TDD V1 Chapter 8, Part 1: Chaos

Sariel spent an incredible amount of time and effort on the planet Elysium. Azrael and Uriel had finally arrived, yet they weren’t even able to accomplish anything before an irritating old enemy managed to find them.

“Chaotica… I suppose this means that Arcana let you out to play?”

A beautiful blonde-haired woman, with bright-blue eyes was floating in space several million miles away from Elysium. She was wearing a jade green robe and there were nine fluffy golden tails wagging around behind her back.

“Granny wanted me to find her mommies and daddies~! Hehehe~! Fucking cunt-whore-bitch! Grah~! Meow~!”

There was a colossal black-scaled serpentine dragon, with the head of a rat and glowing purple eyes circling the tiny fox-girl. That enormous beast snarled and roared, releasing copious amounts of superheated plasma all around them.

Although the two of them were conversing, it was all telepathy. Sariel smiled and her body abruptly grew thousands of times larger than that enormous monster she was facing. Then she transformed from a human, into a golden-furred fox.

“Hohohoho~, it’s been a long time since we last met… If I recall correctly, we destroyed a few lesser universes back then.”

The two of them continued growing larger by the second, warping the space around them so much that their personal gravities were becoming more powerful than Elysium’s star. Fortunately, the tiny planet in the distance was covered by a mana-barrier within moments. Then it fell through a tear in spacetime and escaped the cataclysm which was about to occur.


“What the hell is the Chaotic Void anyway? It just looks like nighttime to me…” Azra and Yuri were wearing their winter coats, while struggling to walk through pitch-black darkness. It was already cold before, but now it was far worse.

“Brother… I’m concerned. If the temperature continues to lower… This entire planet will become an icy prison. We could certainly hide within the Chessboard World, but… Ouch.”

The little girl tripped and fell onto the hard snow, sliding for a few meters, until Azra ran over and helped her up. He grumbled “She could have at least given us some torches or something!”

Yuri murmured “Perhaps it is part of the test?”

They were trudging up the snowy mountain because of a quest that they received several hours earlier.

[Test of Courage: Elysium is currently drifting through the Chaotic Void, aimless and only protected by a thin planetary mana-barrier. This is a once in a lifetime experience. Although it might be dangerous and terrifying, you should take this opportunity as a blessing. In the darkness of the Eternal Night, the Echoes of Samsara resound. Listen to their cries and whispers at the top of the nearest mountain. Perhaps you might remember something you wished had never been forgotten.]


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