TDoE V2 Chapter 30: The Karma Sutra

“L-Levi, I’m sorry… I-I-I didn’t mean to say those things! It’s that stupid Evil Tongtong!”

She seemed to revert to her ‘normal’ self for a few moments, before growling “Shit! I fucking hate that dumb bitch so much~! Damn it! I’m almost out of time… I get that you don’t want to let that annoying pedophile die, fine, and you feel some sort of attachment to this country. Whatever, do what you want to do, I honestly don’t care that much since I’m not the one who has to deal with it… Xiaotong will be your little Spirit pet, but I’m different! I don’t work for free! If you want to connect on a more ‘intimate’ level with me, then you’re going to have to give me something in return. Sparky isn’t really a Spirit… She’s a Chaos Vessel. If you can get to her, I’ll be able to become an Elemental. At that point, I’ll be a thousand times more useful than that little twat.”

I immediately asked “Wait, before you go… How do I form a Spiritual connection with an Elemental? Also, will something like Zhang Lang be able to shrink down and enter my Dantian or…”

“Ugh, didn’t you even listen to Grandpa Di when he was teaching you this shit?! Fuck! Yeah, of course they can! Just channel your mana into the thing and give it some of your blood to eat, then it should be willing to form a parasitic bond with you. That’s basically what Spirit Companions are: parasites. Nothing more and nothing less. If you start to treat them like Dao Companions, then you’re going to end up getting screwed over a lot. Damn it, I don’t even know why I’m telling you this… See you later, asshole!”

Once that overdramatic bitch was done screaming at me, I felt the pressure in my left eye socket vanish, along with the warmth of Qi and electricity. Xiaotong seemed to be ‘sleeping’ in my Dantian again. I let out a long sigh, murmuring “Isn’t a fetus just a parasite? Even after it’s born, an infant can’t survive on its own… We’re all ‘feeding’ off of the world and each other. I doubt that even an Eternal Deity would be able to stand being alone forever. Every living creature in this universe and the one I came from, ‘need’ company in one form or another.”

“Little Levi~, aw~ Sweetie, I’m so sorry!” I felt a soft and heavy breast resting on each of my shoulders, as two pale arms wrapped around my chest. Mei sounded like she was on the verge of tears as she whimpered, “I should have been there to protect you! Why didn’t you wake me up?!”

I grumbled “You managed to sleep through all that yelling and cannonfire, so how the hell did you expect me to wake you up?! Anyway, it’s not like you would have been able to help… I wasn’t even the target of that Qi attack. I think that woman was either a peak-level Expert or a weak Master… I’m lucky that she ignored me. Hehehe~, by the way, I’m not sure if you were listening to Captain Li earlier, but I killed an Expert with my ‘shitty fire-sticks’. He was only level-one, but still…”

As tears started dripping down onto my short hair, I asked “Mei… Is my eye going to grow back?” Her arms gripped me tighter and she only started wailing really loudly, instead of simply answering the damn question. “Honestly, you had no problem peeling my skin off on a daily basis, but now you’ve suddenly transformed into a massive pussy!”

She sniffled loudly and murmured “Honey, I’m sorry… High-Priest Raphael said that even if the eye regenerated, there was damage to your brain or something like that. All I know is that after I gave you some more of the Demonic Jellyfish Juice… nothing happened. I’m so sorry Levi, but I don’t think you can regrow your eye!”

Not having a left eye was bothersome, however, I knew that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Regardless of whether my brain, ocular nerve or whatever was damaged, I didn’t believe for a second that I wouldn’t be able to fix it somehow. With all the weird magic in the world, it would have been stranger if losing organs and limbs was ‘permanent’.

Still, it was the first time that I ‘really’ felt how much Mei actually loved me. It wasn’t like the way that Di looked after me or how Xiaotong depended on me, no, it was a different sort of affection. I smirked, whispering “Honestly… I’ve always had a hard time trusting you, Mei.”

