TDD V1 Chapter 9, Part 3: Spawning Goblins

[Objective Completed: 10 Goblins have been spawned. +100 Karma, Rapid Learning Adaptation unlocked.]

[A new objective has been created.]

[Spawn 100 Adult Goblins: 1000 Karma, unlocks the Unit Programming feature.]

[Rapid Learning Adaptation: All semi-sentient and sentient biological organisms within the Chessboard World will have their capacity to learn dramatically accelerated during their growth stage. Adults will also have a slightly improved learning capacity. Costs 100 Karma.]

While Azra was busy creating and installing dozens of wooden windows, he was also spawning ten Goblins. Half were male and the other half were female. However, they were each abducted by Yuri as soon as they were born. Her brother didn’t really have anything to do with them, other than ordering their creation. Just like before, she had ‘fun’ naming and examining all of the drastically different creatures.

The first was Obsidian: A five foot tall, extremely skinny man with excessively long canines, pitch-black skin, two sets of ears, no eyes, a flat and open nasal cavity, plus bat-like wings under his arms.

“Fascinating.” was the word that she used to describe that Goblin. Of course, when Joanna saw him, she nearly fainted from terror.

Number two was Elfy: A four foot tall grey-skinned woman, who had glowing yellow irises, extremely long and pointed ears, an extremely beautiful face by human standards, small breasts, lithe muscles and very little fat on her body. Her hair was long and silver, similar to Ailyn’s.

The third Goblin made Azra complain “Isn’t this guy an Orc? How the fuck is something that big considered as a Goblin?!” However, DC was kind enough to explain to him that similar to the human races such as Dwarves and Goblins, all ‘Orcish’ races share the same ancestry.

Greenie was two meters tall, extremely muscular, had large tusks coming out of his lower jaw, brown irises, a bald head and he was male. Of course, just because he was huge and intimidating, didn’t mean that he was automatically a dangerous monster.

His behaviour was surprisingly docile, especially when compared to the fourth Goblin: Helion. She was only a meter tall, had crimson skin, two goat-like horns coming out of her temples, fluffy orange hair, pitch-black eyes, a long serpentine tail extending out of her coccyx, sharp talons on her fingers and long fang-like teeth.

When she first emerged from the tank, she tried to kill and eat Joanna. Fortunately, Yuri was able to beat the tiny girl into submission. However, not only was she extremely violent, the moment that Helion saw Greenie, she immediately decided to mate with him. Although he didn’t quite understand what was going on, he also didn’t resist.

From Yuri’s perspective, all of the Ratkin and Goblins she had seen so far, seemed to always follow their instincts. They had no preconceived notions or ideas, no ‘morality’ instilled into them by their parents, guardians, mentors, peers or authority figures.

In many ways, they had even less inhibitions than domesticated dogs or cats. If they were attracted to each other sexually, then they would mate without a second thought. Some of them differentiated by gender or appearance, but when they were aroused, all they seemed to care about was satiating their desires. Since there were more females than males, the women often mated with each other if they didn’t have a male partner available.

However, although their promiscuity was fine in such a small group, as their numbers increased, it would become problematic. Not only would diseases spread rapidly, it would be extremely difficult for Yuri to ‘experiment’ on them properly. There would be too many variables and they could possibly start devolving or mutating at random. She didn’t know enough about any of the other races. Even her knowledge of humanity was limited to what she had read in textbooks and fictional novels.

Most importantly, none of them understood anything. For example, Yuri couldn’t let them stay in her keep anymore. They would urinate and defecate whenever they needed to, wherever they were. It was simple for her to ask DC to teleport the waste outside, but it would be extremely challenging to teach them right and wrong. Especially when there could be negative consequences that she couldn’t foresee. They didn’t have any way of communicating. It would take a long time for them to learn to speak.

Then there was the aspect of danger involved. Regardless of how good of a fighter Yuri was, she couldn’t be certain that one of those creatures wouldn’t intentionally or accidentally kill her in her sleep. They were even violent towards each other sometimes and it was possible that they might end up dying from accidents or brawling.

She began teaching them how to forage for food in the jungle, but the problem was that they all had different diets or preferences. Some of them liked eating beetles, others preferred worms, Greenie was ironically an herbivore. He could literally eat just about any leaf, fruit or vegetable that he found. She wrote down some notes about his behaviour in her ‘journal’, stating that he was incapable of digesting meat. On the other hand, Helion was a pure carnivore. If she tried to consume any sort of plant, she would get sick and vomit in out immediately.

