TDD V1 Chapter 7, Part 3: Transportation Issues

It was free for Azra, Yuri and their avatars to instantly travel between their towers. However, that was the extent of their teleportation abilities. The humans, random animals, even their own units couldn’t be brought with them.

The only way would be through the storage system. It was a loophole in a sense, but not really. In order to place someone into the storage space, they needed to either kill them or have their permission. If they weren’t sentient, then they only needed to incapacitate them first.

However, since neither Azra’s ten baby Goblins or Yuri’s two fully grown Ratkin could communicate their consent, it was impossible to simply place them into storage and teleport over to each other. Thus, they needed to converse through what was essentially a video call.

“Sis, I don’t know what to do… My plan was originally to put them into the storage space, but I didn’t find out until afterwards that it was impossible. Apparently, we’re only allowed to teleport between the towers or close to them too. In other words, I’m fucked! Damn it! They won’t shut up!”

Yuri’s smirk disappeared and her face swiftly became neutral again, as she inquired “DC… You previously mentioned that it was impossible for our avatars to breed with us. Please elaborate upon this ‘Impregnate your Avatar’ quest objective.”

[No, I specifically stated that it was impossible without the assistance of mana or magic. Even with the assistance of mana or magic, it is still rather difficult to accomplish that quest objective. Hence the sizable reward.]

Azra yelled “Seriously, I’m about to snap! I’m freaking out right now and I have no fucking idea what I’m supposed to do! Sis! How do I make them shut the hell up without killing them?!”

His sister sighed, murmuring “Infants cry for a large number of reasons. You might be frightening them. It could be the cold temperature. They may be uncomfortable because of the spawning liquid that is still coating their bodies. It is likely that they require sustenance, such as breast milk or perhaps simply water. My understanding of Goblin biology is inadequate to solve this conundrum.”

Suddenly there was a loud banging noise from Azra’s side and he whispered “Fuck… Sis, I can hear some people talking… They’re going to break the damn door down if I don’t do anything. Ugh, I gotta go… I’ll talk to you later, bye. I love you.”


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