TDD V1 Chapter 8, Part 3: Broken Memories

“Who is like God? Michael, this passphrase is stupid as fuck.” Azra was sitting at a round table, next to his sister. However, there were also five shadowy figures seated around the sides.

Yuri murmured “I agree… Perhaps we should choose something less complicated. Rapture-777, would suffice.”

“Aw~, come on~! It’s an awesome passphrase though!” A man’s familiar deep voice could be heard echoing around them.

A girl with a high-pitched voice asked “Mike, it’s too easy. Couldn’t anyone just guess it?”

“God is my light.”

“Yuri, we aren’t going to pick the meaning of your name as the passphrase either.” After hearing what his sister said, Azra firmly rejected.

A high-pitched but masculine voice complained “Ugh, who cares?! Just pick something and let’s get this shit over with!”

“Fine~, fine~… Ummm~, Karmasutra Rapture!” The shadowy figure named ‘Michael’ gave another suggestion..

Azra grumbled “So fucking dumb.”

Yuri whispered “Lame.”

“You two are never happy…” Michael seemed slightly depressed.

“Happiness is irrelevant.” Uriel coldly stated.

Then Azrael yelled “Mike, it’s hard to be happy when your soul is being shredded into millions of pieces!”

“Okay, okay~, calm down~… Why don’t we all just try to remember as much as possible?”

Uriel finally nodded, “I agree. It is not necessary for us to recall too much information.”

“Hell, I’d be happy if I could forget most of the fucked up shit we’ve been through…” Azra also agreed with that proposal.

Someone else murmured “Yeah, we know too much for our own good.”

Suddenly, a cacophony of indistinguishable voices began muttering all at once, “Samsara Karmasutra Rapture-777 Nekoneko Ninja-9 was fucking awful, Who is Like God? Michael, Helel, Gabriel, Raphael, Azrael, Uriel, Sariel, Iris, Lucas, Gabby, Rayray, Azra, Yuri, Inari, Luna, Terra, Sol, Jason, Jacob, Destiny, Hiro, King, Queen, Rook, Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Jackalope, donkeytits…”


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