When I said that, the sobbing quieted down a bit and she asked me “W-What do you mean? Do you think I’m just pretending to care about you? Why would I do that?!” She let go of me and I quickly turned around, hugging her waist tightly. That spot in between her breasts was always so ‘fragrant’. By that I mean pheromones. Within moments I had an erection and my tiny prick was being squeezed by her thighs.

Now, I’m not sure if you were keeping track, but it had definitely been awhile since the last time I came. The moment that I became horny, I usually didn’t give a shit about anything else. Yet, that time was slightly different. I somehow had the presence of mind to confess to her “Mei, I’m not really a little boy… Less than a year ago, I wasn’t even in this world. I’m not totally sure about what happened on my way here, but I lived on a planet called Earth for twenty years. When I died, I eventually reincarnated here… On Genesis. I’ve been afraid to tell you this, mostly because I didn’t want Hua Jiang to know, but also… I was worried that you wouldn’t be interested in me if I wasn’t an ‘innocent’ little boy.”

She sniffled a few times and then giggled, embracing me even more tightly than before. “Aw~, Levi Honey, don’t worry… I don’t care how old you are or any of that weird reincarnation stuff. Besides, you’re still just a kid compared to an old hag like me…”

I snickered while squeezing her asscheeks and lifted her off of the ground a bit, then I walked over and laid her down across our futons. Before she had the chance to say anything, immediately trust my three inch long penis inside of her vagina. Yeah, I know, she barely even reacted to it, but I was surprised at how tight it was compared to her mouth. There were a lot of bumps and ridges that I was really familiar with, considering that I had already given her so many finger and tongue ‘massages’ in the past few months.

“You, what did you do?! Ahn~! Levi, stop! Your virginity-” Even after I was already inside of her, she still tried to convince me that I was going to ‘lose’ something.

I lifted my face out of her cleavage and gazed up into those brown, bloodshot eyes. She had a bit of snot dripping down her upper lip, but I chose to ignore that. As I got up on my knees and spread her legs out, I noticed that there was barely any penetration at all. However, that didn’t really matter too much. It was more of a symbolic gesture anyway.

As I smiled at the beautiful woman, who still looked like she was eighteen at most, I whispered “There’s another secret that I wanted to tell you… But you can’t let anyone else know about this. Seriously, it’s a really big deal, so promise me, okay?” When she nodded her head, I snickered, “I have a Cultivation Method that’s pretty overpowered… At least, I’m pretty sure it is. Until now, I’ve been afraid to use it for various reasons. Honestly, I’m not a hundred percent sure what might happen… But fuck it, what’s the worst that could happen?”

What followed after that was pretty straightforward, I mean, there was nothing particularly fancy about missionary position. Even if it was the first time that I was technically inside of her, it was actually kind of common for her to jerk me off into her pussy from that angle, so there wasn’t a huge difference. It felt great, sure, but so did her hands and mouth…

I couldn’t help muttering “After putting sex on a pedestal for all those years, I can’t believe it’s so… mediocre?” At least there weren’t any condoms and I didn’t have a problem getting hard, because that would have completely ruined the experience. Now, just like in a porno, let’s skip to the last few seconds and the cumshot, ‘cause that’s all anyone really cares about anyway.

It took me a few minutes of repetitive pelvic thrusting before I reached the point where I could feel that familiar urge welling up inside of me. Until then, the speed at which I absorbed Qi from the atmosphere did increase pretty dramatically, but it wasn’t any greater than when I was receiving one of Mei’s amazing handjobs. However, everything changed when I was about to ejaculate, because I started chanting those nonsensical words.

“I am the devourer of worlds, the illusion of fate, the creator of Karma, and the Guardian of Arcana…” Everything around the two of us disappeared.

As I briefly scanned the surroundings, it kind of looked like we were in The Chaotic Void. More specifically, inside of a bubble that was floating around in the vast emptiness of that weird space.

Gravity seemed nonexistent and although I was confused, Mei screamed “W-w-what’s happening?! Levi, what did you do?!”

