TDD V1 Chapter 7, Part 5: The First Objective

“Wow, they’re really going at it, huh?”

“You thought that I would need to force my avatar upon them, but I knew that they would be the aggressors. They are reminiscent of a lion pride. Many females struggling for the right to mate with a single male. Does it make you envious, Azra?”

“No, Ailyn is already almost more than I can handle. Our sex drives have synced up pretty well.”

Every hour, Yuri spawned a new Ratkin female. There were currently a total of nine, including Busty and Squeakers. The third was a plump short-tailed and hairless woman, who light-pink skin and three sets of very large saggy breasts. Although she was only five and a half feet tall, she was close to two-hundred and fifty pounds. Rather than a normal rat, she was more similar to a naked mole-rat. Her four long teeth were even exposed all the time and her eyes were like tiny black dots.

When he first saw her, Azra yelped and couldn’t help but curse “I didn’t know that something this fucking ugly could even exist?!”

Of course, his sister had a totally different reaction. She examined the creature immediately and muttered “This is excellent…” After that she started explaining to her brother why she was so impressed by the ‘disgusting’ woman.

“Azra, do not judge this person based merely on her outward appearance. She may seem fat and weak at first, but her muscular structure is fairly well defined underneath. Most importantly is her face. These enormous teeth can be utilized in a similar way to a real mole-rat. Imagine for a moment that we must lay siege to a castle of some sort. An army with these adaptations…”

At that point, he yelled “Holy shit! That’s right!” Then he chuckled, “Even if we only had a few of them, the smaller Ratkin would still be able to pour in through the tunnels. Hahaha~, not to mention how fucking terrifying these bastards look… I doubt that the enemy moral would be able to hold up for long, once these chubby monsters start popping up out of the ground!”

In the end, Yuri named the mole-like woman Molly. Although those beady eyes didn’t work very well, she had an excellent sense of smell and she was one of the first to actively mate with Reaper.

Number four was fairly similar to Squeakers. Brown fur, only a meter tall, skinny, cried a lot, had a long tail and pink skin. The only thing different was the bright-red eyes. The two of them were very similar, so they got along well with each other. She was aptly named ‘Scarlet Squeaks’.

The fifth girl had unusually long fur, to the point where she even had a fluffy lion-like mane on her head and neck. All of her hair was golden blonde, tan and yellowish. Her tail was bushy and long, while her skin was pitch-black. Unlike the other Ratkins, she had blue irises and black pupils. However, there were no visible sclera. ‘Fluffy’ had a very similar build to Reaper. She was four feet tall, fairly muscular and there were no visible breasts. She also only had two nipples.

“Fluffy won’t be able to survive in this environment.” All of that thick fur made the rat-girl unable to take the heat, to the point where she nearly lost consciousness only a few minutes after being spawned. Fortunately, DC was able to come up with an adequate solution.

[I would suggest purchasing a two-way teleportation array between your keeps. This will allow your units to move freely between the two territories.]

Azra grumbled “I wanted to spend that Karma on a tech or material upgrade… Oh well.” It wasn’t as if he possessed the souls required to purchase anything worthwhile anyway. There weren’t many magical devices unlocked, but all of them required Karma to create.

[Small Teleportation Array: Allows a single unit to pass through the portal once per minute. Costs 50 Karma.]

“This is something which we would have needed to purchase eventually.” Yuri placed the two teleportation arrays in both of the bedrooms. In their neutral state, they were essentially just large reflective mirrors attached to the walls behind the two unit spawners. However, when Azra carried the unconscious fluffy Ratkin over to the mirror, it turned into a portal. He walked straight through, with Fluffy in his arms, and gently placed her onto the ground. Then he vanished before anyone could talk to him.

Of course, his sister had to go teleport over afterwards and have a short ‘chat’ with Joanna. It was more like an order, “I require a method to remove the fur from this creature.”

Although the giant humanoid rat was shocking, Henry quickly jogged over to the village and brought with him a pair of iron sheep shears. With which his mother nimbly removed most of the beautiful golden fur in under an hour. By the time that Fluffy was totally shaved and brought back to Yuri’s bedroom, the sixth Ratkin female had been spawned.

This one had black fur, eyes and skin. She was four feet tall and had a long tail, with a lanky body. ‘Shade’ had small perky breasts, but no extra sets of nipples. The benefits of being so dark were mainly related to stealth capabilities. Reaper still had pink skin, so he wouldn’t be able to hide nearly as well.

Then there was ‘Snow’, a pure-white Ratkin. She was the seventh to be spawned and the smallest one out of them all. Snow was three feet tall and her tail was so short, it was similar to a rabbit’s. Her body was extremely light, but her leg strength was far above normal. Even when she first came out of the seed pod, she was able to easily jump two meters in the air. Once she tried a little harder, she could actually reach the ceiling with her hands.

Azra and Yuri had to quickly catch her in order to keep the crazy little girl from jumping out the windows. Those bright-pink eyes were constantly crying, but they didn’t have a choice. No matter how acrobatic she was, there was no way that she would be able to keep from dying once she fell from hundreds of meters.

Number eight was ‘Nudist’. The reason for her name was because she was totally hairless and had large, human-like breasts. Her light-brown skin was tight and not saggy, while her eyes were pitch-black. She was four and a half feet tall, which was only slightly larger than Reaper, but her frame was fairly thin.

The ninth Ratkin female was called ‘Bunny’, because she had huge and long ears on the top of her head. Her tail was long and fluffy like a squirrel though. Bunny’s fur was brown, but there were lots of white spots. She lacked breasts and had eight nipples on her abdomen, while there were none on her chest. As for her height, it was the same as Yuri, five feet.

Most of them were confused and frightened at first, but by the end of the day, they were all fighting over Reaper. Busty was the tallest and Molly was the heaviest. The two of them were at the top of the mating hierarchy by default. After that, Bunny, Nudist, Shade and Fluffy had their turn. Then the rest of them pounced on Reaper at the same time. Even with his nearly endless stamina, he eventually lost consciousness.

“I have to admit… Aside from the scary mole-rat monster, the rest of them are pretty adorable.” Azra was sitting next to his sister and Ailyn was sitting on his lap. She was on the verge of passing out, since it had been a fairly long day. However, without permission, she wasn’t able to sleep.

Yuri’s tired eyes gazed up at the green seed pod at the southern end of the room and she murmured “The first objective is about to be completed.”


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