TDD V1 Chapter 7, Part 6: Aberration

“Hehehe~, Sis, what do you think this one will look like?”

Azra was using the floating screen in front of him to read a book called “The Gun God’s Guide to Technological Domination”. Thus, he was only vaguely aware of what was happening around him.

Yuri sighed, murmuring “The appearance and features have been drastically different for each Ratkin. I do not have enough data to answer your question.”

[Warning: An aberration has occurred during the spawning procedure.]

The little girl furrowed her brows and quickly stood up, asking “What sort of aberration? You did not mention this possibility before…”

[During the spawning procedure, souls are chosen at random. However, they are still chosen in an order. The more powerful and dangerous ones are placed into weaker animals, such as squirrels or small rodents. After a few hundred cycles of reincarnation, they will then be given the chance to enter a sentient body…]

Azra stopped playing his game and grumbled “So what’s the big deal? Is it one of those bandits we just killed or something?”

[No… This is… Intruder! Activating automated defense systems!]

“Hyahahahahaha~! I found you~!” A deafening roar echoed throughout the entire Chessboard World, as two vicious claws burst out of the seed pod.

[Error… Demonic lifeform detected!]

The ground shook and the air became turbulent within the room. All of those young Ratkin girls started freaking out and started trying to escape, but the pressure was so great that they couldn’t move. Even Yuri, Azra and their avatars were forced to their knees.

“Mommy~, Daddy~! I missed you so~ much~! Graou~!” That voice sounded like it came from a little girl at first, but immediately warped into a deep bellow of fury. When the beast was about to emerge, the seed pod suddenly disappeared.

[This is unfortunate… I have notified Sariel’s avatars, but they are unable to contact Sariel.]

“What the fuck was that and what the hell are you talking about?! Ugh, it feels like my insides are all twisted!” Azra struggled to stand up, but all of the Ratkin girls were screaming and squirming in agony on the ground.

Yuri slowly rose to her feet and coughed out a mouthful of blood into her tiny hands. Then she muttered “I believe several capillaries in my lungs have been ruptured…”

[I have just received a message directly from Sariel… This… Very well. Activating the planetary mana-barrier… now. Entering the Chaotic Void in 3, 2, 1…]


8 thoughts on “TDD V1 Chapter 7, Part 6: Aberration

    • Just read through like 30 chapters of Dimensional Sovereign and finished the series… From chapter 140 on, I was wondering if the author read my stories roflmao.

      Anyway, I’ll get back to editing now lol. Hopefully my eyes will last…. Maybe I should just post the chapters I’ve edited already just in case?


      • well i bingeread the whole HCOP in 3 days that was extreme. Well you have posted them now so you really should keep your eyes healthy. What would i do without new chapters of your stuff

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      • Yeah, when I get too crazy with binging/writing/editing, I usually get to the point where my eyes are too tired to do anything useful :(. Thus, I’ve been trying to go easy on my eyes lately, but… I just like looking at stuff too much lmao.


      • Also, holy shit lol. Just HCOP or HCOP + HCL? ‘Cause that’s literally like 400+ chapters lmao. A total of over 600k words… I can read about 60 chapters in a day maximum. Any more than that and my eyes will be bleeding rofl.


  1. I haven’t actually finished editing chapter 8 yet lol. Also, this chapter wasn’t as long as I remembered… Chapter 8 though… I’m condensing some of the chapter parts together where I can, cause it was originally like 12.

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