Since I was on the verge of an orgasm, I ignored all the weirdness and grabbed her ass tightly. I was afraid that we might float away from each other and I guess my ‘partner’ felt the same way, because her legs wrapped around mine.

While I started to finger her asshole, I continued “Death is ephemeral, life is eternal; seek damnation and receive salvation!”

At that point, something even stranger happened. It felt as if my soul had left my body and I was back in the form of that enormous green dragon-snake-monster. In fact, I could see a tiny boy fucking a slightly larger little girl. I had totally lost control of my miniature form and he began ejaculating directly into the terrified woman’s coochie.

From my own serpentine mouth, which I could somehow ‘see’, I bellowed “Who is like God? Do not trust what you cannot believe.”

I opened my right eye and noticed that I was standing on a golden beach. Mei was on her back and there was some guy that I never met before, having sex with her. His face was pretty feminine and he reminded me a bit of Azrael, though he was a lot more muscular.

After kissing her passionately, he had a smile on his lightly bearded face. His irises glowed crimson and hers were neon-orange. The waves were crashing down behind them and the silver moon Thoth was illuminating both of their sandy bodies. I have to admit that I was a little angry at first, but when I looked over to my right, I let out a soft sigh.

Mei was standing there, holding my hand and biting her lower lip. She whispered “I don’t really get what’s going on… But you knew that I had been with other guys before. This, this was probably when Azrael was conceived.”

I snickered, murmuring “Well, I’m pretty sure that the next part of the cultivation technique needs us to have sex like seven or nine times… I’m not totally sure if it’s the creampies, orgasms or ejaculations, but I don’t think that this illusion is going to end until we fulfill the conditions.”

She pouted, complaining “Aren’t you supposed to be jealous? Aren’t you going to yell at me and say that I’m a whore? How can you just pretend like this doesn’t bother you?”

“It’s not like you’ve got herpes or chlamydia… Those other guys, if you had never been with them, you wouldn’t be who you are today. Azrael wouldn’t have been born if you hadn’t fucked that dude and if you had decided to stick around to take care of him, well… You said it yourself, but all three of you probably would have been assassinated. Everything happens for a reason Rae, erm, I mean, Mei. Besides, if you’re a whore for having a few boyfriends, then what about me? Who knows how many girls I’ll fuck in the future? Who meets a single person and stays with them forever? Now Liara, she’s definitely a slut though… Like, once you have a few gangbangs with random people you don’t even know, then you’re basically in a whole different class. I’ll just call it the Nympho Realm. So-mphf~!”

When I was about to keep talking, Mei pushed me down onto the sand and shoved her tongue down my throat. Her groin slammed down onto mine and she started moving so quickly that I was afraid she might accidentally miss. Fortunately, her pelvic accuracy was pretty incredible. Sure, my dick was almost broken a few times when I hit her perineum, but she was so wet that it was deflected into her butthole without too much damage.

Within ten minutes, I managed to ejaculate twice and she sprayed her own creamy juices all over my abdomen. Since she was pretty worn out, she went into a downward dog and as I looked down at my prick, I noticed something really strange. It was way bigger than before… Sure, it was still relatively small, but there’s a huge difference between three inches and half a foot. Not just length, it was also way thicker.

When I slid it inside of Mei, she yelped in surprise and looked back to me, “How did you do that?” My hands were firmly gripping her slightly plump hips and instead of being on my knees, I needed to crouch a bit in order to get a good momentum going.

“Don’t think too much about ‘how’ anything works in a weird illusory world. For fuck’s sake, all of this is probably a dream anyway, so does it really matter what either of us do here?! Just enjoy yourself as much as possible! Hahahaha~!” Almost the moment I said that, the scenery around us changed.

We were in a fancy bedroom of some sort. I could also see out of my left eye again. As I glanced around, the first thing that I noticed was that the walls were all blue. Of course, it only took a second for me to realize that upon the giant red royal bed was a literal clusterfuck. Like, three guys and fifteen girls, licking, screwing and sucking on each other.

