Chapter 158: The Calm After the Dungeon, and Before the Chaos

After the two kittens were done fooling around in the bathtub, they witnessed Michael, laying on a surprisingly clean bed. Sarah had utilized her ‘Devouring Shadow’, in order to clean up their ridiculous mess, and then passed out on his chest.

Even though they had finished fornicating, that slimy tail was still connected to the Nephilim’s genitals. Elina frowned, as she crawled across the bed and struggled to remove the ferocious tentacle.

That little girl’s entire body had been curled up on Michael’s chest and abdomen, so once the worm was removed, the angelic cat-girl had plenty of room to ride on his ‘lap’. Jasmine complained “Nyah~, does that really feel good Lina? How do you fit something so big in your tiny coochie? Meow~, I wanna play with it too~! Wah~, let me play~!” as she jumped onto the bed.

The Priestess sighed, “JJ, stop being so noisy, you’re going to wake up the evil one… Ahn~, un~, ah~… Don’t do that!” When she wasn’t paying attention, the curious kitten cuddled up next to the Dark-Goblin and started playing with that strange and mysterious tentacle.

Before Jasmine realized it, her entire right arm had entered inside of the extremely stretchy creature. She giggled, “Nyah~, it’s so~ awesome~! Muhuahahaha~, now I’m going to be the one to devour you~…”

After pulling her arm out of the slimy orifice, she then effortlessly shoved at least six inches of the squirming worm-tail inside of her body. Watching that, Michael asked “Oi, does that hurt? I mean, there’s like, sharp barbs on the end, right? I remember the first time she used that thing on me… Actually, why didn’t ‘Friendly-Fire Prevention’ pop-up?”

She tilted her head to the left, touching her right index finger to her lower-lip and muttering “My tummy feels kinda weird? Un~, it’s all tingly and cold? It feels a little good though, nyahahaha~, it tickles~!” Then, she began rubbing up against the unconscious woman and purring quietly, while smiling happily.

“Body of Slime Level 2: The brain is constantly in a liquid state and is circulated throughout the bloodstream, able to rapidly repair damaged organs and tissues. Increases flexibility and elasticity of muscles and skin dramatically.” Once the Boss battle ended, and she ‘accidentally’ killed herself, her Passive had leveled-up. That was the reason why she was able to withstand those barbs and the relatively dangerous thickness of that tentacle, and not even receive any damage.

Reading that description, Michael muttered “Hmmm, I feel like… this shit is gonna end up being really fucking OP in the future. Hell, since she already has the Chaos Affinity, I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets a ton of weird-ass abilities. It’s amazing as it is, that she can just randomly create fully-functional bullets out of her own blood. Maybe she’ll start menstruating slime-monsters… Ugh, I feel like I just said something that I probably shouldn’t have.” Indeed, the Goddesses were always eavesdropping. At least Arcana, Umbra, Chaos and Lux were; the rest of them actually had things to do.

In a certain sense, even as she was being penetrated by Sarah’s tentacle, Jasmine was actually more ‘innocent’ than the Huntress who was hiding in the kitchen. The little girl had access to all sorts of pornography in ‘The Dwarven Republic’ and was certainly not a stranger to lust.

However, just like Michael, she was true to her own desires and didn’t consider anything that she was doing as ‘strange’ or ‘wrong’. Thus, she didn’t feel guilt… Of course, she also murdered tons of people and didn’t feel bad about that either.

Even as the angelic Priestess was watching her girlfriend cuddling with another woman, on the chest of her boyfriend, she didn’t try to stop it. Elina just laid down a bit, resting her excessively large breasts on the two of them, and somehow managing to press her mouth against the Nephilim’s.

What they didn’t know, was that there were several invisible cameras floating around them. Johnny didn’t plan on letting them stay in that room for ‘free’ after all. Of course, under normal conditions, there were legal issues involved with recording voyeurism… but they weren’t Citizens of his town or part of the staff who worked in his Dungeons.