The Ratkins were all omnivores. Fortunately, there weren’t any plants or animals that were explicitly poisonous within Yuri’s king territory. It was essentially impossible for her to buy anything ‘dangerous’ like that unless she spent Karma to upgrade the ‘Threat’ level.

While she was trying to keep them from killing each other, ‘Chocolate’ had spawned. He was a pudgy brown-skinned Goblin, who was only three feet tall and looked similar to a human boy. Aside from the slightly pointed tips of his ears, there weren’t any other indicators that he was a different species. His irises were hazel and his blonde hair was fluffy.

The first person that Chocolate saw was Joanna. Unlike the others, who either showed indifference, fear or aggression towards the human woman, that little boy immediately viewed her as his ‘mother’. When Yuri tried to take him away, he started crying and screaming in protest.

Eventually, Joanna said “Why don’t you just let me take care of him? I’m already raising these ten, so it should be too big of a deal…”

Yuri tilted her head and asked “Do you understand what will be required of you? Regardless of his child-like appearance and temperament, this creature is already sexually mature. If he is anything like the others, then within the hour, he will likely begin attempting to mate with you.”

“That can’t be… He’s only just been born though. And look, his little thingy is still so small. Even if he tried to do anything to me, what could he possibly do?” The boy was clinging tightly onto the middle-aged woman’s waist and still crying his eyes out. His behavior wasn’t much different from Squeakers and he would likely end up the same way that she did.

After staring at the ‘child’ for a few seconds, Yuri wondered “Perhaps, this could be a surprisingly effective adaptation… Similar to how domestic felines tend to prey upon the maternal instincts of humanity, this particular sub-race of Goblin does the same.”

Then she suddenly grabbed Chocolate’s tiny left hand and used her fingernail to cut open his soft skin. A crimson liquid seeped out, as the terrified little boy wailed in agony as if he was dying.

“What are you doing?!” Joanna screamed in panic, as she grabbed the child in her arms and swiftly backed away from her niece.

Yuri muttered “His blood is red, like a human. Interesting…” She had performed a similar test on the other Goblins as well, but the results varied. DC had mentioned that it would be difficult for the blue-blooded creatures to breed with the red, green and purple blooded ones.


“It would be similar to a tiger and a lion creating an offspring. The hybrid could potentially have a whole host of negative mutations or abnormalities. At least, compared to the original parents. However, there also exists the possibility of adaptation… I can’t come to a conclusion without an enormous amount of experimentation.” The little girl was talking to herself as she sat alone in her bedroom and used her holographic screens to monitor all of the Ratkin and Goblins.

She also spied on what Azra and Henry were doing. Her brother was mostly just building and installing windows around the castle, but she found it amusing when he stuttered or ran away when either of those three women tried to talk to him.

Henry however, was slowly going from house to house in Salmon Creek. He asked questions to the children who usually didn’t know any better, then violently interrogated the adults. In the end, he killed two women and five men.

*Author’s Note*

I really don’t like this new set up… They put the publish button right under the ‘write’ button. So I kept hitting ‘write’ and then it instantly creates a new blank page, deleting everything I just did. Anyway, I’ll probably post another chapter part later.

Since I condensed the parts down by a lot, most of them are the length of a normal HCOP chapter lol. When edit this story into an actual book(Eventually), I’ll probably just use ‘***’ to separate where the parts would normally end. It all depends though… With such long chapters, ebook readers might prefer to have bookmark links to individual parts.

I think with a story like HCOP though, I’m going to keep the chapters as they are, because I like the titles rofl. You have no idea how much time and effort I put into those HCOP chapter titles…

Also, this song has been stuck in my head lately lol. Especially after editing the epilogue of this volume of TDD lmfao.



3 thoughts on “TDD V1 Chapter 9, Part 3: Spawning Goblins

    • “It would be similar to a tiger and a lion creating an offspring. The hybrid could potentially have a whole host of negative mutations or abnormalities. At least, compared to the original parents. However, there also exists the possibility of adaptation… I can’t come to a conclusion without an enormous amount of experimentation.”

      I didn’t say anything lol, ‘Yuri’ did. Also, she didn’t say it was impossible. Ligers and Tigons are hybrids, but it’s difficult for lions and tigers to actually reproduce. Both Ligers and Tigons have a decent amount of problems too…


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