Chapter 72: Releasing the Prisoners

As soon as Michael walked into his huge and empty living-room, he was shouted at: “Don’t you dare molest or violate that holy vessel!”

However, he just started laughing hysterically and told her “Calm down~, I wasn’t planning on fucking the corpse… Even if she is really hot, it just doesn’t feel right for some reason? I mean, logically speaking, it’s not like she’s using the body anymore, so it wouldn’t be much different from a pocket-pussy…”

Elina screamed “No, stop talking about it! Give her to me so that I can give her a burial of divine light!”

Michael sighed dramatically and then complained “I’m not gonna fuck the corpse, so stop freaking out. Anyway, I saved a bunch of people from that hellhole, and I’m gonna take em out now, so get ready to do some emergency healing.”

She took a deep breath and calmed herself down, before saying “Fine, we can talk about this later… Ah! Why would you kill Angels and save a Demon!?” as she saw the first person that he removed from his prison.

The Chaotic Calico-Tribe, former auctioneer, was severely injured and covered in wounds all over her furry body. Michael searched her torn-up black gown, finding a casino-card hidden inside of her lacy pink panties.

He complained “Eww~, who the hell keeps money in their underwear?” Then he glared at the Priestess and asked “What the fuck are you waiting for?”

Elina grimaced and then cast ‘Healing Light’ on the unconscious cat-woman. As he stored the card, he started snickering, while looking at his new balance.


Copper: 65
Silver: 11
Gold: 512]

Michael knew that someone in her line of work had probably saved up a decent amount of money over the years. Yuki groaned and slowly opened her bright-red, cat-like eyes, before making a loud “Meow!?” noise, and swiftly fleeing from the two strangers.

Her body was still humanoid, but her feet and legs had changed a bit, not to mention the fact that her face was no different than a normal calico-cat. Elina asked “Did you really just save her so that you could steal her money?”

Hearing that, the woman immediately checked her underwear and screamed “You thief! Ah! It’s you! Please don’t kill me, okay?! Just let me go, you can keep the money!” Perhaps a mysterious floating orb or die was a little strange, but the gigantic Arcane Siegeblade hovering above Michael’s head, was extremely intimidating.

He sighed, “Calm your tits… Maybe you don’t remember me saving you from that Demon infested hellhole? Well, actually, you were about to get killed by an Angel, but that’s beside the point. You can leave or do whatever the hell you want, I honestly don’t care. I mean, we’re in the middle of the jungle and I don’t really think that a level-five, rank-F Sorceress is gonna survive out there on her own, but go ahead.”

Yuki looked down at her legs and hands, then felt her face, before fainting. Michael snickered, then muttered “At least she didn’t piss herself. Speaking of which, this next one did.” as he brought out the stunned High-Elf.

Talia’s left arm was broken from that Paladin’s shield-bash, but with a flash of light, her wounds were easily healed by Elina. Once she regained her senses, the Huntress asked “Wh-where is this? Did you teleport us away from that horrible place?”

The immortal smiled at her and said “You’re safe now brat, but move your flat-ass outta the way, cause this next one’s a really big bitch.” as he ‘gently’ kicked her a few meters across the floor. Then he released a three-meter tall Ogress, who was bleeding profusely and her intestines were actually hanging out of her torn-open abdomen.

Elina quickly stored away her staff, and then clenched both hands together, while closing her eyes and praying “Goddess, please grant this pitiful woman your divine grace: Healing Light!” While the spell was being cast, Michael scowled as he struggled to shove the huge bowels back inside of her body.

When the radiance finally faded, Alisa opened her bright-green eyes and then quickly struggled to sit-up. Her crimson chest-plate and the rest of her armor was still intact, but just a bit scratched and dented; however, her giant greatsword was missing.

She looked around for a few seconds, before staring at the vaguely familiar Human and asking “Where is this place?” The last thing that she remembered was being disemboweled by a vicious angelic Warrior.

Michael told her “My house… now go wait in the corner; I’ve still got like seven more of you bastards to let out.” He didn’t try to kick her away, because she was simply too large and heavy: plus her injuries weren’t completely healed.

After that, he released the scared little boy with the unicorn-styled horn sticking out of his forehead. Tyler was actually completely unharmed, but his shorts and shirt were still covered in copious amounts of red, black and yellow liquids.

The child looked around cautiously, but when he saw the giant Ogress, he ran into her embrace while shouting “Mommy!” Apparently, he wasn’t a mutated Human, but simply a very young Ogre.

Both of them were crying and hugging each-other for a few seconds, before the scarred woman furrowed her brows and told Michael “Thank you, I don’t know how I could ever repay you for saving us.”

He immediately said “Well, you could probably start by cleaning up all the blood and guts off of my previously pristine hardwood floor… but wait until after I’m done. Elina, the next group is gonna be pretty fucked up, but they don’t have too much Health, so it shouldn’t be that difficult.”

A middle-aged man and woman, plus a teenage girl suddenly appeared in front of him. Each of them had various broken limbs and puncture wounds, and were extremely small.

The tiny Druids didn’t actually need the Priestess to help them though, because they each cast ‘Rapid Regeneration’ and ‘Blessings of Naturae’ on themselves. Once they were healed, the father quickly bowed and yelled “Thank you for saving us!”

When the three Gnomes saw the relatively powerful Arcane ‘Mage,’ they assumed that he had teleported them to safety somehow. Thus, they didn’t require an explanation and walked over to Alisa, since they actually knew the two Ogres.

Next was the fairly weak rat-girl, who was still ‘enraged’ even after he removed her from his prison-slot. Michael held the leather-armored Thief with both hands and gently said “Relax, everything is fine now…” while channeling mana into his voice, and activating ‘Enthrall.’

