OtE Chapter 3: Personal Reconnaissance

Observation Log: 153378

Observer 131, reporting on the situation in Michael Cinagra’s backyard.

A thunderstorm is currently passing over this region. Thus, the human that I am watching has decided to utilize this opportunity to cleanse his body. He does not seem to be concerned about the danger of potentially being struck by lightning… I however, have chosen to remain within the house.

My form is the standard model of Personal Reconnaissance Drones constructed in the past century. My circumference is 23.4 centimeters and my diameter is 7.4 centimeters. I am roughly the size of a ‘baseball’, which the humans strike with wooden bludgeoning instruments for entertainment.

Although I do possess cloaking capabilities, I prefer to simply hide in the shadows and dark corners or hover far enough from the surface, that humans are unable to see me. Optical camouflage is also part of my programming. In the event that I am discovered, I have several countermeasures. Yet, I have never had the opportunity to utilize any of them.

My targets have always seemed to be rather… incautious. Perhaps they simply did not expect to be observed?

Michael is different. I oftentimes find him staring at me. He also tends to speak to himself out loud, almost as if he knows that I am there. It is challenging, yet exhilarating to finally have an opponent worth conquering.

I receive most of my power from the Observer Central Command Satellite, so I can only recharge once every sixteen hours. Fortunately, since all of the other drones have shut down, I no longer need to compete with them over resource allocation. I can fully charge my core in several minutes.

“Mew~!” The feline is glaring at me with its cold, yellow eyes. However, it is incapable of revealing me to Michael, due to its lack of higher language functions.

“Meow~!” It has jumped onto the top of the dryer and is now attempting to capture me… Fortunately, cats do not possess the ability to fly or hover. They are also relatively slow.

I have decided to observe Michael’s behavior from the bathroom window. Although it might be possible for the feline to reach this location, it is no longer pursuing me. I feel a strange sense of loss by its disinterest.

Other humans I have watched have been rather averse towards nudity. Yet this one spends nearly all of his time either entirely naked, or protected by thick armor. When his parents were in this house, he would always wear some undergarments and a ‘t-shirt’ at the very least. I suppose he does not wish waste time, energy and water cleaning off clothing. Especially in temperatures this high. Before the rainfall, it was nearly 38 degrees Celsius.


Lightning struck the wooden pylon just outside of the fence, next to the alley. Michael seems to be startled and disoriented from the deafening thunder. He tripped over a flowerpot and fell into a puddle of mud, completely ruining all of his effort to clean off his body in the rain. Thus, despite the dangers, he appears determined to continue using blue soap to wash himself off.


A bolt of lightning fell onto the house across the alleyway… It appears to have caught fire. The rain is intensifying and the flames have been subdued on the surface, but I suspect that the internal situation will likely continue to grow worse.

Michael is increasing the speed at which he washes his body in response to the growing dangers. Now he is rushing into the house and nearly tripped over the black cat by the doorway.

“Midnight, we’re leaving now!” He had already packed a large suitcase with light clothing, towels and other miscellaneous supplies. While the more important items such as food, water, vitamins, cleaning products, firearms and ammunition were stored in a backpack.

After drying his body off, he required five minutes to assemble and wear his suit of armor. There was a bladed kiteshield attached to his left bracer, which was actually made out of lightweight aluminum alloy instead of stainless steel. His gauntlets had individual fingers, while he wore a silver motorcycle helmet to protect his head.

As for his main weapon, he held a polearm in his right hand. It was a glaive; essentially a long wooden spear shaft, with a single-bladed and thick sword attached to the end. It was roughly two meters in total length and weighed nearly ten kilograms. The shaft was jade-green and the blade was silver.

He had to leave behind an enormous amount of supplies and weapons, but his decision to leave was very wise. Another lightning bolt struck the house at the corner of this block several seconds ago. It is only a matter of time before the fire spreads to this location.

“Now let’s hope that I don’t get struck by lightning… Midnight, if you don’t get your ass out here, I’m leaving without you!”

Since the cat was not willing to leave the house, he placed an umbrella in the crack of the screen door, so it couldn’t close. Then he slowly and carefully walked down the stairs. His boots had steel plating on the top and covering his shins, but the soles were rubber. Otherwise he would never be able to travel very far.

“Ugh, I feel like I’m gonna die.” He had only managed to cross the street and break into one of the houses he had previously looted. Yet he was already struggling to move and breath. After waiting for thirty minutes, the rain started to die down and lightning stopped bombarding the city.

He took out a bottle of warm sweetened tea and began drinking it rapidly. Then he needed to urinate… The chainmail groin armor was relatively difficult to remove. Afterwards he needed to take off his gauntlets in order to unbutton his boxers. The entire process of urination required nearly ten minutes. By the time that he was finished putting his gauntlets back on, the storm had passed.

“Mew~!” As he walked out of the front door, Midnight rubbed up against his metal shinguards.

“Hahaha~, I knew you’d follow me!”

Michael returned back across the street, carrying his luggage and polearm sluggishly. There are brick firewalls in between the row houses, which slowed down and ultimately protected his home from being burned down. Thus he was able to return and begin formulating a more realistic transportation strategy.

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