IS, V6, Chapter 2: Michael’s Return Part 12

*Michael’s Perspective*

“Amber, what the fuck are you doing?! And why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?!” I roared, jumping over the crowd and crashing through the side of the black mithril cage.

She turned to me and threw a fiery punch, which I grabbed with my left gauntlet. Then she growled “I am fighting for honor, and food. What does it look like?”

“Yeah, okay, but you look like you’re about to give birth any minute. You should be resting.” I grumbled, as I removed my helmet and turned to Conor, complaining “I get that she doesn’t have the common sense to realize that being a professional fighter isn’t the best occupation for a pregnant woman, but what’s your fucking excuse?”

“Oi, you Bastard! I don’t know who the fuck you think you are, but you’re gonna have to pay for that!” As I was glaring at Conor, an angry brown-furred Squirrel Tribe man jumped into the ring and started yelling at me.

I pointed at the little lizard-girl on my left shoulder and said “Put it on her tab. Lori, you’re fine with that, right?” She wasn’t naked anymore, since she picked up a pink dress from the market. While the dryad suit she originally wore was being carried on Silvia’s back.

“Winston, go away.” She didn’t even bother to say anything else, because the moment the squirrel saw him, he gasped and scrambled away.

“Yes, Boss!” Was what he cried, as he disappeared into the crowd of relative giants.

“Lorelei?!” A Wood Elf screamed.

“The Butcher!” Cried a Dark Dwarf.

“It’s the President! President Fleischer!” Roared a guy or girl that looked like that had the head of a wild boar. I hadn’t seen that race until then, so I distinctly remember them being really ‘round’ in stature.

Anyway, Lorelei’s appearance caused an uproar, which was too deafening for me to reprimand Conor anymore. I grabbed Amber’s fluffy purple tail, then telekinetically and forcefully separated the crowd, as I guided the armored giant back to the elevator, where everyone else was still waiting.

“So how’s it feel to be forgotten?” Mike asked as we entered the elevator, “After doing so much fucking bullshit for these assholes, nobody even remembers you a little while later. On the other hand, I barely even did anything except leave some ground rules and a thousand years later, everyone still knew who I was…”

Silvia immediately interjected, “I believe your memory files have been corrupted. In the society we created, no one recognized us as our true selves, but mere impersonators. Also, you did plenty for them. In fact, you were the progenitor of their entire race. It would be stranger if they had forgotten your existence.”

“Michael… You’ve returned.” I heard a familiar, high-pitched and feminine voice echo in my mind. She paused for a moment before continuing, “This is General… No, Supreme Commander Beatrix Day. I request to meet in person, Sir.”

I snickered, telepathically responding “Don’t be so uptight, Kid. Besides, I was just on my way to meet you… Feels like you’re on the top floor of this tower though and we still got a long way to go… Anyway, I’m glad you’re still around. I knew you were alive, but hearing your voice is different. Well, I don’t really know you that well, yet. I’m sure you know me though, or at least you’re familiar with Ares by now.”

“The puny Little One is here…” Amber suddenly snorted at the harpy brat that was casually sitting on my right pauldron.

Lucy giggled and replied, “The big Stupid One has eyes apparently…”

The fiery tigress went from black to purple in an instant and roared: “I’m smart enough to break your tiny neck!” However, before her blazing giant hand could even come close to my shoulder, the child disappeared. 

A moment later, I blocked the fist with my right hand and complained “Can you kids knock it off? For fuck’s sake, we’re in an elevator! If this thing breaks, I’ll beat both your asses!”

“Hehehe~, oh Michael~, don’t tempt me~!” The little girl reappeared on my shoulder and was hugging my helmet happily.

Mike immediately asked “So what’s the deal with statutory rape and child abuse in Alfirin? Like, is that even a thing? Not that I’m interested in pedo-shit, just curious. I mean, technically… Aren’t you like a teenager in human years? And Lorelei would be a child. I’d be older than the planet and Silvia would be beastie-bait, hehe~!” He patted the horse’s mane, as she neighed in annoyance, or so I assumed.

The reason why the elevator was taking so long was obviously because we were on the brink of overloading it. Especially with Conor and Amber joining the group. It was partially mechanically, but also ran on mana too. Honestly, it would’ve been faster if the heavier half of us just ‘flew’ up the elevator shaft, but well… We were lazy.

After about a minute, I asked “Okay, who the fuck hit the basement button?!” I was so distracted by the random conversations that it took me a while to realize that we weren’t even going upwards…

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