TDD V1 Chapter 9, Part 6: Genetic Variation

Henry’s medical treatment required nearly an hour, so once Yuri was finished giving her cousin a helping hand, she returned through the portal with the newly spawned sixth Goblin. Nos was four feet tall, bald, bony and frail, with a rather obnoxiously large nose. His eyes were big and bright-green. He also had beige human-like skin.

The last male was named Arctic, because he was covered in thick white fur. He was only five feet tall, but had thick muscles and a decent amount of fat. His face was similar to a human, but covered in so much hair that only his bright-blue eyes were visible. Under all of that fur, his skin was pink. The huge canine teeth and long, sharp talons on his toes and fingers were enough to make him one of the more dangerous Goblins, at least in pure physical ability. However, his ears were extremely small and barely pointed.

Finally, there was Gabby, Tabby and Abby. They were each one meter tall, had grayish skin, long pointed ears, with frail and lithe bodies. The three females had matching bright-blue eyes, lips and even blood. Their facial features were similar to Ailyn, but not exactly the same.

After the ‘Quest Completion’ message, Yuri asked “Why have you created three identical Goblins?”

[From now on, the randomization feature will cost two souls for adult spawns and five souls for infant clusters. Genetic variation is important, within reason. From now on, the normal spawns will be very similar to your avatars.]

“Very well, I have enough of materials to work with already. I would like to purchase the Rapid Learning Adaptation now.”

[Rapid Learning Adaptation: All semi-sentient and sentient biological organisms within the Chessboard World will have their capacity to learn dramatically accelerated during their growth stage. Adults will also have a slightly improved learning capacity. Costs 100 Karma.]

Yuri wondered “Will this improve the intelligence of animals such as tigers or horses?”

[Yes. However, their growth period is being shortened as well. Thus, the effects will not be very noticeable. There will also be far less time for the creatures to gather experience during their youth. This may negatively influence their development after maturity.]

“Interesting… How much time are we allotted?”

[If you are intent on avoiding combat, that will be impossible. The avatars of Sariel have been preparing for this era their entire lives. They will not allow you and your brother to build up your forces peacefully… In fact, you are receiving your next quest now.]

[New Quest: Raid the Rusty Saber Bandits.]


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