Hearing that deep and calming voice, Zoey came back to her senses and used ‘Vapor-Step’ to suddenly disappear. He had no idea where she went and didn’t really care either, but then he turned to the frowning cat-girl while smirking and told her “Ah, you were complaining about me killing those Angels before, but guess what? Bam! Quest complete, bitches~!”

A pair of Paladin and Priest suddenly appeared between the two of them. Both had shredded wings and were covered in horrible wounds, though their Health was still relatively high.

Elina gasped and then immediately cast ‘Flash-Heal’ on each of them, while beaming a happy smile. The two Lesser Angels were both incredibly feminine, even though their height was two-meters, and the woman was fairly muscular.

They had silver hair and golden eyes, with porcelain skin; neither of them seemed particularly surprised by the sudden change of venue. Hanael and Leo both got down on one knee and looked up at Michael while simultaneously shouting “Thank you for your benevolence!”

He cringed at the sight and then looked around the room at everyone, before announcing “Okay~, so I may have mentioned this already, but this is the living-room of my house! Which means that each of you have helped make it smell like death, shit, piss and vomit, so good fucking job! That was sarcasm by the way, because I’m definitely not happy with how filthy everything is right now! Therefore, each of you should go wash off in the river outside and then come back to help clean up the mess you all made! Don’t piss off my neighbors, the giant lizard-people, and they probably won’t try to eat you. None of you owe me anything; I just helped you because you either asked for it, or it was convenient for me. I mean, you still have to clean my floor, but aside from that, I don’t really care what you do.”

55 thoughts on “Chapter 72: Releasing the Prisoners

  1. Spent one night binge reading this, two days ago and looking at it from the begining i never expected this. i mean killing angels and demons already cant wait to see what unfathomable shit you come up with next to try to fight MC.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmmmm, this might be a spoiler, but I’ve already decided on Companions number 4 and 5… still no idea what number 6 will be though. Maybe I should take a poll? lol I’ve been thinking about a treant or dryad for a while now, but I’m not sure… Inari is probably gonna stick with the Nature path instead of getting a ton of Affinities; Elina is definitely gonna stay Light and Sarah is most likely gonna stay Darkness. Michael is planning on getting 7 Affinities but that’ll take a while rofl. Welp, if anyone has a really cool and interesting suggestion, let me know, I might pick it lol :P.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Probably won’t be a dragon or any other kinda animal/magical-beast. Regardless of the choice, it’s unlikely that the MC will have sex with them, so does it really matter if plant-sex creeps you out? lol… Hmmm, treants/dryads are technically Nature or Chaos golems, so they would be considered ‘Elementals.’ Let’s see~, maybe an Undead of some sort? Not sure what kind though, or maybe a ‘Slime?’ Even if slimes are kinda overused nowdays, they’re still kinda cool… I would probably consider slimes like the lowest form of a water elemental lol.


      • Yeah, there are no ‘pets’ in that sense, just Companions/Partners if you get what I mean? Basically, if any of his companions wanted to, they could literally abandon him at any time. Of course, very few people would be willing to give up immortality and all the other crazy op benefits that they receive, but if he was treating them badly, they could still leave.


    • How about a female flying centaur? Dont see those in stories much
      Or a female sphinx. Would be funny if it spoke like people in 1300s
      Maybe a canine beastman. I would like fox ones. Fluffy tail \(*^*)/
      There is also arachne women.
      Maybe succubus. Though I wonder whos a bigger pervert Mc or succubus?
      There is also mermaid.

      Heck why not have a special humanoid that gets control by random goddess each day. Like Arcana one day then Chaos next and so on. kinda like multiple personalities. Though the humanoid will be limited to Mc stats,rank and lvl.

      There is also slime-humanoid. though you should try to find a way to make her unique. Maybe multiple personality or something. IDK

      You could also do snake-beastman.

      Also I got a question. Couldnt Mc Companions have other companions since he fills only one of their 6 slots? If they can would their companion be immortal or no?

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    • Hmm…

      I am guessing companion 4 is our elven archer of wind.

      That leaves a dedicated mage? Perhaps someone dedicated to Chaos and Fire? That would be a badass combo.

      We could use a loli, so perhaps a crazy dwarven legal loli chaos/fire mage? Someone no longer welcome in the dwarven kingdoms after a few ‘accidental’ fires. /cough cough

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      • If I say that you’re wrong, it’ll be a spoiler, and if I say that you’re dangerously good at guessing, would that be a spoiler too? Well, let’s just say, you’re like… 23% right? Now, if you can guess what part of what you just said was correct, then that’d be impressive. Roflmao


      • 23% huh?

        Hmm… /ponders/

        If I split it into ‘Dwarven’, ‘loli’, ‘chaos’ and ‘fire’…

        Since he seems to lean toward Light and Nature, I can rule out Chaos for now. Especially after that last clusterfuck. You had the opportunity to make the chaos kitty auctioneer a companion but you don’t seem to be focusing enough on her for that to be likely. Especially after robbing her. 😛

        Dwarves have so far been ignored, so that would be a bit out of the blue.

        Fire also hasn’t been showcased yet, but you could surprise me.

        So I am guessing the 23% is Loli?

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  3. You said he gets his new class next chapter? But there’s only two a day, and this is number two? That’s too cruel.
    You’re an S.
    A total S.
    The S iS Strong with thiS one.

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  4. That ‘release them inside your house’ clause of the quest was just mean. I mean the ogre alone must have scraped up those hardwood floors something fierce.

    Oh well, worth it for the new class and gold for house upgrades.

    I am also 99% sure he is going to somehow end up with a swarm of ratpeople living in his walls. Once rats start to breed its impossible to get rid of the little bastards… The fact she hasn’t got a mate won’t even slow her down, somehow.

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