However, as I looked through everyone, I noticed that I didn’t recognize any of them. One of the dudes seemed like he could be in his sixties and there was a similarly old woman as well, but that was only by Novice standards. Judging by their auras, they seemed to be at least Apprentices, so they would have to be over a hundred. Everyone else was either in their teens or early twenties, though there was a sexy Adept bitch in the mix and she could have been eighty for all I know.

When Mei heard all the loud moaning, slurping and screaming, she glanced up and shouted “L-Little Levi, don’t watch this!”

I casually continued humping her doggystyle and asked “Who are these people? Someone you know? I don’t really see you anywhere in the room…”

“Ah~, it’s something I saw when I was a child… Ugh, this is so embarrassing!” A little girl in a light-blue sun dress ran into the room.

She had long black pigtails and dark-orange irises. The number on her left hand instantly told me that she was seven years old. Before the members of the orgy had any idea that the kid was there, she shouted “Get away from my Mommy and Daddy! Guards! Guards come and help! The King and Queen are being assassinated!”

Obviously, I started laughing hysterically at first, but Mei immediately scolded “Stop, it isn’t funny! Because of that incident… Three dozen innocent people were executed to cover up this whole scandal. I didn’t understand what was happening and… That girl over there was one of my friends, that woman was a nanny that I was really close to, yet they were killed to keep this stupid secret from getting out.”

“Oh, well, it’s still pretty funny though. Your parents sound like evil tyrants, but most monarchs are, so it isn’t too surprising. Anyway, I’m about to-agabuh~!” As I was ejaculating, the two of us suddenly fell into a huge bathtub. Actually, it was more like a massive swimming pool that was filled with sharks and other kinds of sea-creatures. The salty water burned my eyes and nostrils, but Mei was totally fine.

When we swam over to the stairs, I heard her speaking from the deep end, at least fifty meters away from us. There she was, not looking any younger or older than the Mei that I knew. I glanced over at the blushing woman to my left and she was too embarrassed to even notice that my eye was there again.

“Why do we keep going to ‘my’ memories?! Hurry up and leave! Now! I’m serious Levi, this isn’t something that a child should be watching! No, this isn’t something that anyone should be seeing!”

While she was grumbling, the other her was saying “Steve, I know you love me, but… You’re a Beast and I’m a Human. We aren’t supposed to do these kinds of things, ahn~, ah~!”

There was a pretty big tiger shark with dark-yellow eyes, swimming underneath of her and well… I yelled “Holy shit! No fucking way!”

Yep, she was getting double-penetrated by two enormous tentacle-like white dicks. I muttered “Pedophilia and bestiality… Wow, you really are a hardcore pervert, huh?”

“I, I was lonely and Steve was more than just a Beast to me! He was passionate, and he never judged me for the things I did… I loved him more than I had ever loved any ‘Human’ before then! But, he had way more talent than I ever did and I didn’t want to hold him back. Once he reached Rank-D, I severed our bond of Companionship and told him to be free… Well, he still came back every now and then, but he’s a Megalodon now. Even if I we wanted to be together, it just wouldn’t be possible anymore.”

Right when I was about to say something, there was a deafening roar and the illusory world around us shattered like a mirror.

“Seven is the key to Heavenly Hell; Nine leads to the Hellish Heaven.” As I heard that monotonous feminine voice, I noticed that Mei and I were in a weird crystalline cavern.

In front of us were two stone doors. The one on the left had three bloody sevens painted onto it, while the one on the right had the word “NINE” carved into the granite. After a few seconds of staring, I asked “Umm, so~, what do you think we’re supposed to do now?”

She grumbled “Levi, what kind of Cultivation Method is this? First we had to have sex in that weird emptiness, then we went through a bunch of my memories, now this… What happens if we can’t solve this riddle? Where did you get such an abstract and obscure Cultivation Method from anyway? It’s definitely not Worldly and I’ve seen a Celestial Cultivation Method before… It was only two sentences long! There was definitely none of this craziness either!”


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