Novel Updates

Does anybody post things on Novel Translations?  Like, last year I was getting a lot of views from there and Aho-Updates.

Unfortunately, Aho-Updates doesn’t work for “The Dao of Eros” and I can’t post things on “Novel Translations” because I still have -45 Karma.

Anyway, I’m just wondering if anyone can start posting my updates on “Novel Translations“.  I’ll bribe you with access to my secret folder… Let me know if you’re willing to help out :).

Also, one of the reasons why I slowed down my posting speed is because… Well, it seems like how fast I post doesn’t really make a difference.  Lately, even if I post 2 chapters of HCOP or 2 chapters of TDoE on a single day, there isn’t much of a difference between the days when I don’t post anything at all.

So, if the views pick back up through advertisement or whatever, I’ll start posting more regularly.  I’m just so tired of stressing out over it all the time, I just want to focus on writing lol.

8 thoughts on “Novel Updates

  1. Well, if the guy up there decide not to post the chapters just tell me and i can do it. That secret folder and the chance of more regular post are too much of a tempting for me. (Not an english speaker, sorry for my bad writing)

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