actually the definition of narcissistic behavior. You are both narcissists. However, you should not feel ashamed. It is fairly normal for humans to suffer from various psychological disorders when they spend long periods of time without complex social interaction with multiple individuals.]

“Ugh, why does it feel so shitty whenever I read anything you say?” Azra could help but become aroused as he massaged Ailyn’s breasts and between her thighs. When she opened her bright-blue eyes and gazed up at him, an image of his own face flashed in his mind. Then there was a sharp pain that ran through his head and he grimaced in agony. As he opened his eyes again, he saw a message pop up to warn him.

[Azrael, you are currently suffering from extreme cognitive dissonance… You are unintentionally superimposing your consciousness into your avatar. It would be best if you didn’t. Without utilizing the king, it is incredibly dangerous to split your consciousness into two halves.]

“Do you think I’m doing this on purpose?! Fuck!”

When her brother suddenly started yelling, Yuri stopped what she was doing and rushed over to his side, along with her avatar. She asked “Azra, what’s wrong?” However, after she read that message from DC, she muttered “I did not realize that our telepathic connection could be so dangerous…”

“Umm, Sis… Can you tell your rat to stop humping me?” Reaper was rubbing against Azra’s leg like a horny dog, because of Yuri’s subconscious commands.

[If I had been awake when you were designing your avatars, I would have warned you to choose avatars that fit your own preferred gender. Both of you should become desensitized eventually, but for now, you are incredibly weak to sexual stimuli. You are still technically adolescent humans. Perhaps you should design your next avatars to be less attractive to you?]

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