Chapter 170: Nothing Is Ever ‘Free’

After five minutes, the crowd was starting to become restless. Daniel gazed up at the fifteen-meter high gateway, hesitantly calling out “Umm… Immortal One! Are you still there?!”

Michael quickly peeked over the stone railing and yelled “I can’t find the fucking lever! Who the hell designed this shit?! Damn it! Oh, wait, I haven’t checked… yep, found it!” Rather than upon the ramparts, the way to open the gate was actually underground.

There were four huge wheels, which were meant to be cranked by a decent amount of people, on each side of the wall. The walls were mostly hollow, so he had used his astral form to check them already, but he didn’t expect there to be a basement.

Once he teleported into the room, he used Telekinesis to move all of them at the same time, and the refurbished Luxiana was suddenly revealed to everyone. For a whole kilometer, there was a huge marble pathway, which lead from the gate, to a truly amazing structure.

In fact, if they hadn’t been so close to the walls, they would have been able to see the Grand Luxiana Cathedral, from miles away. The structure’s height wasn’t too ridiculous, but compared to the tiny church that was there before, even the four-story inns that were randomly placed around the town, were significantly larger.

More than just the size, that beautiful marble building was in front of something else that wasn’t supposed to be there. A mountain that was only a kilometer tall, usually wouldn’t even be a big deal, but when it suddenly appears in the middle of a prairie, the chunk of land would obviously stand out a lot more.

Also, Michael only had ten acres of territory, but for whatever reason, he managed to take a lot more than that with him. It was closer to a square mile of total land, and much larger than the entire village. Obviously, the Nephilim didn’t notice something like that though.

What awed them the most, was that right as they entered the town, the sun began rising over the mountaintop. Thus, creating a truly breathtaking scene for any ‘Luxian’, and causing a decent amount of people to kneel down and start praying in the middle of the road.

Attempting to avoid that nonsense, Michael sent his wisp out and ‘Astral-Stepped’ directly inside of the cathedral, standing on that gigantic marble bench. Elina was sitting on the gargantuan statue’s left shoulder, and the two of them were ‘singing’, along with all of the pilgrims and villagers in the massive room.

“Nyah~, nyah~, meow~, nya-nya-nyah~, meow~, nya-nyah~, meow-meow-meow~!” It was the ancestral Hymn of Lux, and it sounded as if there were hundreds of tone-deaf, discordant kittens and cats crying out for someone to feed them.

Eventually, their ‘song’ had finally ended, and the entire room was enveloped in a thick, concentrated, aura of Light. Once it settled down and people began chattering loudly with each-other, Michael shouted “Oi, listen up! This is an important-ish announcement!”

Hearing that, everyone suddenly became silent, and many people were either awed or terrified by that angelic man. Even Luxiana felt a tinge of fear, regardless of how much smaller he was compared to her.

Elina announced “Don’t worry, this is my… husband, Michael. He’s the person who did all of this! Well, you also shouldn’t take anything he says too seriously, and try to ignore all the obnoxious swearing!”

The Nephilim sighed, complaining “I don’t even curse that fucking much! Anyway, I had something really important that I needed to tell everyone… but I can’t remember! Oh wait, I got it! The housing situation! Ah, and there’s also a cunt-load of other shit! Like, commercial buildings: restaurants, the docks, I think there are even boats, a bunch of shops, and umm~, other stuff. Whatever, it’s not my problem anymore! Hahahahah~! Each house only cost me like… twenty-five silver, but there are five-hundred of them! Well, to put it in perspective, this big-ass church was fifty-gold and a rank-E, level-nineteen, Elite’s mana-core! I’m not telling you this to make you feel guilty or anything like that, but you get what I’m saying, right?”

There was a long silence and everyone was horrified by what they thought he was implying. Eventually, the angelic cat-girl glared at him, yelling “Michael, you aren’t going to make them pay you back! How could they even afford something like that?!”

However, he just started laughing hysterically, “No, when the fuck did I say that? Listen, there’s over a thousand people and only five-hundred houses. Now, I honestly have no clue how many families there are, but there were only about five-hundred tiny huts before then. I added in plumbing, running water, but there’s no electricity… yet, so you might have to wait a while for that. Ah, do they even know what electricity is? Anyway, the point is, I ‘technically’ own all of the properties at the moment. Basically, where’s the goddamn mayor or whoever? I honestly have no idea what kinda system of government you guys have…

“I also hate politics, so if you start annoying me with that nonsense, I’ll seriously banish people, or feed them to Cunty. So~, without further ado~, I elect the giant statue as the new erm? What would that even be? No, I’ve lost interest. She’s Luxiana, the ‘heart’ of the town-city-village, and thus, the duty of dealing with this shit falls onto her! Congratulations~, now you get to decide who lives where, and I don’t have to care~! Hahahaha~, that rhymes… Kay then, bye~!”

After finishing his unintelligible speech, he took the hundreds of property deeds out of his inventory, and placed the magical papers on the bench, before teleporting away. The angelic Oracle, flapped her wings as she descended towards the mysterious contracts.

Each one was rectangular and everything was written in ancient runes, but she was still able to use her ‘Scan’ ability to read them. She sighed, gazing up at her gigantic grandmother, “Mom-Mom, don’t worry, I’ll help you out with this.”

