TDoE V2 Chapter 29: Eye Problems

Resistance was futile, but they sure as hell tried their hardest. It didn’t really matter though, because their only Experts were already gone and they were trapped. I was pretty woozy from all the blood oozing out of my left eye socket, so I decided to stop worrying about the battle and take a little nap.

Slipping in and out of consciousness, I vaguely remember a certain beefy dark-skinned lady in a micro-bikini carrying me across the bridge. When I glanced over to my right, I saw nearly five-hundred men and women wearing black robes were kneeling upon the main deck of the Titanic Fury.

Then I heard the Captain and some other people talking about how a few of the surviving ships had been destroyed in their last struggle to escape, so only four had survived. All of the Adepts had either tried to swim away or fought until their eventual deaths, rather than being captured.

As for Admiral Yong… Well, he was still alive-ish. I was laying in my room, groaning in agony as ‘doctor’ Hua Mei attempted to remove the shard of glass that was embedded in my left eye socket. Even though I was the one who was physically in pain, both her and Xiaotong were whining and crying the whole time. Of course, it was all drowned out by the furious roars and desperate screams from the next room over.

I never did get to try out the other types of magically enhanced bullets, because of that whole ‘potential brain damage’ thing. Besides, I did enough already. Using sneaky tricks to kill someone two Stages above your own would be fucked up if we were in a tournament or some such bullshit, but we weren’t. It was a warzone and he was an enemy combatant who could have easily slaughtered hundreds of my ‘comrades’, not that I really gave a damn about most of the crew.

Still, Liara was nice and we did bond a bit, so I didn’t want her to die. More importantly though, my lovely Mama Mei could have potentially been in danger! Anyway, instead of chastising me about disobeying orders or anything like that, Captain Li had already visited my room earlier and thanked me to the tune of a thousand Contribution Points.

Of course, the reason she was so happy was because of the ‘loot’ from our victory. We did lose a ship, but it wasn’t really ‘her’ problem. I didn’t know it before, but apparently, we did have an ‘Admiral’ for our tiny fleet. He was on the boat that got captured so, technically, Hua Li was temporarily promoted.

The nice thing about having an army of aquatic Beasts was that even those ships that were sinking could be scavenged for parts. All of that metal plating was an expensive silver alloy that was as strong as steel and didn’t tarnish. There were so many fancy extradimensional boxes, chests and barrels, filled with all sorts of goodies.

Well, even though I’m telling you about all this random shit that was happening, at the time, I obviously wasn’t paying attention. I was screaming “Mei, for fuck’s sake, just pull it out!”

Her fingers were feeling around in the mushy remains of my left eye, which still had some nerve endings intact. There was this pulsating and agonising shooting pain, accompanied by the dull, omnipresent aching in the back of my head.

“Wah~, Honey, I’m so sorry~! Just, just hold on, okay?! I think there’s a hole! Oh no, no~! I accidentally pushed the glass through! Hang on Baby… Help~! Somebody help! Please!” As I was having a mild seizure, I started to regret asking Mei for help. I should have just gotten a mirror and some tweezers to perform the surgery myself!

Fortunately, like always, my luck was pretty incredible. While I don’t recall exactly what happened, because of the minor brain damage, I know that at some point I did receive some ‘medical’ attention. That beefy old man, Raphael, was basically a magical healer of sorts.

He entered the room while Mei was freaking out and restraining me on the ground. Without even asking what was wrong, he casually placed his left hand over my eye socket and the pieces of glass immediately flew out. Then he whispered “Lunar Light…” and I blacked out.


When I woke up, I was being cuddled by a busty and extremely sweaty, naked woman. It only took a moment for my mind to register the familiar scent as ‘Mama Mei’. I opened both my eyelids, but it was really dark. Only the dim silver moonlight flowed in through the small windows, vaguely illuminating the heavy breasts that seemed to be trapping my right arm.

Xiaotong asked “L-Levi, what happened? When that scary lady shot her Qi at us, I thought we were going to die! I tried my hardest to protect your Dantian, but… Oh, that’s weird, I thought that there would be more damage? Did somebody heal you when I was sleeping?”

