TDoE V1 Chapter 9: Virginity

That narcissistic old man continued bragging about how ‘kindhearted’ and ‘charitable’ he was for the entire trip back to his house. Then it was back to monotonous physical exercises for a few hours. I wanted to increase the amount of Qi in my Dantian, but it’s apparently not something that should be forced.

Long Di loved to tell me horror stories about some of the big Clans and Sects. How they would force their children to become Cultivators before they were even born. They had special techniques to use the mother’s life force in exchange for improving the fetus’ Innate Talent very slightly. It wasn’t just the women either, they could have tens or hundreds of men sacrifice their own Dantians and even their lives in order to produce the strongest offspring possible.

I also learned some fun facts in my ‘Sex-Ed’ class. The organ which holds a person’s Qi is basically attached to everything else in their body, from pores, to fingernails, even their lungs and brain. That’s why people who couldn’t control their mana properly would often ‘cough up blood’ or literally explode into a gory puddle of crimson mush.

Virginity was placed on a really high pedestal, because it actually did have some significance in my new world. It had something to do what that ‘Heavenly Law’, which dictated how powerful a person was and how long they could live. I didn’t know about Immortals, but for Mortals at least, chastity was super important to ‘most’ forms of cultivation.

Both men and women had a metaphysical Qi hymen, which could only break once. Obviously, I had to ask “Wait, is there just one or is there like, a separate magical chastity for the mouth, asshole and pussy individually?”

I was doing pushups at the time, so Long Di took that opportunity to stomp down onto my back and make my face get covered in dirt. He shouted “They’re all the same, ya stinking perverted Brat! So don’t throw away yer cherry ta the first random bitch ya find!” As he let me get up, I wanted to say something else, but he stepped on my back again. Then he yelled “No guys either! Or Spirits! I better not find out that ya raped any uh my horses either! Normally, parents and teachers wouldn’t need ta tell their kids bout this kinda shit until they were at least teenagers, but yer already a horny little bastard!”

Anyway, if both sides are virgins, then there’s a mutual exchange of Qi. It’s also possible for each of them to mildly improve their Innate Talent. If one side is and the other isn’t, then the person having their first time will be able to absorb some of the other person’s cultivation and Innate Talent. If the difference in strength is too high, then the weaker non-virgin might die in the process.

Of course, there was also another aspect that was pretty hilarious in my opinion. Sex was really fucking dangerous! Like, even just normal intercourse could lead to death if one side struggled against the other. He told me a story about a Legendary Lolicon who was obsessed with stealing the virginity of little girls. Anyway, it ended with him trying to rape an Apprentice and having his entire cultivation consumed by the eight year old brat. Supposedly, she wound up becoming an Immortal eventually.

The point is that people in my new world were a bit more ‘conservative’ when it came to matters regarding sex. At least the cultivators were, and since they decided all the laws, it wasn’t much of a surprise that a lot of things that I really wanted to do were super-illegal. Blowjobs and Anal were both like Devil-Magic in the eyes of most low-end Mortals. Brothels existed, but they were part of the criminal underworld, rather than being out in the open.

Honestly though, I went twenty years without even so much as kissing a girl, so it’s not like I was a slut. Hell, I wouldn’t be willing to just give my virginity away to the first vagina I saw regardless of whether there was some sort of rule against it or not. I didn’t do anything to Long Di’s animals the night before, right? No, I masturbated in my room like a good little boy! Hmmm, that sounded better in my head…

When it started to get dark, the old sadist finally let me stop running around or working out. We went into the kitchen for dinner, lo mein, and then he took me into his nonconsensual sex-dungeon. Okay, it was just a creepy basement, similar to the ones I had lived in for my entire last lifetime.

Actually, no, it was a hundred times bigger than the whole first floor of his house. Fluorescent lights illuminated the place, though the seemed to work on mana, rather than electricity. There were all sorts of wooden training dummies, mechanical exercise equipment that seemed similar to what I had used in my old world, a huge fighting cage that was more like a colosseum, and plenty of other random stuff. Weapons were hanging on the walls or placed in fancy glass cases, depending on how expensive they were. There was also lots of training equipment, armor, creepy mannequins, chained up ghosts… Yes, he actually had motherfucking Spirits sealed in his basement! Before I had the chance to open my mouth, he already slapped my face and sent me tumbling across the padded brown floor.

“There’s good Spirits and evil ones, just like people! Exorcists exterminate wicked Spirits! Necromancers create and enslave them! We Shamans seal, imprison or attempt to rehabilitate crazy, cruel or broken Spirits! It’s a long and arduous process, but it’s much more rewarding… Both for the sake of Karma and our sanity. As for kind, gentle, merciful or innocent Spirits, we go outta our way ta protect em and even help em get stronger. Then there’s the wild or bestial ones… Usually, we just let nature take its course.”

Only about five ghosts were out in the open, but I could see that there was a big ominous black door, with all sorts of paper talismans sticking to it. I couldn’t read the sign above that gateway to hell, but it definitely gave me a bad feeling when I looked at it.