Oddly enough, he was even able to gain Arcana’s permission; though he had no idea why she wanted him to spread videos of that obscene Player all over the Mana-net. Fame and fortune were always closely tied with infamy and misfortune, it all depended on ‘Luck’.
When the moaning finally ended, and after Talia had eaten three more salads, a pound of bacon, and a gallon of chocolate ice cream, the Huntress finally needed to use the bathroom: for multiple reasons. While sitting on the toilet, she untied her messy ponytail and gently caressed the subtle tattoo on the top of her left breast.

It was the one that the leather jacket had transformed into, and was in the shape of a bow and arrow. Compared to the beautiful flower on her left wrist and the elegant cloud on her right palm, the tattoos from her new equipment wasn’t very flattering.

Yet, she still couldn’t help but giggle, muttering “I made the right decision… How many years has it been since the last time I leveled-up? Within a few days, I’ve already become so powerful and even gained three Epics… Aside from that, I’ve never known anyone like Michael before. It isn’t just him, even Elina and Sarah are both extremely powerful in their own ways. So young, yet they’re already that strong… I thought that he was joking when he spoke of reaching level one-hundred, but perhaps we really will be able to become deities?”

Suddenly, the door opened and a huge dragon-girl slowly lumbered into the bathroom. She lazily took off her tattered and bloody red robe, dropping it onto the floor and didn’t even glance at the defecating High-Elf.

Her senses were extremely sharp where the four Elements were concerned, and the two cat-girls hadn’t even emptied the jacuzzi. The soapy water reminded Alice of her home, and even if she was half-asleep, she still wanted to enter into that steaming bath.

However, before that, she walked over to the ‘shower’ and squatted down over the drain. Talia asked “Have you never heard of knocking? Or privacy?”

The dragoness finally noticed the blond-haired woman, as she began urinating a bright-blue liquid. She growled “No, I’ve spent my whole life in a cave… with my parents. Hmm, what’s your deal anyway? No offense, but you don’t really seem to fit-in with the rest of ‘them’. Mike bought my ‘services’ with a mana-core I needed to evolve. Not that I was any help today… I still have no idea what the hell is going on. Now that I think about it, no one even bothered to explain anything to me yet. I’ve just been going along with what everyone else was doing.”

By the time she stopped talking, she also finished relieving herself, and stood up. Before the Huntress could answer, Alice gently entered into the water and after a few seconds, she began snoring loudly.

Talia sighed, “Isn’t she a little too carefree? At least she isn’t insane… hopefully. Ugh, ow, un, I really shouldn’t have eaten so much…” After that was over with, she took a quick shower: using the complementary body-wash, shampoo and conditioner.

Smelling like mangoes and oranges, the naked High-Elven woman left the bathroom and swiftly reached ‘her’ bed. Once she was safely under the covers, she noticed that Michael was still awake, and glancing over at her.

On the Nephilim’s chest was a small obsidian-skinned Goblin-girl, and to his right were two cuddling kittens. All of them were under the covers, so Talia didn’t lose her composure too much.

He asked “Did you have fun? This was your first time in a Dungeon, right?” while smirking.

The Huntress whispered “It was indeed, a rather exhilarating experience, the likes of which I had never imagined…” Then she turned her body towards the window, gazing out at the amazing scenery of skyscrapers, “This city is so incredible… It isn’t very large, but with these colossal buildings, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were over a hundred thousand people living here. Perhaps even more, considering that this is merely the surface.”

Michael muttered “Yeah, with extra-dimensional magic, well, you know what my house is like, hahah~… It’s so fucking ridiculous. Magic didn’t exist in my world, ya know? If I hadn’t read and watched so many stories, I probably wouldn’t be so jaded… I mean, I was a writer in my old world. Anyway, go to sleep; tomorrow, we’re gonna go power-level these noobs.”

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  1. “the Goddesses were always eavesdropping. At least Arcana, Umbra, Chaos and Lux were; the rest of them actually had things to do.”

    Probably my favourite sentence up to now >.<

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  2. Thanks for the chapter~

    I wonder if Mike is going to play with Arcana again soon…? Those chapters are always interesting~

    “I though that he was joking” -> “I thought that he was joking”

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  3. Aaaaand part of my comment from last chapter was pointed out, sorta, by a character in this one. lol.
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