Chapter 23: Losses and Gains

“Quest Completed: After helping the three Cat-Tribe adventurers, a terrible calamity befell Carrabelle Plains, killing the assassins who were seeking the bounty on their heads. Although Richard and Lily died, you still managed to bring Elina to safety.”

Two silver coins appeared in Michael’s currency-tab, and a then his body began glowing with a bright-white light. He heard a monotone, feminine voice saying “You have reached level five.”

[Player Information

Name: Michael
Titles: The Nudist, The Noob, The Immortal, The Lurker, The Survivor
Level: 5
Experience: 16/50
Age: Adult
Race: Human
Rank: F
Class: None
Specialization: None
Profession: Leatherworker Level 2]


Health: 40/40
Mana: 20/20
Stamina: 20/20
Mana Regen per minute: 30
Health Regen per hour: 40

Strength: 4
Vitality: 4
Endurance: 4
Dexterity: 3
Agility: 4
Intelligence: 4
Wisdom: 3
Perception: 1
Charisma: 1

Willpower: 14
Luck: 14
Aura: 1.8

Attack Power: 20
Defense Rating: 2]

He immediately sighed after seeing that new title, and muttered “Yeah, pretty sure I died twice tonight, but I guess that didn’t count? Anyway, hopefully with the increased mana-pool and regeneration, I should be able to use magic a little more frequently. Hell, it might even influence my ability to learn new spells. Now, what the hell am I gonna do with all this shit?”


Slot-1: Michael’s Human Corpse(F) Level 1(Core-less): 3; Level 2(Core-less): 3; Level 3: 2; Level 3(Core-less): 1; Level 4: 2
Slot-2: Field Mice(G) Level 1: 6; Level 1(Coreless): 1
Slot-3: Blood Cobra(F) Level 3: 1
Slot-4: White Rabbits(G) Level 1: 0; Level 1(Core-less): 11
Slot-5: Small Jagged Rocks: 20 lbs
Slot-6: Leather Strips: 6
Slot-7: Freshwater: 50,000 gallons
Slot-8: Smooth Stones: 50 lbs
Slot-9: Sabertooth Cougar(G) Level 5(Core-less): 1
Slot-10: Blood Worm(F) Level 2(Core-less): 1
Slot-11: Female Goblin Crude Leather Armor, Poor Quality, Level 0: 1
Slot-12: Rusty Iron Daggers, Poor Quality, Level 0(Poisoned): 5
Slot-13: Crocodile Level 4: 4
Slot-14: Orange Soap, Common Quality: 3
Slot-15: Crude Pitchfork, Poor Quality, Level 0: 1]

Michael groaned, and continued talking to himself: “I was planning on selling all the carcasses in Carrabelle City, but that’s not possible anymore. Shit, I completely forgot about their backpacks… Oh well, hopefully Elina didn’t store some sort of priceless treasure in it. Anyway, there’s no point in keeping Sarah’s shit in my bags, cause she can wear that herself.”

Then he glanced down at the naked, blood-soaked, slimy and grimy Goblin-girl. The worms on her scalp were constantly wriggling around; her tail seemed to have a mind of its own, as it crawled along the ground and devoured some of the dead leaves and branches that were laying near her body.

After leering at her for a few moments, he turned his attention to the soundly sleeping Priestess. Amazingly, the pure-white robe that she was wearing, managed to repel all manner of filth.

Michael even tested it, by picking up a handful of dirt and throwing it at her chest. At first, it simply laid on her relatively large breasts, but it gradually slid off to the sides.

Then he looked down at her freckled face and noticed that it was surprisingly clean, so he dropped some soil onto her forehead. After a few seconds passed, he muttered “I guess it only affects the robe, huh?” He was disappointed, but pretty impressed by the clothing that automatically cleansed itself.

Compared to the four-foot tall Goblin, Michael seemed fairly large; Elina however, was actually a few inches taller than him. She wasn’t particularly fat, though she was certainly heavy.

The naked man was surprised at how much his Strength stat increased his physical capabilities. He obviously wouldn’t have been able to carry the two girls, several miles, while running non-stop, if he didn’t stack Endurance.

Michael suddenly noticed something wriggling around between Elina’s thighs, so he walked over and casually lifted up the bottom of her robe. Then he snickered, and asked himself “Does underwear not exist in this world?”