As I was standing up, he walked past me and pointed to the Spirit that was trapped in a small black birdcage. He casually explained “This is a Rank-E Terror Pixie… Don’t let it’s cute exterior fool ya, cause it’s massacred a few villages already. It especially enjoys controlling little brats and making them murder their parents while sleepwalking. Course, it can also directly attack people in their dreams, though it’s not very effective on Adepts.”

It basically just looked like a six-inch tall fairy-shaped pocket-pussy to me. The girl had sparkly dark-blue skin, no clothes, perky breasts, purple moth-like wings on her back, and elven ears. Her eyes were abnormally large and totally black, as if I was staring into that endless void again. She also had long and curly silver hair that whipped around whenever she moved.

I unconsciously reached out to touch the thin metal bars, but a powerful explosion of Qi knocked me back onto that brown mat. After getting up, Long Di chucked, explaining “Unless yer an Expert like me, ya can’t get too close ta these cages. Don’t worry though, you’ll get ta ‘play’ with each uh these monsters eventually… Just not yet, ‘cause yer way too weak right now.”

That ‘Terror Pixie’ was giggling and sticking her long, neon-yellow tongue out at me. I sighed dramatically, murmuring “It’s a Spirit, so I bet it’d be possible… Hmmm~, I wonder if my dick will still be small enough to fit inside of her tiny pussy when the time comes though?”

The old man definitely heard what I said, but it seemed like he was actually getting tired from constantly trying to ‘correct’ my behavior. He just pointed to the next creature and grumbled “This bastard is a Rank-F Ethereal Phallus… It’s a dick! All it cares about is goin in and outta holes… But it ain’t even a normal prick! This psycho was actually an ancient Rank-D treasured dagger, but when its physical form was destroyed, the weapon’s soul escaped. Before I caught it, the crazy cock kept taking control of swords, spears, staffs, even chopsticks! Then it goes around stabbing people in their Dantians and sucking out their cultivation to keep itself alive.”

‘It’ was only about five inches long, without any testicles or anything, just the shaft and head. That thing was constantly pulsating and struggling to escape from a mysterious glass bubble. The orb was floating in the air, next to the black birdcage. To the left was a glowing orange Human skeleton, which was chained up against the wall.

“This guy… He’s a Rank-F Martial Spirit. I ain’t got no clue who he was in life, but he still remembers a lot of fighting techniques. He was probably at the Master Stage before he died… Whether it was a grudge or maybe some kinda curse that kept him here, I ain’t got no clue. One of my disciples captured this guy when it was only a Rank-G Wandering Soul. Back then, it was a lot more violent, but recently… Well, I might end up letting him go soon. When ya get stronger, he’ll be one uh yer sparring partners.”

Then he pointed at a faintly glowing white lion, which was sleeping on the floor. It didn’t even seem to be locked up at all. Di explained “This is Leo Leblanc, my Spirit Companion… He’s at least two-hundred years old and Rank-B, but he can’t do much anymore. A few decades ago, he went into hibernation cause I couldn’t feed him enough Qi… Ya see, when I found him, he was just a Rankless Kitten Ghost. Within a few hundred years he managed to surpass me. I can’t advance any farther, so he’s basically just waiting till I kick the bucket, hehehe~… He also guards that there Spirit Vault fer me.”


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  3. This is something you need to keep in mind about first person pov novels and things that characters say… They don’t ‘need’ to tell the truth all the time lol. Lying is a thing that happens a lot during character interactions rofl. Idk how many times I’ve heard people come back later and complain “But, but back then, that guy said this and now you’re saying something totally different! It’s an error! Fix it!” Characters are allowed to lie lol. I’m not saying that there’s a ton of lying in this story though, just that sometimes, things aren’t always as they seem :P.


    • Well congratulations on getting to 500 posts, but don’t pull a WDQK (its on wuxiaworld) on us and describe a genius at the beginning of the story, then by chapter 380 everyone and their great aunt has talent (and cultivation) that surpasses that ultimate genius (who is still considered a genius) when he was their age.

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      • Yeah, well, that’s how all xianxia are though roflmao. They’re like “Oh hey, he’s the pinnacle of awesomeness!” Then the MC finally beats that person and finds out that he was just a frog in a well. They also use the term “A frog in a well” in every story lol.

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      • Did I ever say that Levi was a genius though? He just has Dark Violet Innate Talent. Which basically means that his potential is really high… like, I have a google doc that is called ‘information’ and is just filled with random shit about TDoE roflmao.

        Talent Levels

        Red: Weak Mortal
        Orange: Medium Mortal
        Yellow: Strong Mortal
        Green: Weak Immortal
        Blue: Strong Immortal
        Indigo: Weak Deity
        Violet: Strong Deity

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      • The author of WDQK dosen’t keep track of what he said in earlier chapters and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have any sort of power levels sheet either. Or any sheet about the world for that matter

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