TDoE V1 Chapter 20: The Deal

I hate royalty, nobility, politicians and just about anyone who considers themselves a ‘ruler’. It’s not like I had ever met any of them in person before, but the concept alone was annoying enough. Of course, the reason why Hua Jiang was called ‘Master’ had nothing to do with her status as a ‘Queen’.

That woman was probably close to five-hundred years old, based on the fact that she looked like she would be in her nineties on Earth. Di warned me that aging was pretty much the same for all Stages and since Masters were able to live five centuries, it wasn’t too hard to guess.

“The Queen has asked you a question, Child! Answer immediately or I shall crush your tiny body into paste!” As I was trying to control the fury that was welling up inside of me, that giant cuntbag started pissing me off even more.

After taking a deep breath and letting out a long sigh, I gazed up at the irritated granny and casually answered “My name’s Levi Ares… Oh, Long Bai is my Dao Protector by the way, so please tell your fuckboy to shut his goddamn mouth, okay? Di brought me here so that you could do some sorta voodoo magic bullshit and find out my birthday, bloodline or whatever…”

Right when that big guy looked like he wanted to murder me, he suddenly coughed out a mouthful of blood and took a step backward. Bitch Master Hua chuckled softly, then stood up and walked down a small flight of marble stairs. When she was a few feet in front of me, I could tell that she was at least six feet tall, even with her back slightly hunched.

However, as I looked at the bottom of her extremely long robe, I saw the tips of silver tentacles occasionally slip out. She smirked, “Are you frightened now, Boy? I am a Master of Aquatic Druidry… Although Long Bai is powerful, he would not be able to save you from me… If I truly wished for you to die, you would have no hope of survival. Perhaps you regret acting so arrogant now?”

I smiled wryly, then tilted my head as I checked out the rest of her hidden body. Jiang definitely had decently sized and surprisingly perky breasts, while she covered her natural scent with nasty perfume. It was a difficult decision, but I finally had to ask “Are you trying to seduce me?”

A slimy silver tentacle smacked me in the face and sent me flying across the room. After I stopped sliding across the slippery marble floor, I stood up and spat out a few of my right-side molars onto the floor.

“Do all old people love to abuse children, or is it just you and Di?” She immediately appeared in front of me and grabbed my throat with her right hand. Then she lifted me until she could see directly into my eyes.

Jiang’s white brows furrowed tightly and all the wrinkles on her face suddenly smoothed out. Her nose flattened against her face and disappeared, while her skin became reflective and silver. A black beak emerged from her mouth and purple tubes were dangling from each side of her neck. All of that fancy hair on the top of her head was actually a wig, which fell off onto the floor. I could see her brain through that translucent bulbous head of hers.

“Gentle Di wouldn’t put up with such a vulgar and uncouth brat… There’s something wrong here. Hohoho~, so you thought that such a pathetic Shamanic trick would work on me?!” That sexy, I mean, ‘creepy’ beak opened up and a bright-yellow lamprey-like tongue shot out onto my right cheek. The hundreds of tiny teeth twisted around and removed a large chunk of flesh, which she proceeded to devour.

“I’m so turned on right now…” When I said that, she grimaced and threw me onto the ground. As I struggled to stand up again, a silver tentacle wrapped around each of my wrists and ankles, lifting me up into the air.

The old octopus lady screamed “No! That’s impossible!” Then she hurriedly pulled me over to a door behind her seashell throne and growled “Bo! Do not allow anyone to disturb me! Everyone else, go back to your own quarters!”

A moment later, I had been taken into an extravagant bedroom. The walls were metallic silver and the floor was marble, while the ceiling had a beautiful mural painted onto it. There was a huge circular pink bed at the center of the floor, dressers and chests all along the walls, plus all sorts of random other shit.

However, she didn’t stop for very long in the bedroom and quickly carried me into some sort of crystal cavern. After the door was sealed behind us, she held me up in front of her monstrous face and grumbled “That bastard… I bet he brought you here just to taunt me!”

Her azure robe and gloves were torn to shreds as her body abruptly expanded. She was at least four meters tall, totally naked, and restraining me in the air with her slimy limbs. Jiang had silver flesh and a relatively muscular torso; tight abs, perky breasts and thin but toned arms.

My focus was almost entirely placed on the region below her navel though. There were no hips or ass, only six webbed tentacle legs. I asked “Wait, do you have a pussy or is it just another beak down there?”

She reached out and grabbed my mouth with her sticky right hand, squeezing it tightly, while complaining “How did such a rude little brat like you wind up with dark-violet Innate Talent? Were you a God in your past life? Damnation! If only I had an heir or even a great granddaughter… So that’s how it is, that’s the reason why he sent you here…”

That beak was sucked back inside of her lips, but her face still remained all smooth and silvery. Then she pulled me closer and used her pink human-like tongue to lick the gaping wound on my cheek. After getting a few tastes, she sighed dramatically, telling me “Your birthday is the seventh of Tianlong. Plenty of time to reach the Apprentice Stage. Unfortunately, your bloodline is purely Human… If Gentle Di wishes for me to teach you Druidry, it may not be possible. As for your future… Hmph, does he believe me to be an Oracle? At most, I can predict that you will have a very difficult life… Hmm~, I wonder if you would be willing to make a deal with me?”

Her hand was pulled off of my mouth, just long enough for me to say “I’m sorry, but I don’t think your tentacles will fit inside my asshole-”

Then she continued “I’ll teach you how to tame Beasts and you shall give me an heir. No, I will obviously not be the one to bear the child… You may choose one of the servants or guards, I do not care. It wouldn’t matter even if you impregnated them all. In fact, that may prove to be a much more efficient method than merely picking a single woman… Of course, this will all be reserved for when you are an adult. For the time being, I would become your Druidry instructor.”

She gave me another chance to speak and I made a really bad decision… I asked “Couldn’t you just milk me a bunch of times and collect all the sperm into vials, then put them into extradimensional containers for storage? Rather than having to wait or relying on chance, you could take a turkey baster and squirt small amounts directly into a bunch of girls uteri. Like, realistically, would you even need my permission for that? It’s not like I could stop you from jerking me off a bunch of times either… Well, even if you didn’t do anything yourself, you could totally lock me into a room. If I had nothing better to do, I could probably ejaculate about thirty times a day. Not sure if that would be more effective than three cumshots though… Depends if you care more about sperm count or if the other stuff is important?”

I know it may seem like I was an idiot and wasted an amazing opportunity to have sex with hundreds of beautiful women, but I did have a reason. Mainly, I didn’t want to be forced to have sex with a bunch of random people purely for the sake of making babies. If I donate some jizz and leave them to their own devices, then that’s their business and it would have nothing to do with me anymore. However, I knew that her main trap was that she wanted to put me into an awkward position. She would be able to manipulate me by using those kids or the mothers as hostages if I actually cared about them.


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