TDD V1 Prologue 2: The Divine Chess Set

Among the many legacies that Azrael, Uriel and Sariel left behind, there was a chess set. It was a game that the three of them often played with each other. Of course, this wasn’t an ordinary game of chess. Each and every piece, including the board, were divine artifacts of the highest caliber.

One side was created from Uriel’s seeds, the other was made out of Azrael’s nanites, while the board was crafted by Sariel. It was truly one of their greatest legacies… However, in order to ensure that they had the greatest chance of inheriting it properly, they set up many safeguards and preparations.

First of all, they chose thirty-two of their closest friends and gave each of them a single piece. Their most powerful and trustworthy allies were deities that owned or controlled several universes. They received the more important pieces, while the pawns were given to their weaker companions.

Their request was simple: “When we eventually reincarnate, please make sure that our next incarnations receive these artifacts.”

Rather than ask to be given the items directly, they wanted to ‘find’ them on their own. It was actually a fairly common and popular method for deities to allow themselves to inherit their own creations. Although the chess set was absurdly powerful, the main purpose was to train their future incarnations.

Unfortunately, their plan had a fatal flaw. There was a cataclysmic war which spanned entire universes. When Azrael, Sariel and Uriel died, so too did most of their friends. Many of the universes that had been strictly controlled, were left owner-less and some had been completely devoured or destroyed.

Two of the chess pieces fell onto a single planet, within one of the many abandoned and decaying universes drifting through the Chaotic Void. Be it coincidence, or perhaps destiny, the pieces that happened to land on that particular world were both kings.

This planet was very large, at least twenty-four thousand miles in circumference. There were deserts, tundras, jungles, oceans, lakes, plains and all sorts of other biomes. It was a beautiful paradise called Elysium.

There were all sorts of plants and animals, while humanity stood at the apex. No mana existed on this world. It was also totally free from the influences of deities and immortals.

When the two kings descended, everything changed. Mana spread across the globe, transforming ordinary creatures into vicious monstrosities. Eventually the two nations closest to the disastrous epicenter managed to discover the root cause of the phenomenon.

Prologue: Grandpa

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Prologue 2: The Divine Chess Set
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