TDD V1 Chapter 9, Part 5: Medical Condition

“No! How could you even suggest something like that?! Put some clothes on! It’s freezing in here…”

Henry hurriedly rushed over to one of his dressers and pulled out one of his shirts. After wrapping the little girl up in it and buttoning it completely, it almost fell off of her relatively tiny body.

He complained “I said that I wanted to be punished, but I expected you to give me a job. Aren’t there tasks that need to be completed? Don’t you have any dangerous or difficult missions that you can ask me to help you with?”

Yuri tilted her head to the side and wondered “Do you believe that reproduction is unimportant? I truly cannot comprehend why both you and Azra feel such an aversion to me. Am I so unattractive?”

“That is not the problem! Listen, first of all, you’re only sixteen years old… Why do you want to have a child so soon? Secondly, you’re my cousin… Our blood is to closely related, so we shouldn’t be having sex. No, more importantly than that, we aren’t married! Sex out of marriage is a sin-ack!”

A tiny foot smashed into his left cheek without warning, knocking him onto his knees. Before he even realized what was happening, he felt a sharp pain in his lower back, then another near the base of his skull. The little girl moved so quickly that he could barely see her. Of course, that was mainly because there was almost no light in the room at all. He had lit a candle earlier, but it wasn’t enough to illuminate such a large area.

“Stop it!” Henry tried to resist, but he didn’t know what to do in that sort of situation. He couldn’t see his opponent and he didn’t want to fight her anyway. Eventually, he ended up just protecting his face and allowing Yuri to deliver nearly a hundred blows all over his body.

Regardless of how big and strong he was, there was a limit to that. The small woman intentionally avoided dealing any serious damage and only targeted durable muscles or bones. By the end of her rapid assault, he was laying on the floor and spasming uncontrollably.

“There are certain parts of the human body that cannot be trained, but even more areas that are simply ignored. I’ve studied your anatomy in great detail… You exercise quite often, so it was very convenient. Now that you are incapacitated, it will be far easier for me to ‘experiment’ on you.” Yuri was breathing evenly, as if she hadn’t expended too much effort. She turned him over onto his chest and pulled his jacket off.

“Why are you doing this?” Henry tried to resist, but he couldn’t move his arms or legs. As she took his undershirt and pants off, he muttered “I never thought that I would be in this position… It’s so different though.”

When all that was left was the boxers, he regained a bit of mobility and reached down to hold onto them tightly. Then he glared at Yuri, who was kneeling between his legs and said “Please don’t… It’s not just you. I can’t be with anyone… I just-no!”

“Your embarrassment is unnecessary. I have already seen your genitals several times.” Yuri reached down with both hands and started examining his testicles, along with his penis.

“Ow! Gah! Stop! It burns!”

The young girl was calmly using some lotion that she made out of mashed-up fruit to gently massage his entire groin region. She murmured “This amount of swelling… Only in the right testicle. Interesting…” Then she pinched his inner thigh and noticed that only the left side shriveled up properly.

“What are you doing? I thought you were going to try to rape me?” Henry was extremely confused. Although he was slightly aroused, Yuri was almost entirely ignoring his erection.

“No, I didn’t expect the situation to be quite this dangerous… It would be inadvisable for you to have any sort of intense sexual or physical activity for at least a week. However, it is fortunate that I was able to spot the problem before it became worse.”

He grimaced and shouted “Stop! Gah~! I have a curse! The more you touch it, the worse it will get!”

Yuri shook her head and explained “No, you merely possess a deformity in the connective tissue of your scrotum. You are currently suffering from testicular torsion. The testicle is the round organ that I am currently massaging. I am going to need to manually twist the testicle back into its proper position. This process will be extremely painful, but you must restrain your movements as much as possible. If I am unable to fix your condition within several hours, it is likely that I will need to perform surgery. That would be extremely dangerous without the proper medical equipment or assistance…”

Without giving him a chance to protest, she began ‘Manual Detorsion’. Of course, even after she solved that problem, there was also another issue.

“Please, just stop!” She was using more of the fruit-juice lotion to massage the tip of his penis, which caused him excruciating pain.

“No, for the time being, I cannot allow you to masturbate on your own. Your palms and fingers have far too many calluses. This has caused severe damage to your skin, which was already dry. If these sores continue to be left untreated, you could actually die from a severe infection. It would be far more painful than what you are currently experiencing. In fact, it would be entirely possible for your phallus to rot away, very slowly.”

When he heard that horrifying description, he muttered “Just, do what you need to do…”


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