I groaned a bit unconsciously, then grumbled “Fuckballs, my left eye is missing… Why didn’t it grow back? I definitely drank some of that Demonic Jellyfish Juice… Plus, Raphael totally did some magical shit, so shouldn’t it be at least partially regenerated?” By the way, yes, I did finger my eyehole in order to discover that. There wasn’t any pain though, as if the wound was a few months old.

“Hmmm, but-but, I can see though?” After she said that, I crawled over Mei and found a small hand mirror next to her jewelry box. My complexion seemed fine, in fact, I didn’t even look sick. The only thing that was strange about my face, was the creepy ghost that was loitering in my left eye socket.

That skull was white, with black horns, long canines and crimson lightning constantly flickered within those ominous face-holes. I wondered “Is there any way for us to like, connect our senses? It seems a little weird that we can’t really share our sensations…”

She muttered “Maybe it’s because, you don’t trust me… If our link was stronger, we would be able to do all kinds of fun stuff, but you… I thought that once I let you put your magic stick inside of me and we practiced the super-secret ritual, you wouldn’t be so~…”

I snickered, murmuring “Xiaotong, if you want me to trust you, then shouldn’t you stop being so damn sneaky? Answer this question: How do you remember so much? Spirits lose their memories between the time of their death and when they reach Rank-G. Besides that, you’ve been vying for my Innate Talent since the moment we met and don’t try to deny it… I’m not an idiot and neither are you.”

“You don’t understand! I just, um, no, stop trying to blame me! It’s not my fault that you-you never a-asked me! People with Spiritual Senses are different… Like you, and Grandpa Di. There are things you can do… Special Inscriptions and Enchantments that can help, help keep the memories from going away. It’s, it’s not easy though. I-I-I’m so old now… It’s been so long. You don’t know what it’s like! There was this other ‘me’… Long, long, long ago, who keeps trying to take over. She’s so angry and mean! Sparky… she misses Sparky so much! She also… wants to ‘enter’ that pretty necklace. That Evil Tongtong isn’t me though!”

I sighed dramatically, “No, I can definitely relate to that… I’m not even that old, but I still have trouble remembering stuff that happened before I died. Wait a second, I fucking died too ya know! Don’t expect me to pity you just because you spent a few hundred years in a treehouse or whatever! Bitch please, I floated around in an empty void for what felt like forever!”

Her usually high-pitched and childish voice became much deeper, as she growled “You accidentally castrated yourself, and-and you were reincarnated in a body with Dark-Violet Innate Talent! You-you-you~! Were you ever stuck in the form of a skull?! I-I-I argh~?! Grah~! To escape becoming a Cultivation Furnace for that piece of shit, I had to… Had to become this stupid bumbling cunt! Fuck you Levi! Do you think that for one fucking second, I would be willing to associate with a disgusting manwhore like you, unless you had something that I wanted?! What the hell are you even doing here?! Go home! We need to go and rescue Grandpa Di! He should have been back a long time ago, but since he isn’t, then something bad must have happened! After all he’s done for you, how can you still have the gall to abandon him like this?!”

As she was yelling at me, that tiny skull in my left eye socket was replaced by an orb of dark-crimson Qi and there was even a pitch-black pupil at the center. Bolts of purple lightning shot out and struck the mirror and actually melted the glass in places.

“For fuck’s sake! Was that really necessary?!” I casually tossed it out the window into the ocean, because… Well, I was pissed off and littering doesn’t really mean anything in a world with magic. “Seriously, I’m sure that even if Di was in trouble, there’s nothing we can do to help him. Besides that, I know people here! Even if my contribution to the war effort is negligible in the grand scheme of things, it’s still better than doing nothing. Also, how am I a manwhore?! At most, I could be considered a semen-seller!”


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    • It took a lot of braincells for me to remember who evil skull-girl was, but I don’t remember who she was ‘supposed to’ be anymore. Probably have it written down somewhere though? Or not. Idk.


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