TDD V1 Prologue 6: The Truth

Judging strictly by the contents of the various history books that the children were given, they had surmised that the year should be somewhere in the early twenty-first century. However, once they had gotten to that point, they started to grow curious about something.

When the two of them were around twelve years old, Azra asked “Gramps, are we in Japan?”

Yuri also stated “Judging by our facial features, hair color, eye color and bone structure, it is reasonable to estimate that we are either of Chinese, Korean or Japanese descent… Possibly mixed together or combined with northern European genealogy.”

The three of them were sitting by the slowly flowing underground river and using simple rods to try and catch fish, so they didn’t exactly have anything better to do than talk to each other. After a brief moment of silence, the old man smirked, shaking his head.

“Haven’t I told they two of you so many times before? The name of this planet is Elysium.”

That prepubescent girl with shoulder length straight and black hair, murmured “Grandpa, we wish to know the truth now… You don’t need to lie to us anymore.”

Then the boy grumbled “Banditry in the conventional sense shouldn’t even exist anymore in modern-day Japan… Are you part of the Russian Mafia? Did you actually rescue us from human traffickers? Was all this bandits and magic stuff just a way for you to escape the guilt you had for working with slave traders?”

Yuri quickly added “We will still love you regardless of the circumstances… We simply wish to know the truth.”

Their grandfather gazed up at the extremely high ceiling and complained “Sometimes I think you brats are so smart that you’re actually idiots…” After thinking about it for a moment, he said “Fine, I’ll tell the rest of that story now. If you still don’t believe me, then that’s your problem, not mine.”

When the twins nodded in agreement, he started speaking at a slow and steady pace. His deep and raspy voice echoed through the cavern.

“Sariel, Uriel and Azrael were all reincarnated many times… Their massive and powerful souls were broken apart into tiny fragments, spread throughout multiple universes. It was extremely difficult, but without ever being able to find a single one of their many legacies, Sariel managed to become a god.

“When he thought that his path had reached a dead end, he found something incredible… It was just one of the many treasures that the three supreme deities had created in the past, but it allowed him to survive and reach the pinnacle of power. During one of his trips through the Chaotic Void, he came across that chessboard I told you about before. Following the guidance of that incredible device, he managed to find all of the chess pieces except two. Of course, by that point, Sariel was so powerful that all of it was totally useless to him… But he wasn’t doing it for himself. He wanted to find his siblings, who he vaguely remembered.

“That’s when he discovered a small and mostly lifeless universe that was long forgotten… Drifting through the Chaotic Void and slowly decaying. Yet, there was a single planet where mana still remained and life managed to thrive. It actually had no name, since the people there were in the dark ages… No, maybe they were even worse off than that? Kingdoms and empires once existed, but like I mentioned before… Those two divine artifacts caused everything to change.”

Prologue: Grandpa

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7 thoughts on “TDD V1 Prologue 6: The Truth

  1. What was the point in scattering these pieces in the first place? It’s like in first chapter saying your parents died of illness and in second “oh, by the way i ressurected ur parents so everything is ok”

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