TDD V2 Chapter 1, Part 4: Convenience

Even after traveling at thirty miles per hour for half a day, Judgement Day still wasn’t able to reach the pillar before it vanished. However, Ares was able to understand the general location. Unfortunately, it was in a very mountainous region, with tight clusters of trees everywhere. Thus, he finally decided to give up for a while.

“You can stop now.” After hearing those words, Linda let out a long sigh of relief.

She muttered “Little Brother, I really have to pee…” If she was at home, the normal etiquette would be to urinate or defecate into a bucket and then throw it out into the back alley. However, she didn’t know what to do inside of the ‘Divine Carriage’.

The little boy stood up with his back totally straight and started walking towards the back of the cockpit. Linda followed nervously behind him and was afraid to touch anything without permission.

“This is the bathroom. This is called a toilet. You piss or shit into there, then press this plunger…” The water that was filling the small bowl was immediately evacuated along with several other jets that swirled around the sides, then the water level slowly rose back to normal.

“Woah~…” Linda quickly sat down and started urinating without even minding the little boy who was standing in the room. She had a satisfied expression, as she exclaimed “This is so much easier than using a bucket!”

Ares cringed, then glanced up and down at her tattered, filthy sackcloth tunic. He walked over to the side of the room and moved over a thin plastic curtain, explaining “This is a shower. When you pull the knob out, water sprays from this…”

“Ah! Am I truly allowed to wash my body with this strange magical thingy? I’m fine even if I can only use this small basin to clean myself off.”

She was about to reach her hand down into the toilet water, when the little boy grabbed her wrist and complained “Don’t do that. In fact, once we both shower, we’re going to scrub clean both of the seats and all of the controls that we’ve touched so far.”

There was actually a dozen dispensers that could magically create different types of soap, detergent and bleach above the sink. Of course, they all required Souls to refill, but for someone like Beatrix… Soap was much more valuable than the lives of her enemies.

After they took turns showering, Ares went into the main hull of the tank. The ceiling was fairly low, but for the three-foot tall Gnome and child, it was rather comfortable. They were both naked, since their clothing needed to be washed.

Every single device and appliance that Linda was shown had her making “Ooh~?” and “Aah~!” noises. She said the word “Amazing” over a hundred times during the tour.

Of course, Beatrix was also impressed by how convenient everything was. She had thought that they would need to forage and hunt for food outside, but there was actually a dispenser in the kitchen which could provide the two of them with enough sustenance to never ‘have’ to leave the tank. However…

‘Is this really edible?’ The little boy pressed the button and a thick grey paste quickly filled his cereal bowl. It was called “Vitamin Blend Alpha” and supposedly contained enough calories to be considered a meal.

Unlike the cautious child, Linda happily used her tiny hands to shovel the strange goop into her mouth, splattering a lot of it all over her face in the process. She continued to devour it ravenously and even asked for seconds. Thus, Ares finally tried some of it for himself.

“Bland… But bearable.”

After hearing that, the Gnomish girl stared at him and asked “Are you sure? This is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted in my entire life…”

It was then that Beatrix realized, ‘That’s right… She isn’t Human… No, neither am I. It’s possible that my taste buds are less sensitive. Or perhaps hers are overly sensitive?‘

The truth was that she had been spoiled in her last life. Even if she barely remembered it anymore, it was a fact that she tasted all sorts of delicacies. Most of which contained massive amounts of mana. Comparing any of that to even the best food in all of Elysium would be difficult. On the other hand, Linda had spent her life as a slave. She was treated comparatively well by Sariel, but the old woman lived in squalor, barely able to afford anything but rice gruel.


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