A fluffy, black, cat-tail was moving around unconsciously, without any particular rhyme or reason. He kept staring at that surprisingly furry region for a few seconds, before saying “Shit, what the fuck am I doing? Sigh, I’m too used to being able to watch porn whenever I’m horny, or bored… Ugh, I need to masturbate before these two wake-up, but I can’t go too far, cause some random magical-beast might come by and eat them.”

After wading into the extremely warm water, Michael stopped and started using his wisp-form to closely observe the two sleeping girls, while his actual body was facing the waterfall and using one of his bars of soap to scrub himself clean. Of course, once he finished with that, he quickly dealt with his other problem.

The moment his arousal faded, he muttered “Hmmm, not only can astral projection be used to see in the dark, it also seems to have a heat-vision aspect, plus x-rays and… Well, it would definitely have a lot of uses for healing purposes. Unfortunately, looking inside of someone’s body isn’t quite as kinky as I expected it to be. Elina’s probably going to be pretty upset about her friends, or siblings, dying… Oh wow, Worm-Girl’s health is actually full already.”

As Sarah’s tail was devouring and digesting the dead leaves or microbes in the soil, her wounds were slowly regenerating. It was a quirk of her new biology, which increased her survivability significantly.

Michael sighed, and grumbled “Gah, this damn rain-forest is so noisy; it reminds me of… my house, that I’ll probably never be able to return to. I hope my parents aren’t freaking out about my sudden disappearance. If I died in that world, and this is some sort of afterlife, that would probably be for the best. Dear mysterious beings that possibly abducted me; this might be a weird request, but can you please let my family win the lottery or something like that? Aside from all the unfinished novels, I don’t really have any other attachments to that world, and I honestly wouldn’t return there, even if I could. Just let them be happy and move on with their lives.”

As he was talking to himself, Elina finally yawned and lazily stretched her entire body out. She looked around, and saw the strange Bloodworm-Goblin sleeping a few feet away from her; then noticed the huge and incredibly loud waterfall, along with the brightly glowing lightning bugs, trees and other plant-life.

The cat-girl immediately stood up and yelled “Rick! Lily!? Oh no, the key!” as she frantically searched for her backpack. However, she cringed when she examined the golden chain dangling from her left wrist, and used ‘Scan’ on the large, crystalline bead.

Her yellow irises shone with a pure-white radiance for a few moments, before returning to normal. Tears began rolling down her freckled cheeks, as she read: “Lillian Jacobs has died. Richard Jacobs has died. The Party ‘Feline Grace’ has been disbanded. Please visit the nearest Adventurer’s Guild outpost to receive financial reimbursement for your losses.”

Michael sighed as he watched the silently weeping Priestess; she just stood there, while staring listlessly at the constantly flowing waterfall. Eventually, Sarah opened her blinded eyes while groaning, and struggled to stand-up.

She could see the vibrant, green aura of the plants, along with the water’s bright-blue radiance, but a familiar, pitch-black sphere was floating on the surface. Her body vanished in a puff of smoke, and reappeared behind his back.

It was the same “Shadow-Step” spell that she had used to kill him twice before, and cost all ten of her mana-points to cast. For a teleportation technique, even with its short range, it was still a very important escaping and attacking skill for the Thief and Assassin classes.

However, with nothing but her fang-like teeth, Sarah’s damage wasn’t actually that high. When she bit down on the left side of Michael’s neck, she didn’t managed to land a critical hit: missing veins and arteries.

He yelled “Ow! Damn it, cut that shit out!” as he reached back with both hands, and grabbed her ‘hair.’ The little worms were very durable, but she still felt incredible pain as he squeezed down on them.

As soon as she opened her mouth to scream, he turned around and grabbed her by the throat with his left hand, and the base of her tail with his right. The grimacing Bloodworm-Goblin screamed “Okay, stop, I give up!” but Michael just dunked her entire body and head underwater.

She struggled furiously to escape his grasp, while holding her breath, but even after two minutes, she was surprised to discover that she didn’t actually feel like she was suffocating. After a few more minutes, he let go of her, and allowed her to freely swim around on her own.

When the red-skinned girl finally surfaced again, Michael started laughing and told her “I figured as much. Bloodworms usually live underwater, ya know? Well, I wasn’t a hundred percent sure that you could too, but you did just try to murder me again…”

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