TDD V1 Chapter 8, Part 4: New Moon

“What the hell?” When Azra opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was white fur. Then he felt a familiar warm and slimy sensation wrapping around his penis. He had obviously ‘used’ his avatar enough times to know that he was currently having sex. However, Ailyn wasn’t able to move without his command and the last thing he remembered was passing out on a mountain next to his sister.

“Holy fuck! Agh~, damn it! This can’t be happening…” When he moved the tiny Ratkin off of his face, he looked down and saw one of his worst nightmares come to fruition. Molly was riding on top of his waist and that wasn’t all. The other rodents were gathered around, almost suffocating him. No matter how strong he was, Molly alone weighed over a hundred kilos. Busty was also rather heavy.

“Yuri! Help! Where are you?!” He called out to his sister, but he couldn’t see her anywhere. However, he quickly noticed that the temperature in the room was fairly chilly.

“Brother, wake up.” After hearing that voice, he opened his eyes again, but what greeted him was his sister’s expressionless face.

“Sis, I just had a horrible nightmare…” When he stood up off of the snowy ground, he gazed up at the sky and noticed a massive crimson moon lighting up the night sky. However, it was getting smaller by the second.

Yuri stood up next to him and explained “I awoke not long before you. There was an abnormally bright star which appeared briefly. This planet was rotating fairly rapidly at first. Now it appears to be relatively still. We should activate the Divine Chessboard immediately.”

“Yeah, DC should know what the fuck is going on… Ugh, I feel really dizzy.” Azra looked down and noticed that all the pieces were already placed on the board, he only needed to help his sister turn the magical device on.

As the Divine Chessboard activated, a small window immediately popped up on the desktop screen.

[Quest Completed: Historical Data Codex has been unlocked.]

[It appears that you have remembered something important… What would you like to ask me?]

“Well, first of all… Where are we exactly? Didn’t you say that we entered the ‘Chaotic Void’? What’s that giant red moon?”

[Yes. We entered the Chaotic Void and remained there for an indeterminate period of time. Then we were guided to a rather large and active universe. I am currently carrying out Sariel’s instructions. This is the Milky Way Galaxy and we are currently traveling through the Solar System. That planet is called Venus. I am currently adjusting its mass, in order to replace Elysium’s moon.]

“Wait a minute… So you’re telling us that you’re able to do all of this ridiculous shit, yet you aren’t allowed to give us some free beds or food?”

[Yes, that is correct. My purpose is mainly to teach and train the incarnations or Azrael, Uriel and Sariel. Once you become Eternal Deities, I can create many beds and provide you with as much food as you desire… Even if the food you wished for me to prepare consisted of planets and stars.]

Yuri suddenly muttered “Interesting… Then, we can infer that Earth exists in this universe?”

“Holy shit! I didn’t even think of that, but, no way! Then isn’t it possible for us to go there?” Azra was almost salivating as he imagined being able to on a world with highly advanced technology.

[Indeed. This universe does in fact have a version of Earth, though I cannot guarantee that it is as technologically profound as you believe. However, in order for you to reach that planet, it will require a large amount of effort and time. As a safety precaution, I am engaging the planetary cloaking field. I was far too careless before. Now however, it should be impossible for anyone below the Eternal Deity Realm to discover our location. The illusory barrier will cause Elysium to appear exactly the same as Venus did. Once the two main quests are completed, you will be able to leave Elysium and travel to other planets in this Solar System.]

“Damn it!”

Of course, DC could easily have created a portal or moved the entire planet over to Earth, but that would have been counterproductive. Her goal and sole purpose was to train Azra and Yuri.

The little girl wondered “What is… Rapture-777? Although I cannot remember much of my dreams, this word and number combination… I feel uncomfortable when I say it.”

“Yeah, it’s making me edgy too… Also, the phrase ‘Who is Like God?’ is pretty eerie. Aside from that, there are a bunch of names that stand out…” Azra rubbed his temples with his glove-covered thumbs, while sitting across from his sister. The wind was getting stronger and the planet in the sky was starting to appear closer in size to Elysium’s original moon.

[While the two of you were unconscious, I took the liberty of restorying Uriel’s king spawning point and began the process of creating the tenth female Ratkin.]

“Oy, ya see that?! I ain’t got no clue what it is, but I bet me balls it’d be worth some gold!” A loud and deep voice bellowed from the mountainside. There was a group of several dozen men, dressed mostly in leather armor, holding torches in one hand and rusty short-swords in the other.

Yuri whispered “It appears that we have been located… Should we fight, enter battle mode or flee?” She opened the storage space and retrieved a bloody hunting knife. However, her brother immediately grabbed her and teleported the both of them inside of the Divine Chessboard.

The screen that had been illuminating the entire mountain swiftly vanished, but the crystalline chessboard, along with the three pieces were all still sitting there. Fortunately, by the time those men reached the peak, a blizzard started and they were forced to return back to the base of the mountain… The hideout of the Rusty Saber Bandits.


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