TDD V1 Chapter 8, Part 5: Rapture

[Rapture is the name of a virtual reality program which Azrael designed. It is also the name of a mutagenic virus that Uriel developed. As well as an artificial soul, which Sariel created. Rapture is the name of a series of nanites that Azrael invented and tested upon an incarnation of Michael. The tests had disastrous consequences, yet there were also some successes. Luna was one of the greatest accomplishments of the many Rapture programs. Unfortunately, Rapture-777 was Azrael’s most profound mistake. Also known as Dharma… However, most commonly referred to as MC.]

Azra was taking off his heavy winter clothing, as he asked “Like Main Character?”

[Michael Cinagra was the name of one of Michael’s incarnations. The R777 nanites roughly copied his personality and devoured a large portion of his soul. That was the beginning of what is referred to as the ‘Fall’. With Michael greatly weakened, the balance of power between the seven original souls and Karma rapidly deteriorated. Karma became the sole ruler of Samsara and the seven original souls were condemned to be hunted for eons, forever unable to return to their former glory.]

Yuri wondered “Was that monster one of Karma’s minions?”

[That was an avatar of the Eternal Deity… Chaotica, also known as Chaos. She will become one of your greatest adversaries in the future. Fortunately, Eternal Deities are not allowed to enter this particular universe. This solar system also has very little mana flowing through it, so there shouldn’t be too many changes to Elysium.]

“Terrific… Ugh, whatever, it’s not something that we have to deal with for the moment, right?” Azra shuddered when he glanced over at Molly, who was riding on top of Reaper, nearly crushing his tiny body.

[For now, no. However, it is possible that Chaotica may have left behind some agents on Elysium… If they were powerful, then they would release enough mana for me to easily locate and destroy them. If they lack mana, then they will not influence the Elysium tutorial phase negatively. It is possible that the added pressure could even be beneficial to your growth.]

“Anyway, did we really hike three miles in almost complete darkness only to have a bunch of horrible nightmares? That last one… I don’t have the ability to predict the future! I definitely don’t! I won’t let that happen…”

[Premonition and precognition are very closely related to the power of your soul. Both you and Uriel are fragments so small… It is unlikely that you would have kept any information from future lives. The only memories would be from experiences in your current lives or tiny pieces of past lives that were extraordinarily profound. Of course, it is entirely possible to subconsciously predict something based on information you currently possess.]

“I’m never sleeping in this building again then!” He glared the group of rat-women who were staring back at him, after his sudden outburst.

Author’s Note

I’ll edit and post the rest of this chapter tomorrow… Or whenever day it is when I wake up lmao. The point is that I just binged like 30 chapters of “Dimensional Sovereign” and I’m too tired to edit anything right now.

Anyway, I’m basically never done with characters. Once I create them, they’re basically doomed to an eternity of suffering. It’s not that they can’t die though. They just rarely stay dead… Of course, as Arcana would say “If a soul has been torn asunder to the point where even the most insignificant memories have been erased… Is that not death? Does that being not cease to exist?”

In other news, I’ve written the prologue and chapter 1 of volume 3 already. Volume 1 of TDD has a prologue, 9 chapters and a short epilogue. Volume 2 has a prologue, 10 chapters and a medium-length epilogue.


9 thoughts on “TDD V1 Chapter 8, Part 5: Rapture

  1. It fells like 7 souls is old mafia, Arcana family is new mafia, Karma is antiutopic gogerment who will fuck u in the ass if u do anything wrong and Daharma or MC is some kind of revolutioner who fucked goverment by himself

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    • Some things happened before HCOP and Hardcore Legacies, but some of it happened afterwards… Some stuff happened during the stories. I try not to give any real spoilers to the actual plot of any of the other stories though. A lot of things are vague, while others are purposefully misleading lol.

      I put way too much effort into this kinda shit lmao.


      • Thanks for clearing, I love mike for his character, sense of humour, etc.
        the persons who rival that character you wrote, there is only 2 of them and are original.
        -Re:hamster on royal road but it stopped (pick it up if possible, it is totally worth it and resemble your writing style),
        -MA on thesylthorian which is less extreme but still as good as the above.
        thank you very much for those enjoyable moments when you made me lmao with your words when I needed that happiness, keep up the good work and congratulations on publishing your book. 🙂
        Your fan.

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      • Thank you lmao. Honestly, Michael from HCOP is literally based on my own personality… I mean, I definitely had to tone it down or he would spend 90% of every chapter doing OCD shit and nothing would ever be accomplished. So whenever people compliment Mike from HCOP, it feels like a personal compliment rofl.


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