TDD V1 Chapter 8, Part 6: Rapid Maturation

[Objective Completed: 10 Ratkins have been spawned. +100 Karma, Rapid Maturation Adaptation unlocked.]

[A new Objective has been unlocked!]

[Spawn 100 Adult Ratkin: 1000 Karma, unlocks the Twin Spawn feature.]

[Rapid Maturation Adaptation: Accelerates the growth-rate of all biological organisms within the Chessboard World by a factor of 12. Costs 100 Karma.]

“I would like to purchase the Rapid Maturation Adaptation immediately.” Yuri didn’t waste any time spending the money that she had just earned.

[Please be advised that all organisms, including pathogens will have their growth-rate greatly accelerated under the default settling. I would suggest that you open the Adaptation settings and adjust the parameters.]

“Indeed, that could prove extremely problematic…” There was a huge list of organism ‘types’. The major ones were Multicellular and Unicellular, but Yuri didn’t simply stunt the growth of all Unicellular organisms. Mainly because there were many that would be required as food for the rapidly growing tiny Multicellular creatures.

Azra snickered, wondering “How in the hell are we going to be able to feed an army that grows twelve times as fast as normal?”

[The increase in caloric and nutritious intake will not be very dramatic. Most of the growth is supplemented by Nature mana within the Chessboard World. Outside however, the Adaptation will remain dormant or function at a much lower capacity.]

“Well that’s just fantastic… We’re probably both being irradiated right now by some fancy magical bullshit…”

Yuri ignored her brother’s clinical and paranoid comments, because she was busy examining the new addition to her Ratkin harem. She murmured “Your name will be Unicorn.” It was truly strange in appearance compared to the others.

Most animals have brown, black or white fur in order to blend in with their natural environment. However, there were plenty of places where the color scheme was a bit different. The creature before her was covered in bright-pink fur and had dark-purple skin. More importantly, there was a very long, spiral horn coming out of her forehead. She was four feet tall and had an ‘average’ length tail, but the horn was nearly a foot long and dangerously sharp.

Yuri turned to her brother and asked “Azra, is it possible for you to dull the tip of her horn without harming her?”

“How the fuck would I know? You act like I’ve done this before!” After he retorted, he quickly shrugged and said “I’ll need some sandpaper or a grindstone, but yeah, probably. I can’t guarantee that she won’t feel any pain or discomfort though.”


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