Then she turned towards the former Village Chieftain, Arnold, “You can just ignore what he said… You might want to avoid political power struggles in the future though. If you tried to abuse your position, he would probably really kill you. Anyway, everyone form groups with your family members! Any pilgrims who wish to migrate to Luxiana, now is your chance! There are only five-hundred houses, after that, you’re out of luck! You there, um, Yana, go outside and tell the others to come in here! Before we decide on homes, we need to deal with jobs! First off is… the southern docks! Who was the old owner? Okay, good, come here and take this… I don’t think you need to sign anything. Just having it in your possession means that you own the building. Next, is… the inn near the northern gateway!”
As his ‘wife’ was cleaning up that mess, Michael was shoving that Silver Scimitar into her ‘closet’. He muttered “Hmmm, I probably~ shouldn’t upgrade the house right away. We have enough gold, but since I might randomly need to spend it on something else, for whatever reason, I don’t wanna be broke. For now, I should just store all of this shit somewhere…”

The Nephilim teleported into the freezer, swiftly depositing a few hundred Demonic Boar carcasses, minus their mana-cores. Each of them was the size of a rhinoceros, so everything together, was actually starting to fill that massive space.

“Ugh, hopefully, those bastards can start getting their economy in order and begin trading with other towns and cities. That way, we can start to sell all this shit off and gain a steady income. Hell, just a few of these piggies could probably feed the whole town for a day.” Even if he did ‘give away’ all of those properties for ‘free’, they still technically belonged to him. He possessed the power to completely ‘recycle’ the entire village at any time, but also the ability to ‘upgrade’ structures: increasing their level or rank with gold and mana-cores.

The Citizens were also able to build and destroy things on their own, or make various alterations. Thus, he didn’t have complete control over everything, and neither would he want that. “In these kind of games, it’s always more entertaining to watch the little NPCs fuck around and do shit on their own. Hehehe~, not only that, but now I have access to… six-hundred and ninety-four cat-girls! I’ll never run outta porn! Muhuahahaha~! Nah, I’ll probably get bored of watching them in a few weeks… We need to increase the racial diversity a bit. Well, it’ll happen eventually~.”

He was talking to himself about his perverted schemes, when someone suddenly opened the door and entered inside of the freezer.

38 thoughts on “Chapter 170: Nothing Is Ever ‘Free’

  1. I know that there will be release soon but i would like to share my suspicions with others.
    The ending of the chapter is tempting me to make a wild guess based on my nonsensical logic that there will be a sex scene in the fridge.

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  2. Someone… in the house… in the freezer… by elimination… Laura?

    Well, the Jacobs family is really starting to look weird, between the cat-person, the cat-golem, the cat-angel, the cat-zombies, and the mistery easter egg… Really waiting for the family gathering.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pretty much lol Sex out of wedlock isn’t unheard of, but more like, it would have been embarrassing for her? Like, when you’re introducing your girlfriend or boyfriend to your grandparents, you wouldn’t say “Oh hey, this is my fuck-buddy.” lmao. Or maybe you would rofl.


    • Why would he put up a tax? They literally have no income at the moment, so he’d just be making them go into debt for no reason lol. If he really wants the town to flourish, then it’s better for them to just focus on getting things up and running. Besides that, you’re forgetting that they’re already paying him in Light Favor lol… Though they don’t even realize it 😛


  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    Also, this might sound kinda random but what direction does LMS go in? Is it worth reading? I like the first 6 volumes sp far but I’ve read elsewhere that it gets really dark. Idk though.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks. By dark i meant mcs family/friends/ girlfriend(s) get tortured and raped. I don’t care too much for it. I can tolerate it rather well in stories but I’ve been going on a big reading spree for it and reallt like it so far. I dunno if what i types makes sense to others or not. Meh. Also someone picked up the translation for it i heard. Idk why they dropped it in the first place.

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      • That definitely never happened as far as I know rofl. Besides, I haven’t seen anything so far that would indicate that something like that would ever happen in LMS lol


      • Steveman as far as volume 21 in LMS there hasn’t been any tortured or raped. Hmm. Well maybe torture of some statues and some animals off-screen. But nothing graphic. In most cases it’s just mental abuse because Weed is so greedy and forces everyone about him to do his bidding.

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    • I’ve read 18+ volumes and I don’t remember anything “really dark” though it’s possible I’m wrong. However, after it was licensed and japtem stopped translating I lost interest and haven’t kept current so it’s possible it lurched into that direction.

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    • The world and the storyline is pretty good in my opinion, but goddamn I cannot stand the MC. He finds a one in a million quest, or a fantastic item that will increase whatever and the first thing he does is sell it to the highest fucking bidder. He doesn’t even do business with it either, he literally just fucking sells it to the first person to raise their hand. He also complains about every good thing that happens to him like someone just shot his grandmother in the balls. I really want to like that story, but I get irrationally angry everytime at the MC.


      • Yea, he has aspects that are really fucking annoying. He constantly complains about his class when it has some insanely OP and versatile skills. Sure, it takes a lot of work to improve his strength because of the requirements of his class but at the same time, the game literally tells him his class has the potential to be the best class in the game. His insistence that Seoyoon is evil and out to get him is also really fucking annoying.

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