Chapter 65: Transcending OP-ness

After urinating, Michael decided that it was time to Fast-Travel back to his house. However, he noticed that there was no price to access the ‘Return Home’ feature.

Obviously, when he was only a few miles away, it wasn’t a big deal, but that essentially meant he could instantly transport himself back from anywhere. For instance, if he was freezing to death in the horrible void outside of the planet’s atmosphere, he could teleport back home before dying.

Although, that was assuming he could access that feature, while suffering from various debuffs, and that there was no distance limitation. At least, that’s what he thought, but when he activated the ‘Return Home’ function, it wasn’t instantaneous.

Michael complained “Oh for fuck’s sake… Teleport faster please~?” as the space around his body was very slowly beginning to distort. The entire process was actually only taking less than a second, but he was experiencing a whole hour of waiting.

While he was within the bubble, he Unequipped his Arcane Orb and started reading the last section of his skill-book: “Transcendence.” When he appeared in his living-room, he yelled “Holy shit! Hahaha~, I knew it!”

Hearing that shout, the Priestess meditating on her balcony quickly opened her eyes and looked down at the half-naked man who was walking out the back-door. She asked “Did you really have to spend four silvers just to travel a few miles?”

Elina wasn’t able to access his currency-tab, but she did see where he Fast-Traveled to. He looked up towards her and then suddenly vanished, reappearing to her left and saying “Ah, it doesn’t actually cost anything to ‘Return Home,’ but yeah, why would I walk if I have another option?”

She yelped and jumped backwards, almost falling over the railing, as he received his most anticipated spell: “Astral Step Level 1: During Astral Projection, the caster immediately teleports to the location of their incorporeal astral-form. Costs 100% of the caster’s maximum Mana.”

The surprised cat-girl was clutching the white-rod against her chest as she yelled “What’s wrong with you?! Wait, more importantly, how did you do that?! Is that the ‘Return Home’ thing you were talking about?!”

Michael sighed and shook his head, explaining “Nah~, this is the skill I just learned, hehe~. I can’t tell if it’s really overpowered or completely useless though… Well, it’s definitely convenient, but I can’t really use it in combat.”

Unlike NPCs, who would have to spend their entire lives struggling to understand the profoundness of the Arcane technique ‘Astral Projection,’ he had it from the very beginning. In fact, his version was a great deal more impressive since it didn’t have a mana-cost.

For a typical Arcane-Mage, the first level of Astral Step was nearly impossible to overcome, even if they could understand the concept behind it. Elina just sighed and told him “You really are from another world… Can you even comprehend how ridiculous you are?”

Hearing that, he smirked, then asked the Priestess “You’re the ridiculous one… What the fuck are you doing anyway? Haven’t you even tried to use the crafting menu? Here, I’ll show you what I do when I want to make something.”

Michael made a screen appear in front of the two of them, which said “Leatherworking” at the top. There were only two patterns, so he opened his bag, instantly selected five level-nine Bengal Tigers and turned them into pelts.

When the furs appeared in his right hand, Elina furrowed her brows and didn’t understand what happened. Then he explained “Seriously, pay attention, this is how you craft like a professional. You take the ingredients, then use a mana-core as the fee for accessing the service, then poof.”

A pair of boots, a skirt, and a belt appeared in his right hand, immediately after the pelts had disappeared. Then he handed them over to the confused cat-girl and said “Here, I noticed that you’ve been walking around barefoot this whole time. Well, a skirt is kinda unnecessary due to the fact that you have a robe already; however, if you wear it underneath, you should still get the increase in Defense Rating and Agility bonuses. When you aren’t fighting, just Unequip it and you’ll have a cute tiger-tattoo… Although, it’ll just be covered up by your ridiculously long pubic hair anyway.”

She accepted the equipment, but asked “Wait, how did you do that? I don’t really understand…” No matter how she tried to imagine it, the menu simply wouldn’t appear.

Eventually, Michael sighed and realized the problem: Only Players could access the AICS. He told her “Never-mind~, sorry for getting your hopes up… Oh well, I guess you’ll just have to keep doing it the old fashioned way.”

His mana had completely regenerated, so he was finally able to test the limits of his newest spell. It wasn’t as if he could just imagine a place, and then instantly teleport there; his wisp-form needed to make its way over to where he wanted to go first.

With a maximum range of two miles, it still took him a few minutes to float that far. In the mean-time, he was casually talking with Elina and telling her about how he managed to learn eight new spells in a single day.

She was both envious and irritated at how she was only given seven of them, over the course of twenty-five years. However, before she had the chance to complain, he vanished.

Suddenly appearing on the roof of a rather large building, Michael snickered and then muttered “Hmmm~, time to make some money… Shit, I need to go to the fucking cashier and get a new card. Well, I’ll just wait thirty seconds for my mana to regenerate.” Unfortunately, before that, he had to reapply his ‘Stat-Boost.’

The prismatic radiance enveloped his body, and he managed to maintain his significantly increased physical and mental abilities. Then he made a pomegranate appear in his right hand, minus the skin.

As he stood there on the flat rooftop, eating that delicious fruit, he glanced around at the noisy town. The sky had already started to darken, but all of the houses, streets and stores had plenty of illumination.

Aside from the plants and trees in the surrounding being bio-luminescent, they also had torches, mana-powered glowing rocks, and light-bulbs that functioned on electricity. Of course, the electricity was mostly generated by magical means, but Michael was still happy that such technologies existed in that world.

He muttered “I guess it’s just like Earth… Even though there are places like this, I’m sure there are plenty of people on this planet who are living like those shitty Goblins were. Hehe~, thank God I’m a Player… or maybe I should be thanking Arcana? Hmmm~, now that I think about it, she’s probably constantly watching me, right? Well, whatever, it’s time to go finally complete that Quest!”
‘Avarice’ was the most ‘high-class’ out of the three casinos in the Temple of Asura, and was completely devoted to conventional gambling. There were no fighting pits or bands, but there was a very nice restaurant on the top floor, which Michael was tempted to eat at.

However, not only was his attire completely unbefitting the ‘air-conditioned’ environment, he noticed that there were an awful lot of Elves in the room. The moment he opened the roof-top door, he had garnered a decent amount of attention.

Then a five-foot tall, obsidian-skinned man, with short and curly purple hair, walked over to him and said “Excuse me sir, but this is not a place for Humans to wander around… I’m going to have to ask you to leave immediately.” while smiling wryly.

Michael started laughing, as he looked into the Dark-Elf’s bright-red eyes and complained “What a cunt.” before walking past the waiter and looking around casually. Everyone was wearing extremely expensive-looking attire: silk gowns and dresses, business suits, tuxedos, and there were even some who wore kimonos, or Mage and Priest robes.

However, he saw one person who didn’t fit in among the crowd. A High-Elven woman, who seemed particularly familiar, and not only was she a much higher level than the others, but also rank-E.

The furious waiter didn’t directly confront the man, but instead, walked over to the back-room and called for an ‘enforcer’ to deal with the problem. Michael’s eyes momentarily met with the beautiful Huntress, yet, before she was able to stand up, he vanished.

Talia scowled and immediately sent her father a ‘Wind-Whisper’ message, notifying him that she had found their target. Then she stood-up, and quickly headed downstairs; by the time she arrived at the first floor gambling-hall, the Immortal man was just starting his first hand of poker.

As the bright-green leather-clad High-Elf sat down next to him, Michael snickered and asked her “Why would an ‘Innocent’ little-girl like you, be in a fucked-up town like this?”


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